Don’t be late: a playful punishment spanking

Image by the excellent Stuart F Taylor

This fabulously hot punishment spanking is written and read by EuphemiseThis, and originally appeared on her website. 

The company’s annual conference was extremely useful but completely exhausting, so I was desperate for a nap and some alone time before the final night’s big social. Micha and I worked on different teams in different cites and so only saw each other at these events. We first properly chatted at the post-conference party five years ago and, after a few drinks, discovered that we had a lot in common despite our obvious differences.

I’m an introvert, she’s an extrovert. I’m in my mid-40s and am a little world-weary, whereas she’s just turned 30 and still wants to try everything. It turns out that many of the things she wants to try are things I’ve already done, so chats at these parties usually descend into a lot of “have you ever…?”

After the final presentation of the day, I headed for my room and heard a familiar voice behind me as I approached the lifts. “Alex! I’ll stop by at 8 and we can go to the party together, yeah?” I turned and caught her extremely hopeful expression. “Okay, just don’t be late.”

At 8.15pm there was a knock on my hotel room door.

I rolled my eyes at the inevitability of her tardiness as I opened the door. Micha was wearing a very short figure-hugging dress; almost inappropriately short for a work event, which gave me an idea. I gestured for her to enter. “You’re early so I’m not ready yet. You’ll have to come in,” I joked. She blushed as she laughed, then tentatively stepped into the room.

As the door closed, I looked her up and down then sternly asked her if she thought the dress was suitable for room full of her colleagues.

“Maybe there’s one or two I might wanna fuck,” she smirked, egging me on.

“You think that’s appropriately professional behaviour?” I asked, rolling up my shirt sleeves as I moved closer to her.

“Probably not, but I’ve been thinking about being alone with you all day.”

I put a hand on her waist and guided her towards the bed, knowing that she’d probably be assuming we were both thinking of the same thing from our last NSFW discussion. However, I was pretty sure I was going to surprise her.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I grabbed her roughly and bent her over my lap, pulling her into exactly the position I wanted and holding her in place. “I’m guessing that dress feels very short now, huh?” I slowly lifted the fabric to reveal her beautiful arse, perfectly framed by a black thong. “You know, you deserved to be punished for that.”

The first spank took her by surprise. But the initial gasp was followed by a moan of encouragement, so my hand came down on the other cheek next.

“You were late too. Such disrespect for the value of my time.” She glanced up at me and apologised, but not well enough for me to think she meant it. It was pretty clear that she wanted to be punished further so I told her, “you deserve one spank for every minute you were late.”

After the first five, I picked up speed and could feel her skin warming up as she wriggled in my lap. I made sure the final two were much harder, so that her head was spinning a little when that part of the punishment ended. I grabbed each cheek firmly as I asked her if she was going to improve her timekeeping.

“I’ll try.” Not good enough.

“You’ll do more than try!”

The next round of spanking had no defined end point. I just went with the beat of the music that was playing, determined to get her to a point where her arousal would be obvious and I could punish her for that too. She gasped whenever I hit the same spot twice in a row, or if I hit harder, and I played with that. Then, when I paused, Micha let out a moan.

“Are you enjoying this?!” I tried my best to sound outraged, even though I was delighted by how this was going. “Yes, I’m fucking loving it,” she replied, unable to keep up the pretence any longer. I parted her thighs and noticed that her tiny little thong was damp. Sliding my fingers inside her underwear, I asked her if she thought that such slutty behaviour should be rewarded or punished. “Definitely punished.” My hand, now wet with her juices, came down hard on her right cheek.

I spanked her relentlessly this time until she seemed to be on the edge of an orgasm. Then I abruptly stopped and leant back on the bed, resting my tired hands. She let out a frustrated moan, and another when I suggested it was probably time for us to join the party. I went to wash my hands and check my trousers for any tell-tale signs of unprofessional activity, while she pulled the hem of her skirt back over that sore little arse.

As we headed to the lift I enjoyed how I towered over her in my brogues, despite the height of her dainty feminine shoes.

“Come and find me later,” she whispered into my ear as we entered the dark music-filled room. She went to join her team who were beckoning from the dance floor and my cunt ached as I watched her walk away.


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