Wrap your hands around my throat

Picture by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

The following post contains some filthy sex chat about erotic asphyxiation – I’ve put it below/behind the cut so you don’t have to read if that kind of thing disturbs you. Likewise, if you don’t understand that it can be well dangerous, please don’t read on. I realise you can probably work this out for yourself, but occasionally I get linked from Reddit and people leave comments assuming I’m instructing everyone to treat sex like it’s a no-holds-barred Ultimate Fighting championship, and I get stressed. So this message is here as much for me as it is for you. 

“It makes your cunt twitch.”

If someone had only told me. Back when I was sixteen, and my teenage boyfriend wrapped his t-shirt around my neck. Very gently, as if to say ‘is this OK? Is this a thing people do?’

At the time I was busy cramming my face with whatever I could eat from the smorgasbord of sex. If I’d seen it or heard about it, I was keen to try it, with the one exception being that trick where you put an extra strong mint on your clit (I’d heard rumours, and they weren’t good). Erotic asphyxiation (aka choking) sounded interesting, but I wasn’t really sure it was my ‘thing’ until we actually tried it.

The first time it barely counted as choking. Just a light pressure somewhere on my neck, that got tighter when he put all his weight down on the pillow. Less of a strangle, more a pleasant sensation as he pinned me gently by the neck and let me struggle against him. Semi-playfully, I tried to move my head to kiss him, and he hovered in front of me: cock snug and tight in my cunt, lips tantalisingly close to mine, and he waited just out of reach until I pushed against the t-shirt.

It made me slightly light-headed, then as soon as I fell back down I could breathe normally again. Just one or two breaths, then back to the struggle.

Fast-forward fifteen years and here I am, standing in a doorway pressed tight against a guy, hoping that when he kisses me he’ll cup my face gently, before sliding his hand down to my throat. Squeezing so so softly, as a hint of what’s to come.

Or lying with my face buried in the pillow and his arm around my neck, squeezing tightly as I push myself into it. Snuggling into it like the choke is somehow a cuddle and the dizziness is love itself.

There are two main types, and each has their merits. The first, from behind. I’m lying on my stomach. He’s lying with his full weight on top of me: crushing me as best he can with his arms and his thighs and his flesh. Dick lodged firmly into me, pinning me to the bed, and one bicep wrapped round my neck: the crook of his elbow providing the perfect place to rest my throat. The pressure right there pulses stronger, each time he pulls me back to meet the push of his dick inside me.

And apparently… deliciously, perfectly… when I cough or struggle my cunt twitches tighter round his cock.

The other way – no less hot, remember – is when we’re facing each other. When I lie on my side with legs spread, one thigh wrapped around his waist and him on his knees looking down at me. Fucking hard like I’ve been bad and it’s punishment. Grinning like he knows it’s not. One hand firmly on each of my tits, leaning down and crushing me with as much force as he can put into it.

Each stroke pushes me backwards, but his hands pin me in place. And the sensation is one of being voluntarily trapped: knowing I can leave at any moment, but understanding that I probably never want to. I squeeze my cunt tighter around him and watch for the flicker in his focused expression that happens just before he comes.

And I take a deep breath, lift my hips, grab his wrists… and place his hands firmly around my throat.


  • Vida says:

    Huh – the no comments make it look like everyone was too afraid to read it. I read it! It was good. I don’t know that breath play is my thing, though I did once have a dream that someone put a belt around my throat and then I came in my sleep. So, eh, maybe.

  • I have a friend who is into doing that to her mate and was shocked that I never had. Lol. Not me cup of tea to be choked (I even hate turtle neck shirts) but maybe some day I’ll give it a try on the other end.

  • David says:

    My ex-wife was into this and I didn’t appreciate it at the time as I was so in love and scared I’d hurt her. We did do it a couple of times in the throws off passion and squirting was usually the result.

  • Me says:

    I love being choked, especially while being teased. It makes me look at him with strangled pleading, struggling to get out from under him, but so fully in his power. One of the hottest moments I can remember was when a boy and I were wrestling on the ground. I was determined to win so struggling hard, but he eventually pinned me with his knee on the crook of my arms, making me lose feeling in my hands. He leaned forward and pulled my head up to him by grabbing my throat, hard enough to make me gag. Then he called me a little bitch and roughly fingered me – I came in minutes.

  • Twenty-six partners in my lifetime and no one has ever tried that on me so I don’t know if I’d like it or not. I asked Peter and he said he’d never done it to anyone so we’re unlikely to start now. Certainly sounds interesting, though.

  • Lacrymology says:

    My girlfriend loves this. Sometimes to the point of fainting. It scares me a little, but I’m careful enough and nothing terrible ever happened. I tend to push on the arteries rather than the windpipe, and I get to actually feel the rush of blood on my palms, and that’s… indescribable.

  • dana says:

    gosh that has been my thing since i was 16 yrs old. I met a singer of my favorite band and he wanted to hook up but i was in a relationship so we exchanged numbers, and I said i’d call when i was single. So when i was finally i called him and went up to LA he took me to a concert then we went to his house. I was a virgin still but trying to play cool figured if i could loose it to a rock god i wouldn’t regret it. well loosing that shit is hard and painful and i would always chicken out and just suck the dude off instead. so i was squirming away from the pain of his cock pressed against my virginal cunt. and he thought i was playing hard to get so he chocked me and i loved it. ended up telling him i was a virgin and sucking him off instead. haha. But that day i discovered how hot choking is. and I’ve had every bf do it to me since, some are pansy’s about it and are to afraid to hurt me. My current bf used to be afraid to do it, 10yrs ago when we first hooked up, now we are in a serious relationship and he is all about it and accually goes a little to hard. haha. love it having that feeling of almost blacking out, gets me so wet!!!

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