Watching guys use sex toys

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

Where’s all the hot porn of guys using sex toys? Oh, that’s right, it’s often self-uploaded onto tube sites, or on gay-guy specific sites. How often is this stuff pitched to straight women? RARELY. Well, here’s my pitch.

I love the look of a guy when he’s got his junk in his hand. Boyfriends who take dirty snaps to send me from a distance when they’re gripped around it, and pulsing with the need to come: amazing. I still have one or two favourite photos (OK, so one is a video) of guys I know doing bad bad things to themselves, and gleefully recording the evidence so I can watch it later.

One guy sat spread-legged on the floor, camera phone propped in front to give a tight-cropped shot of his junk, and rapidly milked himself into his own left hand. Unngh.

I’ve talked before about Schroedinger’s Wank – that the hottest of all possible ‘guywanking’ scenarios is the one I can probably never see. Because what I want is to see him doing it exactly what he’d do for himself if I weren’t there – all pleasure, no performance. Sadly I’ll never be quite invisible or sneaky enough to be able to see this, but there is one thing that makes watching guy wanks hotter…

The sex toy gift wank

Even if I live to be 100, and spend ten hours a day practising my hand job technique, until your cock’s raw and miserable and my biceps ache with the strain, I will still never be able to wank you off as well as you can yourself. I just won’t. That’s why blow jobs are a better bet for me – even the most flexible guys I’ve met would struggle to get the tip in, let alone deep throat it, so a blow job can make you make those unthinking ‘unngh’ noises far better than my hands can.

But ah, if we’re talking about watching guys wank, then there’s certainly one way in which I can be of assistance: the wank toy.

In a way, I reap a massive benefit from society’s odd sex toy double standard. I’m talking about the attitude which sells toys for women as a sexual treat, while treating sex toys for dudes as a dirty secret. I win because a) boys buy me sex toys and b) I get to say ‘hey do you mind rubbing the Doxy on my clit while we fuck?’ without him worrying that I’ll run away with it. Crucially, I also reap the benefit because, in my experience, guys I know have far fewer sex toys than I do. They might have bought themselves a butt plug one night when they were pissed, but no guy I’ve known has had a masturbator that hasn’t been gifted by me.

There’s probably a reason for that, and I’ll come onto that in a second. But let’s do the sexy bit first:

Wank toys give me an edge that no amount of handjob practice can. From the very first time I bought one (and if you’re looking for recommendations, the Tenga Flip Hole is exceptional) to the most recent time when I staggered to the bed, pissed, after a night out and commanded a dude to lie down so I could milk him double-handed while I watched his scrunched-up O-face, masturbators have been one of my most significant loves.

And, bringing this back round to the point I made at the start, they immeasurably enhance the joys of watching a guy wank. I’ll never do it as well as you do, but if I buy you a toy? And I say ‘hey why not rub yourself to climax with this while I squash my tits into your face and watch the speed and strength with which you grip it’? Yeah, I like that. I like knowing that I did that to him, I made him feel that good and I like the knowledge of that combined with the hotness of watching him get himself off.

To this day some of my most significant fantasies involve guys using sex toys, or just wanking bare-handed. Sure, usually someone gets fucked, but often when I need something to push myself over the edge, I’m picturing a guy in grunting desperation, clenched fist wrapped tightly around his dick and sweat dripping from the bridge of his nose, staring hungrily at whatever else is happening and gritting his teeth for the inevitable climax.

Where was I? Oh yeah – double standards.

Watching women masturbate vs watching men masturbate

What I’m getting at is that watching men masturbate is intensely hot for me, and I’ve always been a bit confused as to why the ‘watch your lover wank’ proposal is only usually sold as a straight-guys-watching-girls thing. Why the idea of a guy buying his girlfriend a vibrator and then getting off on her watching it is standard practice, yet a girl buying a stroker for her dude and ordering him to beat himself into a jizzy froth is not. I can’t possibly be the only one for whom this is enticing.

