Some sex stories will play in my head forever

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

A conversation, late one night:

“What do you want to do that we haven’t done yet? What fantasies do you have that I could fulfil?” A slightly more sensible question than the ones I usually ask, and it gave him pause for thought.

Before you read on, I should tell you that this post contains dirty sex stories and fantasies that aren’t in any way safe for work.

Naturally, his first response to my question is “sea of tits.” This fantasy sprung from a picture I painted during a boring car journey. I raised the idea of a room filled by a group of women he fancied, topless and with arms clasped behind their backs. He’d have ten minutes in the room to touch, play with, and generally fondle all the ladies, after which I’d frantically wank him off. You know, the kind of thing you postulate when someone’s driving and you’re playfully trying to give them a no-hands erection.

Problem is, though, it’s one of those probably-unattainable bucket list fantasies that’s unlikely to get ticked off. I doubt we know enough women, let alone enough women who’d be keen to do this kind of thing. It’d make a cracking porn scene, though, consisting as it does of hot naked people and enthusiastic, rapid masturbation.

“Sea of tits is a given. But that’s tricky. Are there any fantasies that don’t involve other people, which I could fill a horny Sunday afternoon by enacting?”


“I honestly can’t think of any. I’m pretty happy with the stuff we do, to be honest.”

Sex stories – and my own answer

What do I want to do? Hmm. There’s no pause here, really. No moment of anguish while I rack my brains to come up with a new idea. Just an instant flash of one thing that spills quickly into another. If he’d asked me the same question, I’d have had to reply like this:

More buttsex. Buttsex with toys. Anal fucking while I’m lying on my front and grinding my clit into the Doxy. And that’s stuff we’ve done, but we could do more. Degradation of the kind we’ve never gone for with vigour – you belting me while ordering me to come, offering toys and objects which I wouldn’t normally use, just for your pervy amusement as you watch me try to come with them. Standing over me as I chug a pint of milk and then throatfucking me till I puke.

Loaning me out to your friends to give suck-jobs… OK, no third parties allowed. In which case – telling me you’re going to loan me out to your friends. Even if you’ve no intention of doing it, hearing you whisper the words in my ear while you push me face-down into the pillow is… unngh. 

Putting nipple clamps on me and making me hold the chain between my teeth. We’ve done it? Let’s do it again. Only this time, let’s do it while I’m on my knees, and you make me touch myself, feeling the pull of the clamps on my poor sore nipples with every stroke of my arm. Gritting my teeth as I try to come just to make the pain stop.

Wrapping a belt round my neck to use as leverage when you pull my face onto your cock. Again. A bridle, maybe? A collar and lead that you can pull on to get more traction when you fuck me.

You handing me glass after glass of water and watching as I drink them down. A corset cinched around my waist, tight and low to squeeze my bladder until I don’t know whether to piss or pass out. 





Taking me over your knee and pulling down my knickers, holding me in that position while you casually watch porn, dipping your fingers occasionally into the wetness of my cunt as I squirm.

Fucking me in the toilets the next time we’re out for dinner.

Tying my wrists to the doorframe so I’m stretched naked in front of you, you fully-clothed and in control, flogging me until beads of sweat form on your forehead and your dick’s rock-solid in your pants, then pulling it out and coming in the naked crack of my raw, whipped arse. 

And more. So much more. Because while some people will go on holiday to the same place every year, I’ll turn my nose up if I think I’ve seen it already. Making obsessive tick-box lists of the things I’ve not yet sampled or the places I’ve not yet been. It’s not a complaint – never a complaint. I’d only complain if I wanted to fix it – to stop the whirring, whirling slideshow of quick-shot hardcore porn that plays when I ponder new stuff. When someone says something specific to fire up the perv section of my brain.

I want to be satisfied – I am satisfied. But just because I’m satisfied doesn’t mean there’s nothing more.


This post is available as audio. Click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, or check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Peneth says:

    I don’t get the puke thing. At all.

  • Hot, and now it gets my brain thinking on some things. I share some of the same fantasies.

