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If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have met Sara and Charlotte before – Sara shared an incredible story about getting released from chastity back in 2018, and more recently gave us a run-down of one of the coolest VR sex adventures I have ever read. If you enjoy her work as much as I do, you’ll be delighted to know that Sara has her own blog now. Read her sexy writing here, and follow her on Twitter @SaraCaneWrites, then come back to read this gorgeous real-life story of a video game sex challenge, in which her girlfriend Charlotte has to distract her before she reaches a crucial goal. A challenge, incidentally, that I find pretty fun myself, though I’ve never done it (or written about it) nearly as well as Sara and Charlotte…

Video game sex challenge: distract me

Both Charlotte and I enjoy video games, but most of our favourites are single-player RPG games. Neither of us is much for watching somebody else play a game (sorry Twitch streamers!), but we’ve found ways to make these games more appealing – in the form of certain challenges.

One such challenge we played just before the COVID troubles involved a relatively simple task. In Fallout 4, I needed to travel from Vault 111 to The Castle without dying. Charlotte had to try and stop me from doing this. To make it fair, she wasn’t allowed to obscure my view or prevent me from using the controller, but she could attempt to distract me in any other way she desired.

Sitting on the floor of the living room, I start a new game. I’m allowed to get through Vault 111 without any harassment, so I make my way past all the roaches, pick up the 10mm pistol and complete the short opening area. 

My character reaches the surface of the ruins of the Commonwealth, and I check the map, to plot a route to The Castle. I might as well go past Red Rocket Diner to pick up Dogmeat because I’m going to need the extra help. I’ll avoid Concord and Preston because I’m not going to have the time or inclination to help the Minutemen.

While I’m trying to figure out the best way to avoid all the Super Mutants, Raiders, Assaultrons and other nasties lurking in the wastes, Charlotte is sat on the sofa behind me, drawing circles on my spine with her toes. A cloud of vape blows over my head. I hear a rustling sound. My instinct is to turn around, and she knows it, but I stay focused. I’m already at a disadvantage from using a controller (give me a mouse and keyboard any day!) and approaching the molerat infested diner without paying attention will only lead to a swift game over.

“How old is that t-shirt?” Charlotte asks.

I tell her it’s an old, cheap one. Nothing special. 

“I’ll buy you a new one then.”

Charlotte slips down behind me. I can feel her pulling on my t-shirt, followed by the sound of fabric being cut by scissors. While Dogmeat and I mop up the pesky molerats, and I quickly grab the small number of useful supplies from Red Rocket, Charlotte finishes cutting my top off and unhooks my bra.

As I take a shortcut across the plains, avoiding Concord and the potentially treacherous roads around Starlight Drive-In, Charlotte’s shadow looms over me, and the sound of a lighter being struck makes a brief encounter with some bloat flies more difficult than usual. The aroma of a lavender-scented candle wafts above me, and then the first drop of hot wax hits my shoulder. 

On the road to Bunker Hill, Charlotte asks me to pause so she can fully remove my bra. Once she’s done, I’m back heading towards the ruins of Boston. My plan is to skirt around the dense areas of the city. Too many raiders and Gunner gangs roam that area, and I’ve not got much ammo in my pistol. I pick up the Brotherhood of Steel distress call but ignore it. Sorry Paladin Danse, but you’ll have to hold Cambridge Police Station by yourself.

A few more drops of hot wax land on my breasts, cooling and hardening on my nipples. She blows the candle out and sets it down. Her arms wrap around my waist, almost tickling me as her hands wander to my tits, pinching and twisting my nipples. As I run into a gang of raiders on the bridge, she bites my neck. One hand continues to grab a tit, while her other quickly fumbles its way past the waist of my joggers and finds my clit.

“You’re going to fail,” she whispers, before biting my neck again.

Her tongue flicks my earlobe, while her index stimulates me. It’s becoming harder to concentrate, but I manage to dispatch the last of the raiders with a few bullets to spare. They drop some crappy weapons and a couple of small armour upgrades. I’m going to need them because I know what’s coming soon.

Charlotte’s hands move to my waist, and she gently grinds up against me – not quite enough for me to call foul, but she’s pushing the limit. I’m on the outskirts of the city, running into bad guys with every step. If I had a bit more ammo, I’d risk making a detour into Boston’s Combat Zone to gain Cait’s assistance, but I know I’ll have to stick with Dogmeat as my guardian. Still, it’s not that far now. I’ve covered two-thirds of the distance, but the final third is a doozy.

As I duck away from another group of Raiders, slinking off into shadows like any true hero in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, the chains start rattling. She places the first clamp on my left nipple and tightens it until I inhale sharply. I’m cursing myself for forgetting to pick up the Power Armor near Sanctuary right at the beginning, and then I remember there’s a set not too far from where I am. I double-back on myself to go and get it, running into a few more bad guys and needing to use one of my precious stimpaks to survive.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has the second clamp on firmly and is tugging on the chain. She giggles upon seeing my health bar drop so close to zero and kisses the back of my neck.

“You’re going to be all mine, tonight.”

I manage to find the incomplete Power Armor set, tempted to gloat at my newfound awesomeness but hold my tongue. That candle is still within reach, after all, and I don’t know what else she might have in her bag of tricks. That’s soon answered as her wand whirrs into action. She traces a path down my spine with it, and I waste a couple of valuable rounds as my hands clench around the controller.

Charlotte wraps her arms around me again, holding the wand tight against my joggers, sending ripples of pleasure through my body – but I’m so close. I’m not failing now. I make my last dash towards The Castle, ignoring as many enemies as I can and gunning down those I can’t.

I know she’s sensing defeat. The wand gets held tighter. She blows, kisses and bites me harder and harder, she tickles my armpit, but to no avail. A few minutes later I arrive, victorious… quite sweaty and out of breath, too! 

Charlotte concedes defeat. I shuffle up on to the sofa to claim the victor’s prize. She pulls down my joggers, and I gently grab her head and pull her towards my horny cunt.



  • Silverdom says:

    This is brilliant!

    Made even more so because I am a Fallout 4 player, so I understood just how difficult that was, even before distractions were added.

    • Sara says:

      Inorite? Although the controller is a bit of an unfair disadvantage, I suppose it at least wasn’t on my modded PC version that makes the Commonwealth even more dangerous!

      Glad you enjoyed it :)

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Now that’s what I call a dedicated gamer! :D
    I am not a Fallout 4 player, but it must be quite the game to keep one’s attention despite those distractions…

    • Sara says:

      I probably should have made clear the spoils to the victor.

      Winner gets the other as a slave for the night – and hey, I can’t always be the slave! :D

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