But we’re getting nearer to Valentine’s Day – that time of year when sex toy companies start telling you to buy something sensual for your lover, and the underlying assumption is that it’s a dude buying one for a female partner. It’s obviously not desirable to those who sell us the products – I suspect they’re wary of our odd double-standard too: the one that says women can proudly show off the inside of their toy drawer, but that there’s something furtive and wrong about men having something lubed-up and squishy to fuck.

Well, bollocks to that. Personally, I suspect that it won’t take long for that attitude to die out, and for us to embrace the fact that men use sex toys – to talk more frequently about guys using their toys in front of or with their partners. To that end, when I had this rant to Emma from SexToys (a company which sponsors my blog), she suggested we do a survey and see if we could get any info about the disparity. Is it as big as I’d imagined? Are we actually more comfortable with partner sex toy use than I think? Because if so, I reckon it’s cause for some celebration and shouting from the rooftops – and certainly a reason for toy companies to start the kind of Valentine’s Day campaigns that’d make me really really happy:

“Romance him with a Fleshlight.”

“This Valentine’s Day, treat him to a lubed-up prostate massager and watch him gurn his way to a seriously explosive climax.”

That sort of thing.

We had some trouble making some of the questions multiple choice, which is kind of annoying, but we’ve done our best. Besides, this isn’t a peer-reviewed journal or anything, so please do answer the questions/chip in your thoughts on this blog if you have time.

Meanwhile, I’m off to find a Valentine’s Day present. I figure: rose petals on the bed, soft music on the stereo, and a six-pack of Tenga eggs that he can fuck his way straight through. Who says I’m not romantic?


If you’d like to buy a masturbator (or indeed any other sex toy) of your own, head to my sex toys page where I’ve recommended a few favourites – and if you buy through any of those links I’ll earn a little bit of £ to keep this site running and write more smut like this. 



  • Yes!!! Hell to the fuck yes!!!

    I love watching boys with toys. Who am I kidding, I love watching boys with boys. But I digress…

    I search out videos like this. One of my favorites is a scene where a buttoned up business man takes off his pants, puts a suction cup ended dildo on his desk and rides it, tie flapping around his chest, grunting, sweating.

    Tenga eggs, eh? As usual darling, you leave me searching for my credit card…

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hooray! Firstly to knowing that I’m not alone in this and secondly to the fact that I’ve inspired you =) If you do go for the Tenga eggs – a word of warning. I initially didn’t like them because, as ‘one use’ toys, my over-zealous handjob technique meant that I broke it within about two minutes. A bit of lube and a gentler motion, though, and they’re utterly delightful.

      And that video? OMG sounds so hot. It’s been a while since I watched a dude pleasure himself with an ass toy. *rummages in sex drawer*

    • George says:

      I wish I could yank off for you somehow, ESP if I could listen to you saying whatever you wanted while I cum …. The one ? I have for you is.. What to do with my mess lol

  • Artemis says:

    I too would like more porn of men wanking. I am tired of self-filmed wanks where there is no noise, no sense of urgency, and a fixation on amount of spunk rather than urgency of wank. I do not care if you manage to plaster the ceiling with your spunk, unless you also groan, moan, shout, or whimper as you do so. Or make those funny noises you make when you have to be quiet. That’s fine too.

  • AkaiHebi says:

    Being monitoring the amount of videos of guys using masturbators, I noticed there are very few, amateur stuff, most of the time Fleshlight™. There is some special stuff like placing the Fleshlight in the middle of pillows for “hand-free” fun, or placing a camera at the bottom so you can see the jizz shooting inside. About onaholes, aka Japanese masturbators, videos are pretty rare, even with Tenga stuff. I did a couple GIFs and some videos for my blog but that’s it ^^ Maybe I’ll upload some videos to Xhamster or Motherless, for fun and viewer’s pleasure. With groans and moans :)

    On some occasions I saw videos made by crossdressers / femboys using masturbators, I think I’m developing a fetish for that lately. But those videos get downvoted or even deleted, it’s a shame. Another regular fetish of mine: girl on top, using the masturbator real slow, until I’m so desperate to cum that I beg her to go faster, to what she simply says “mmh, I’m not done with you yet” and then kissing my lips, and… SEE, I’M DIVING RIGHT INTO THE FANTASY. Aaah.

