Guest blog: Velvet fetish – velvet knickers, coats and dresses

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

When it comes to having kinks for the feel of particular fabrics, leather and latex have both had their time in the spotlight. Silk and fishnet get their fair share of kudos too. But I’ve never heard from anyone with a velvet fetish before, despite its lovely soft strokable texture and the fact that it totally deserves its time to shine. Today @EuphemiseThis is here to redress the balance, with a beautifully sensual, tactile post on the feel of velvet on naked skin…

Velvet fetish: velvet knickers, coats and dresses

She loved the way he gently stroked her whenever she wore the velvet coat. Most people couldn’t resist the temptation to feel the soft, densely-packed fibres under their fingertips, but there was something different about the way he did it. Something about the way he reacted to touching the coat made her want him to touch her skin that way. She adored the feeling of being stroked, caressed, fondled and teased. She loved the way there used to be a very slow build up to sex, back when she was nervous to ask directly for what she wanted.

When she arrived at his flat one particularly cold day, he greeted her with a big hug and, as usual, stroked the velvet fabric as he embraced her. “I know how much you love this coat,” she said, “so I have a little surprise for you.” As she unfastened the last of the buttons, she beckoned him closer before wrapping the coat around the two of them. As his arms encircled her, she saw a sparkle in his brown eyes as he felt more velvet underneath, and his hands moved towards her bum as a delighted smile spread across his face.

She removed the coat and watched his expression as he looked at her in that black velvet dress. The off-the-shoulder style revealed just enough skin to be tantalising, but every other part of her was encased in soft tactile fabrics. “Can I stroke you some more?” he asked, as they sat down next to each other on the sofa. She motioned to him to lie back and then snuggled up, resting her head on his chest. He stroked her hips, her waist, her velvet-clad arms, and finally his fingers ventured off the fabric onto her skin.

He told her how much he enjoyed the contrast between the sensation of caressing skin and stroking fabric, and she responded by telling him, “you know, the top part of my dress is lined with velvet too.” He slowly slipped a hand down the front of her dress, feeling velvet across the back of his hand and her flesh against his fingertips and palm, quickly discovering that her bra-less nipples were hard which added to the sensations. She continued to lie against him while his hands stroked her breasts and his breath quickened. Neither of them spoke but, as her body was so close to him, she could feel his cock begin to harden through his clothes.

She turned to face him then leaned in to kiss his soft lips, running her fingers through his black curls as his hands caressed her naked shoulders and velvet-covered back. His fingers then slowly unzipped the back of her dress, allowing his hands to stroke more of her skin, from the nape of her neck to the base of her spine. Then his fingers found one final surprise; her knickers were also made of velvet. Sensing his excitement, she drew back from the kiss and asked, “shall I take the dress off?”

Of course, the answer was yes. She stood up and dropped the dress to the floor, revealing her naked breasts and velvet-clad buttocks, watching his eyes widen as he drank in the view. But she knew he wanted to explore her with his hands more than anything right now, so she straddled him where he sat, moving his hands onto her arse while she kissed him. It felt as though his hands were exploring every inch of her, and soon she had to break free from the kiss to catch her breath. He began kissing her neck and shoulders, while his hands went from softly stroking to firmly grabbing handfuls of flesh, then back to soft stroking when his delicate kisses turned into careful biting.

As she straightened her back, putting her nipples at the right height for his teeth to continue leaving their mark, his hands moved between her legs and he moaned when he felt how damp the fabric was. Her cunt was dripping wet from so much prolonged attention and anticipation, and her clit enjoyed the sensation as he rubbed the fabric over it. He moved his fingers to his lips and tasted her.

Grabbing her hips and maneuvering her off his lap so that she was sat on the sofa beside him, he then knelt at her feet. He parted her legs and buried his face between her thighs to inhale her scent and dampen his face with her juices. But rather than continuing to pay attention to her wetness, instead he slowly peeled off each of her soft hold up stockings so that he could gently caress her inner thighs. He started to kiss the soft tender skin, with the occasional tantalising bite, and she gasped with pleasure at every touch as he slowly moved his way back towards her cunt.

She writhed under his touch, desperate to be fucked but also longing for these wonderful feelings to never end. So, when he reached to pull down her knickers, she was almost disappointed until he parted her legs even further and started to kiss her lips, sucking on her clit until she came, hard. As she sat gasping on the sofa, little aftershocks coursing through her body, he stood up and licked his lips. As he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly, she bit her lip in anticipation.


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