Guest blog: voyeurism and exhibitionism on the beach

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blogger intrigued me by telling me that although he’s used some artistic licence, the basis for this story is true. And I love that, because not only am I guessing which part of this voyeuristic adventure actually happened, but it reminds me that sometimes the most fun erotic writing is a combination of fact and fantasy. Take it away MJ…

Voyeurism and exhibitionisn

Summer. A French campsite beside a lake. Most of the lake is surrounded by wooded hillsides, with small paths wending their way through the trees. Lakeside, there are a number of little coves with small sandy beaches.

One very warm evening, C and I decided to get some pizzas from the campsite takeaway. It was such a nice night that we thought we’d take a quick stroll along one of the lakeside paths before getting the food. We choose the path that wound its way just above a series of small little beach coves on one side of the lake.

Just a few minutes away from the campsite the path was deserted.

After about 10 minutes I heard a sound which I couldn’t quite place at first. It was coming from the path in front of us. As the path went between two small beaches it became very clear what the noise was – a couple in their early 40s were lying naked on their towels on the deserted beach: she had her legs open and was being fingered by the man. Right there in the open.

C and I glanced at each other, unable to believe what we could see, and not sure what we should do.

“Come on, let’s keep going; then we can leave them to it.”

The path was slightly elevated from the sand below. I could see C glancing down to the couple every now and again, and I couldn’t help but do the same. But we didn’t want to disturb them. By now she was moaning more loudly as the man continued to finger her pussy.

Around the next bend in the path it became clear that they were being observed. And they knew it too. A man stood on the path looking down at them, his hand on the front of his shorts as he watched them.

At this point we sped up – we needed to get by and to get by quickly. After a few minutes of walking in silence we both burst out laughing, unable to believe what we’d just seen. We carried on for a few more minutes and then decided that we should probably head back.

The path had led us up a slight incline so when we walked back we had a view across the cove. The couple were in the shallow water, both still naked.

As we made our way down the path they saw us. She took his hand and walked a few steps over to a large rock. She leaned forward with her bum pushed out towards him as he stood behind her. C was walking in front of me and I had no idea at this stage if she’d noticed.

The man put one hand at the top of her back – pushing her forward – and one between her legs. She was being fingered again.

C slowed down in front of me.

“They’re still going,” I said, and she replied with just “mmm…”

As we got closer the couple moved position, back onto their towels on the beach. She lay sideways with her pussy facing us as we approached. The man knelt beside her. She opened her legs and he reached down to play with her cunt again – this time we had the perfect view. He was also getting hard and she took his cock in her hand and slowly wanked him.

I had no idea what C thought. We made our way in silence, neither able to think of what to say or do. I could tell she was looking, however. And so was I. They also knew we were looking.

We reached the bit of the path where we’d seen the man beside the tree. She slowed down in front of me and stopped, reaching behind to take both of my hands in hers. We just stood there for a moment, watching.

The woman on the beach let out a few quiet moans as she got fingered. He was slipping two, sometimes three fingers inside her. Occasionally he’d pull them out and gently slap her pussy, which caused her to moan some more.

Meanwhile he was hard. Very hard. Both of them were totally shaved and I found myself being equally turned on by the sight of his thick shaved cock as the sight of her pussy. She was wanking him deep and slow whilst he worked at her pussy.

I was also now hard. I moved closer to C and she would have been able to feel my cock. She let go of one of my hands and reached behind, running her fingers along the outline of my cock through my shorts. I moved my hand to her thigh and slowly upwards. She placed my other hand on her boobs and I could feel how hard her nipples were through the material of her summer dress.

C leaned forward against the tree. I moved my hand round to her bum, just beneath her dress. I had no idea how far she wanted to go, but my answer came when she edged her legs just slightly apart. I ran my hand across the crotch of her knickers. I could tell she was wet through her knickers and knowing how turned on she was made me even harder. She let out a small moan as I pressed the material between her legs inside her.

By now the couple on the beach were looking up at us and and enjoying our show like we were enjoying theirs. His cock was so big and thick and her pussy visibly wet as his fingers slipped in and out.

C reached down between her legs and moved her knickers to one side beneath her dress. She was seriously wet as I ran my fingers around the outside of her cunt before slipping one inside. Closely followed two. Then three fingers, before pulling out and playing with her clit.

Now they were both being fingered together.

C pushed back against me and and told me to take off her knickers. This was the first thing she’d said since we’d started walking down the path. I hitched up her dress and pulled them down. She slipped her feet out of her pumps and I knelt down behind her so I could take them off completely. My face was level with her bum for a moment and I could smell her pussy – that scent of pure arousal. I moved back up and resumed where I’d left off, but this time she reached a hand between her legs, the other braced against the tree. She worked her clit while I slipped my fingers inside.

On the beach the woman was wanking the man a bit faster as he continued to work at her cunt. I watched as her hands move up and down over his thick cock, while my own fingers were buried in C’s pussy.

Without much warning, the man let out a long low groan and he came all over his wife’s body. She continued to slowly milk his cock and then licked his cum from her fingers. C started to moan too and pushed back harder against my hand, her own fingers working hard on her clit. Suddenly I felt her pussy contract around my fingers. She braced herself with both hands against the tree as her legs gave way.

I slipped my fingers out, and tasted them. I really wanted to taste her cum.

On the beach they smiled up at us before changing position. He now knelt behind her and she positioned herself between his legs, looking towards us. I could still see his cum over her boobs. She leant back against him and started to play with herself. Just gently at first, circling her clit and slipping a finger inside.

C turned around and kissed me. She took both my hands and moved them up to my chest, before turning me around so my back was against the tree. We were now almost sideways on to the beach couple. With one hand she pinned me back against the tree, and then slowly dropped down to squat in front of me. Her legs were open and her dress was hitched up to the top of her thighs, so I could see her pussy, but the beach couple couldn’t.

Then she took her hand away from my chest and used both hands to undo my belt and shorts. She slipped them down to the ground. I was now stood half naked, my cock hard, the woman on the beach watching us and playing with her pussy. The man behind her was touching her nipples.

C took me in her mouth. Just the tip of my cock at first, running her tongue around the top. Then down. Really deep. This felt so rude. Being watched like this, another woman wanking too as I had my cock sucked. The woman on the beach sped up her pace, circling her clit and fingering herself.

C was devouring my cock. Licking up and down the shaft, over my balls, taking me deep then flicking her tongue over the top. I was so hard.

I held the base of my cock as she kissed and licked, half cupping my balls. I wasn’t far off now. I started to wank myself into her mouth. She held her lips over the tip of my cock as I wanked. I looked at the woman on the beach, now fingering herself quickly. I looked down at C – my hard cock in her mouth, the glimpse of her pussy beneath her dress. It pushed me over the edge and I came. She looked over at the beach couple, then up at me. The beach woman was still circling her clit, but more slowly now.

We eventually got to the lakeside pizzeria. The queue was quite long. Pizzas ordered, it was time to pay. As I reached into my pocket to get my wallet, I realised C’s knickers were still in there. Still damp from her wet pussy. As she stood in the queue beside me, none of those people knew she was commando under her summer dress, and none of them knew what we’d been up to…

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