Fuck me like you’re wanking

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

I could sit watching him wank forever – as he lies on one sofa, injured hand trying to wring an impossible orgasm out of his twitching, eager cock. A brief recap of where we left off on Wednesday: I’m sitting wanking on one sofa in the living room, my partner is wanking on the other, but his hand is injured so he can’t get the grip required to come. The sight of him frustratedly rubbing at his cock is so hot I came too quickly, but I’m stroking my clit and hoping for more because I just love watching him like this…

He’s casting porn from his phone to the TV screen, so I can share in which images hit the mark for him and which he scrolls past quickly, I almost feel like a voyeur. If I shut down my brain I can pretend I am one: that he doesn’t see me sitting there, with spit-lubed fingers working my clit.

But his hand is injured and he won’t be able to jizz like this: he needs the release of a fuck, and it’s my job right now to provide it.

“Get up,” he tells me “and bend over the sofa.”

Our living room is laid out with a gap behind the sofa – because sometimes we want to fuck bent over it while we watch porn. Eyes fixed on the screen instead of each other, we rock back and forward to the same rhythm as the performers on the TV, and I twitch my cunt in time to the groans they make when they come.

But this time I’m not a part of it. This time, thanks to his injury, I am only there for one simple thing: to provide a warm, wet hole for him to fuck.

How do I know this?

When he’s bent me over the sofa, yanked my jeans and knickers off, he places one hand on the back of my head and pushes down until I’m buried in cushions.

“Sssssh,” he whispers as he slips his cock into the cunt I’ve spread wide for him. “Don’t make a sound.”

He knows it’s what I want – I’ve already explained to him the detail of the fantasy I have in which he uses me callously – a fantasy in which he has his own room to which he can summon me when he needs someone – or something – to dump his spunk inside. Telling me to ‘sssh’ is his way of saying ‘it’s OK – you can enjoy this. You don’t need to be anything other than still and silent right now.’

I am determined to make the most of it.

I bite my lip, grip the cushions of the sofa with trembling fingers, and clench my cunt so hard around him that it’s like I’m trying to push him out. Providing force for him to shove back against as he settles in to the rhythm of this fuck-that’s-closer-to-a-wank.

He balances his phone on my arched back, using one free hand to keep scrolling through the images. If I turn my head to one side I can see the reflection of his face in the mirror on the wall. He has that blankly horny stare that comes when he’s watching porn and pretending I’m not looking.

He fucks me hard and slow at first – testing the way my cunt feels around him, and scrolling through pictures to find a rich seam of porn to spark the first waves that will push him into coming. I’m there in front of him, legs spread and back arched so he can see my arse at the perfect angle. I’m biting my lip and shuddering at the hotness of everything that’s happening.

But to all intents and purposes, he is alone.

He is wanking.

He speeds up, and casually grabs a handful of my thigh to steady me and tip me up – angling me the way he would if I were a mounted Fleshlight. He is placing me, moulding me. Using me.

It’s hard not to speak, so at one point I do:

“This is the hottest fucking thing that…”

He cuts me off with another ‘ssssh’ and fucks harder – each stroke a punishment for bursting the bubble of this fantasy.



“Are not…”




And he fucks harder into me so I can feel the head of his dick punching the back of my cunt. I bite my lip and try so hard not to groan with delight again.

If I lift my head slightly I can see the pictures on the screen – watch them scroll left as he dismisses each one. The seconds spent on each gives me an indication of what he’s in the mood for right now: images of fingers working busily at open, wet cunts or tits and nipples squeezed tight by hands with long nails.

And then if I turn my head I see him again in the mirror. I can watch his face as he urgently, vigorously, desperately pushes himself towards the orgasm he couldn’t achieve just through wanking.

Just before he comes he places both hands in the small of my back and pushes down. Angling me again so the folds of my cunt slide along the shaft of his dick just right… the muscles at the back squeezing in the perfect place on the head of his dick… the hole into which he pours his spunk capturing every drop, as he sighs with satisfaction at a job finally and thoroughly done.

When we’ve finished he wipes his dick on the knickers I left on the floor, and I collapse in a tangle of limbs on the carpet.


This story is also available as audio! Click ‘listen here’ above and head to the audio porn hub if you’d like to hear more sexy stories read aloud.