    What does my special someone think about it ? She loves it. It’s only an internet-relation but helping each other masturbate over cam are my all-time best faps ever. And for her, seeing me fuck a masturbator on the desk and moaning turns her crazy horny, which in turn makes me more horny, all in a sexy chain reaction until we climax on sync :) Simply. Mind-blowing.

    Thank you GOTN for bringing up this subject !

  • Peter Ellis says:

    “I’ve always been a bit confused as to why the ‘watch your lover wank’ proposal is only usually sold as a straight-guys-watching-girls thing”

    One factor is that it’s generally suggested as part of foreplay, rather than the main event. ‘Tease your man’ -style advice comes with the rider ‘and fuck him afterwards’, whether or not that’s made explicit. More difficult for a man to do the same. I guess there is a market for porn where one partner gets themselves off, then rolls over and falls asleep leaving the other revved up with nowhere to go, but it’s definitely a niche area.

  • @ Oleander Plume – link to that business man clip pleeeeease!

  • KitKat says:

    Hmm Hubby broke his Fleshlight the other day…are the jelly sheaths really that good, and how tough are they lol we’re doing the long-distance relationship thing ATM and the poor boy is really feeling it

  • I love watching a man wank, just pain and simple but then after my first experience with a tenga egg and Mr Monkey, it all changed.

    Watching him relish his own cock, that smile on his face, the noises, that cheeky glance he gives me and then the finale……….makes me want to grrrrr and jump him like a tigress to her prey

  • Frantically searching for link!!! Hitachi at the ready!

  • Won’t let me post links, why, internets, why?

  • Ah, totally understand. Glad to hear it wasn’t some technological malfunction on my end, I am like a Neanderthal when it comes to techie stuff.

    “Me use computer thingy, wheee!”

  • Leslie Edwards says:

    Well, I must say seeing “boys with toys” doesn’t interest me much i an turned when in a M/M/F threesome. Watching two guys sucking each other off or wanking themselves or each other. It’s also nice to see a guy taking it in the ass (arse) from another guy. Of course, it’s also really exciting when I’m fucking a guy in the ass with my Strap On while he’s sucking the other guy’s cock.

  • Leslie Edwards says:

    Previous post, correction, should read: “I am turned on when in a M/M/F threesome.

    On another note. I do think watching a girl masturbate is much more of a turn on and interesting than watching a man. Men pretty much all have the same technique, based on what they have to work with. Girls have much more intricate sexual parts, and more of them, than men. We can masturbate different ways, even fuck ourselves without using an implement, and not only cum but also squirt. Unless a man uses a sleeve of some kind he’s pretty much relegated to stroking the shaft and ultimately spurting that wonderful man juice.

  • George says:

    Can’t wait to cum my masterbation while a female is watching… Will it be you ?

  • Matthew says:

    Love the fleshlight with mini lotus texture because it feels sooooo real. I place it between a folded pillow and let the thrusting begin. Great way to masturbate! The most intense male toy is the venus 2000 (made by Abco who also created the mighty Sybian). This hands free stroker makes me cum harder than I ever thought possible. I just lie back as it takes long strokes at the speed I want (long and slow for a good edge is incredible).

  • equalsclosingparen says:

    Mate, I’ve genuinely got a couple of Messenger groupchats on the go with people who love little more than for me (!) to post a video of me having a wank—furious, edgy, it doesn’t matter, and if there are toys involved, all the better.

    I’m honestly in a bizarre-o world where dick– and pussy-pics are actively solicited and received in a body-positive, trans-friendly, anti-*phobic way and met with a healthy level of mutual objectification and I’m here to tell you it is hot as.

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