  • Kinky Lad says:

    Had you asked me, I’ve got some very interesting ideas. Very little in the sex world I won’t do, almost count it on one hand even things rather forbidden I am willing to try.

  • Bamba Funk says:

    I’ve consciously stopped watching porn this past week and am tapping into my sexual self, a beautiful sexy shift is happening and your writing has ignited my imagination :-) Thanks.xx

  • adam says:

    Hey Girl,

    Thanks for a beautiful blog – it’s such a delight to find people, a person, who is as determined to explore all of life’s pleasures – and who seems to live, as I do, by the twin maxims “better to die regretting the things I have done, than die regretting the things I haven’t done”; and Hassan Sabah’s “Everything is permitted. Nothing is forbidden.”

    So last night my darling was a little tired, a little stressed by work, and bullshit family crap. She thought she didn’t want to fuck, so I lit some candles, and warmed some scented massage oil in my hands and began to work it across her shoulders, deep into the muscle, then down her arms and her back… more oil, more warmth, on her thighs, the back of her knees, a diversion to rub her feet and press deep into the stress of her body…

    then, more oil, more warmth, on her buttocks, pressing hard, my thumbs on the high inside of her thighs, slipping into her cunt, then harder, pressing apart her buttocks, exposing her delicious nut-brown rosebud asshole, slipping my thumb up her, fingers in her pussy and against her clit, and a thumb and finger in her ass…

    So, now she’s changed her mind. Turns out she did want to fuck after all. Contrary, she is, like that, my beloved.

    She rolls on her side, facing me, wraps her legs around me, pulls me towards her, reaches between us to guide my cock up her cunt, then half rolls back, reaching into her bedside drawer, comes back with two dildos, one a buzzing Ann Summers model that she particularly likes at the moment, the other a cheap cock dildo, like a hard cock, a bit smaller than mine but a decent size. She puts that one in my hand and purrs, stick that up my ass, yes, fuck me in the ass with that one, and then presses the buzzing vibrator against her clit…

    So, now she’s wrapped her legs around me, my cock hard up her cunt, holding her vibrator against her clit, while I reach behind her and fuck her up the ass with the other dildo… which she really, really, really likes… and she comes, a lot, with a shivering, arching, spine-tingling magical tsunami… then turns on her front, still quivering, and thrusts her ass in the air, holding the vibrator still against her clit, and I stick my cock in her ass, and pump, four, five, six times, long slow hard pumps up her ass, and she comes again, and so do I, hot spunk deep inside her…

    Yummy. No third parties (though we really like third parties). A lot of buttsex. A lot of buttsex with toys.

    Then today she’s at work and I’m working from home and I saw this post and thought, what a funny coincidence, and thought you’d have enjoyed being with us last night, and we’d have enjoyed having you here, and maybe when my beloved gets home I’ll show her this and we can fuck tonight imagining you are here with us.

    Hope you have a lovely day, girl.

    Adam xxxx

  • Chris says:

    I came across a picture recently, and immediately, I thought, “yes, that’s what I want to do!” I’d never thought of it in this exact way before, but there it was. I won’t stop thinking about it, at least not until I’ve done it, tried it. What it is doesn’t matter, because we’re all different, but here goes.

    A bra-less woman wearing a tight white tee shirt is standing in the woods with her back to a tree. Her arms are behind her and tethered to the tree. She looks down in shame or humiliation, but not in any physical pain and I don’t imagine her to be there against her will. I imagine that she, like I would be, is extremely turned on by this. Her nipples are erect, or at least pointy. You see, her pants and panties are at her feet. She’s exposed, being viewed from the waist down. We can’t see from the picture who is viewing her, and perhaps talking to her about the situation and her body from the waist down, other than the person in the vantage point of the photographer who is implied to be present. However, I imagine there to be a crowd, and for me, a man, to be vulnerably exposed, unable to conceal the fact that my penis is very small, and unable to control who may arrive on the scene and also learn this about me. Pain and pleasure can both be wonderful companions.

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