  • Janine says:

    Had to ask my British guy the meaning of bellend. Have never heard him use that one. Why would someone report you. Twat. You’re right the image is exceptional and so is your story. Thanks.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ah yeah, it’s very weird. I am so disillusioned by FB to be honest – I thought (based on their previous guidelines) that illustrations were OK to post. Then I got a message the other day saying they weren’t. ‘Art’ is still OK though, by which I think they mean pictures from the 19th century or whatever where someone might have a boob out. Not art from the 21st century where someone might have a boob out. The former is beautiful the latter is corrupting and evil. or something =(

      Glad you’ve learned ‘bellend’, though – one of my fave words =)

  • Lilaya says:

    Lol, it’s a good story and glad you enjoy that stuff. It’s just that i think that that’s pretty much modern sex for a lot of women. I find that stuff a bit impersonal and i wonder “what about my clit?” I like a bit of visual but not to focus on it. I need a lot of muscle groups involved to get proper pleasure even masturbating. I feel a bit sorry for myself with it actually and the thought of men using your example as a benchmark for what women can/should get pleasure from is a bit meh meh meh for me. Not that i never enjoy similar experiences it’s just the possible expectation of gratification which already tends to lean very heavily towards male fulfilment. Blah blah blah, Feminist. Blah blah, spoil sport. Blah blah mind me own business.

    Be nice to read male subservience if you’ve got a link to a good piece :D?

    • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

      I know it’s not really my place to reply to this, but for what it’s worth: GOTN writes about the sex that gets her off. Obviously that’s not the same thing for everyone. I don’t think this piece is meant as a guide to having sex in general.

      There *have* been a few femdom pieces published here, but if that’s what you’re into, you’re mostly better off looking elsewhere…

    • Azkyroth says:

      Uh, GOTN is a feminist.

      Your last one is on point though,

    • Girl on the net says:

      Very weird comment. I don’t personally think it’s feminist to tell other women how to have sex, or that their way of getting pleasure from sexual interactions is invalid – which it does kind of seem like you’re doing in this comment. Despite your first line, where you tell me you’re glad I enjoy ‘that stuff’, you then go on to say that it’s impersonal (this was one of the coolest/most intimate fucks I’d had in a while with a guy I love dearly). that it makes you feel sorry for yourself, that it’s ‘meh meh meh’ and that it leans heavily towards male fulfilment (despite the fact that he initiated this scene based on one of *my* fantasies).

      You haven’t actually understood the words I have written: that this was incredibly hot for me, that I found it deeply pleasurable, etc. Ironically, this is the same mistake made by the countless men who have commented on this blog (or emailed me) to tell me how women can’t possibly enjoy the kind of sex that I enjoy – they ignore my actual words in favour of giving their own interpretation of my personal experience, based on their assumptions about what ‘all women’ (or even ‘most women’) get pleasure from.

      Even if you’re equating pleasure directly to orgasm (which I think is a mistake), this scene began with me having an orgasm while I watched my boyfriend wank.

      You seem to be suggesting that because some men might interpret my personal preferences as a benchmark for how they should fuck any and all women, that I should… what? Not write about my preferences? Not talk about the kind of sex I enjoy? Or that I should deliberately write about things that don’t turn me on in order to redress the imbalance you’ve perceived in porn. That doesn’t sound very feminist, or indeed very fun. It sounds like me trying to shape my sexual preferences based on the views of men who might misinterpret my words. And honestly if I did that I’d never write anything at all, or indeed leave the house.

      To your last question, feel free to use the search bar on this site – there are a lot of stories in which men are submissive/subservient – mostly from guest bloggers. I publish guest blogs to show the variety of human sexuality, and because I understand my limitations as one single human: I can only like what I like. While I can experiment with new things, and play different scenes and roles for kicks, ultimately I can’t edit my desires and turn them into the opposite of what they are. Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to: turning myself into a dominant, or my boyfriend into a ‘subservient’ in order to buy into a flawed model of feminism that equates political power with ‘who’s on top during a fuck’ just isn’t my idea of fun.

      • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

        Can I also just second this: the strange idea that male-dom/fem-sub sex = ‘antifeminist’ and fem-dom/male-sub sex = ‘feminist’ is one that needs to die in a fire, for so many reasons.

    • The Quiet One says:

      Impersonal? I can’t imagine anything more personal than sharing your deepest fantasy and desire with someone and then working in harmony together to make it happen

    • Steve says:

      Pro tip: when you read an author’s intimate telling of a hot fantasy and respond by telling her what is wrong with it, and then further ask her to curate her blog for you… don’t hold your breath waiting for her to fulfill your request.

  • New to this says:

    Well that didn’t disappoint! Well worth the wait, thanks! x

  • The Quiet One says:

    Uunngh *melts into a puddle of pure desire *

  • Shadow says:

    I’d love a chance too pull everyone of your dark fantasies from you kinky young body

  • Markie says:

    GOTN. Thankyou. I can, and did, live every word of this. The final orgasm cum description was awesome.

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