Sorry, this is just a pervy blog about bottoms

It’s easy to write about the big things that are sexy: anal sex, spanking, throatfucking. The kind of things you’d add to your bucket list, as you tense your muscles to try and work out the discomfort of extreme arousal. The pervy blog staples: Threesomes. Bukkake. The vision of you pulling your knickers to one side and sliding neatly down onto a strap on. Right to the hilt. Hard.

The minutiae are tricky, though, because there’s less in the way of detail, there are just the details themselves:

  • What that particular person’s nipples look like.
  • The sound of a belt being pulled quickly through the loops of his jeans.
  • The feel of cold tiles on your knees. A pain that means more pleasure’s coming.
  • A droplet of sweat, mid-fuck, collecting in the crook of his neck. Pulling him in closer and sticking the tip of your tongue out to taste it.

But occasionally I have to write a pervy blog about the detail, because the detail’s what’s on my mind. And right now, the only detail I’m interested in is the sensation of my arse jiggling when he smacks it.

Once. Hard.

The ripple of the feeling as it spreads. The satisfaction of picturing what it looks like in my knickers, as the waves jiggle my flesh.

Once again, harder. And the movement lasts for longer. Like a physical echo.

His flat, hard, heavy palm making contact, then sweeping down out of the stroke, leaving my arse wobbling deliciously behind it.

Or – perhaps even better – the simple, decisive smacks after which he leaves his hand right where it is. Squeezing slightly to mute the movement. A whack that turns to a grip, that turns to just the right kind of grope – middle two fingers pushing the fabric of my knickers into the crack of my arse. Defining it. Outlining the shape.

To make for a better visual when he smacks it – hard – again.


  • Dull John says:

    Only three k’s in ‘bukkake’.


    • Girl on the net says:

      Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, but while I appreciate feedback (and I’m up for people pointing out typos, grammar, etc), it’s incredibly depressing to have the first comment on a blog just going ‘typo’ with *no other feedback or comment whatsoever*. Like, cool, please do let me know if I’ve got something wrong and I’ll fix it. But could you also tell me something about the blog? Did you like it? Not like it? Engage with anything other than the spelling? This probably sounds shirtier than it is, and obviously I’ve fixed it, but this upsets me, especially if I’ve just written something really personal.

      • Codex says:

        You should put that k back in just to spite the comment.

        I liked post, you are spoiling us this week.

      • Dull John says:

        I was going to later. Grammar comes first. Always. I did say sorry.

        • Girl on the net says:

          I know you did, and I’m not really having a go – hence the caveats that I’m a bit grumpy. No hard feelings, and I get that you meant well.

          • I get it – I would be exactly the same way. I so don’t like getting comments where I think – harrumph, were you going to mention the blog post?

            Maybe I’m just grumpy too. Perpetually :)

  • Dawn says:

    I loved it, I’m in the middle of writing a story about being spanked and one of my favourite sounds is when he takes his belt off :)

  • Nick. says:

    That slap, then leaving my hand where it is, the curve of the buttock, inwards to the dark, inviting places beyond, pulling back for another glancing swipe, after a three count only I can hear, anticipation doing half the work for me…
    Holding my hand there a second too long again, letting one finger reach in to touch the rosebud for a second, quick enough to not QUITE register….
    Then, back for another swipe
    “What did she do to deserve this punishme….oh, who cares?!”
    Not for the first time GOTN, I’ll be in my bunk….x

  • Bo says:

    It has been many years now but with my last partner this was one of my favourite things.

    A firm grab of the ass, pushing the flesh forward to get my cock in deep.

    Then administering a couple of slaps with the palm and back of the hand.

    The sound when I caught it right.


  • And now about the post :)

    I’ve found over time that sometimes is these tiny details that continue to replay in my head after the fact. Like you say, it could be a smack of the ass.

    I just had an incredible first date kiss – in the rain, under an umbrella – and I keep replay his warm splayed hand on the bare skin beneath my shoulder blades. Or how he held his lips still for a moment during the kiss like he was savouring them.

    It’s all delicious.

  • Azkyroth says:

    Nice timing.. :3

    • Azkyroth says:

      (There is, of course, an on-topic story there, but I just drove back from another state where it happened and am tired and needed a freakin’ drink x.x).

      (BTW: I kinda think this post could use a jaunty “The End” concluding sentence ;)

  • Never got anything from being spanked, probably ‘cos a head teacher spanked me once for something I didn’t do.

    Love the comment about the spelling. Know what you mean about possibly never finding out if there was anything good in what you wrote. One of my books on the Barnes & Noble Nook site has had a single rating of one star and a one-word critique “Gross”. Very hurtful. LOL.

  • Charlie says:

    Oh, I really like this. It’s the details like those that transform a piece of writing from ‘Yeah, hot’ to ‘This is gonna stay with me for a *long* time.’ And you know what else they make me think? That you should write more erotica :)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Haha, maybe I will =) I kind of suck at coming up with new things that aren’t inspired by real life – it’d be a challenge, but maybe I’ll have a bash!

  • young@endowed says:

    Yea who cares about the three ks lol… hooked. I love you. I will propose rite now… YOUR MY WOMEN!!! Not meaning ownership just the one i would calll perfect;-)

  • Kazeroth says:

    And the way she bites your lip and won’t let you go away while she rides you and looks you in the eye, and the way the lips of her pussy slowly pop out when you pull her knickers up, and the way she pulls hard from your hair to bring you closer when things are at its best, and the way her ass moves when she starts playing with your dick, and the way she grabs your ass hard and frowns as much she can, with her mouth open when she’s about to cum… ugh, remembering these things while alone is not that good huh

    We need more girls like you, Girl on the Net, who enjoy their sexuality to the fullest

  • TheUhOh says:

    Yup. Love this kind of writing.
    Can’t wait till I have the chance to spank an arse and savour all the moments.

    I love being able to hear the opposite side, finding out what the recipient of things like spanking feel and enjoy from the experience.

    Thanks for tweeting this post again!

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