Guest blog: The last time we fucked

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blogger got in touch because he knew I had a thing for guest blogs about ‘first times‘ – first threesomes, first time going to a sex shop, first time pegging, etc. He asked if maybe I’d be interested in a last time story – about the fuck you have when you know something’s over, and you want to make one more good memory. Fuck yeah, I do. This week’s gorgeous guest blog is by Chris Avalon, about an intense, sexy and bittersweet last time fuck.

The last time we fucked

I think we both knew it was over before we booked the trip. We’d been together for three years, had been in love, had lived together. Things were glorious; we holidayed in beautiful places, ate at wonderful restaurants, laughed and fucked all the time. It’s strange how we don’t know that we’re living the golden days until they’re over.

Then my business failed, I struggled, we argued, you struggled, we both shed tears. I moved out. We carried on dating, trying to fix things. We both wanted wanted that so much; to recapture what we’d had. For things to be happy and easy again. Months passed, we spent Christmas apart. Somehow we crawled on in this weird half-dating, half-relationship until the spring. We weren’t growing closer though; our lives were diverging, we were seeing one another less often. You got the new job you really wanted and I wasn’t the first person you called.

I can’t remember which of us suggested the trip to the seaside. It was April and we thought spending the May Bank Holiday weekend on the Kent coast would be lovely. We booked the cottage, talked about swimming, about fish and chips on the beach. The last time we’d been away together we’d shared a home.

A few days before the trip we spoke on the phone. We both agreed that we couldn’t go on in this stasis. That the only way for us both to move forward was apart. We talked about cancelling the trip, but I think we both wanted to say goodbye in person, with one last happy memory together. We travelled down by train, chatting about everything other than “us”. It felt like it used to be; easy, joyful.

Sunshine. The beach. Fried fish in greasy paper. Families noisily playing around. The sound of the surf. The life we wouldn’t build together now.

That night we went to bed early. Still wearing our salty beach clothes. You led me, I remember that. We undressed one another; not with the hungry urgency of new lovers but slowly, tenderly, savouring this last time together. Your eyes shone so brightly, your skin glowed. We stood there a moment, naked, my cock already stiff and its head reddening. You placed your hands on either side of my head and with the slightest of pressure pushed me to kneel in front of you.

I leapt forward and buried my face in your beautiful cunt. Long, slow strokes of my tongue between your lips. You smelled of joy and love and the sea. As my fingers started to stroke inside you in time with my tongue you moaned and squeezed your thighs tighter as you lay back on the bed. I started to lick and stroke faster, my face buried in the taste and smell of you.

As your first orgasm shook through your body I felt my cock harden even more; like the agonising erections of my teenage years. “Fuck me! Fuck me now!” you barked. I stood up and marvelled at your beauty; long dark hair splayed like a halo, your perfect wide eyes, beautiful feral smile, high breasts and endless legs. Your beautiful body that I knew so well and would never see again.

You turned, got onto all fours on the bed, pushing your arse into the air in exactly the way I love. Your cunt red and purple and still clenching with aftershocks. Overwhelmed with hunger I grabbed your hips and rammed into you. You clenched as I grabbed your hips and pulled you back onto me with every thrust.

I love you I love you I thought but didn’t say as you reached backwards between your legs and massaged my balls. I came in moments, as you knew I would, my balls clenching again and again as they emptied into you. I felt pulse after pulse run through my groin and gut as I shot thick spurts of cum into you.

Later, lying on my back, you curled up against my chest, cum and sweat drying on both of us. I thought we were done. I thought that was it. But you rolled half on top of me and started to stroke my soft and sticky cock while planting wet, hungry kisses on my lips and chest. My cock surprised me; thickened and hardened under your tight grip. Satisfied, you straddled me, dug your nails into my chest and began to grind.

As if out of my control my hands moved to your hips and I begun to guide, or be guided by you. You rode my cock as I bucked underneath you and I have never felt so alive as in those moments. You were luminescent and every touch was heaven. I could feel every inch of your cunt as it moved against my aching dick and my whole body was on fire. We’d stopped being two people fucking; I couldn’t tell any more where my body ended and yours began.

Those minutes stretched out forever. I didn’t want them to ever end. But when you clawed at my thighs as your cunt began to clench around me I knew that this really was the final time. With every spasm through your body you milked yet more out of me. I had never known that sex could be so sublime, so heavenly. You didn’t stop until my balls were utterly emptied.

Finally we slept. In the morning we went our separate ways.

I saw you yesterday. Ran into you in a shopping arcade by the river. We exchanged a few words and parted. I walked a few paces, paused and didn’t turn back.


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