On the belt fantasy

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

Belts are fascinating and filthy in a way that makes me genuinely squirm. In my opinion they’re the best of all the hitting devices. Why? Because they are long, meaning they can be used to reach and beat places you might be out of reach for otherwise. They also come in all thicknesses, which means you can exactly graduate the level and type of pain you like, and balance it with other things that are specifically hot. The delicious ‘thud’ sound of a thick one, or the shivery ‘whish’ of a thinner one. Something thick that can be hefted with strength and inflict a dull, spread-out pain, or something lighter that must be used more delicately in case it leaves a trail of narrow red welts.

Might have to have a lie-down before I finish this entry.

Belts are the central element in a fantasy that’s long been one of my very favourites. When I’m tired and horny, or bored and horny, or basically anything and horny, here’s a show that often plays on the perfect porn-set inside my head.

The belt fantasy

I love this so much I sometimes dream about it. A guy, dressed but with trousers undone and cock pushed hurriedly through the gap in his boxers. Stiff, glistening with precome, gripped tightly in his left hand.

I’m on all fours in front of him, looking straight at his dick as he rubs it firmly. He nudges it against my lips to open my mouth wide, then pushes it as far back as he can, until it’s filling the back of my throat.

“Stay still,” he says, as he holds my hair and starts to slowly fuck my mouth.

That’s the start of the fantasy. I miss a bit in the middle – if I were building a story I’d give you some mid-length spiel here about how his thrusting gets faster, more insistent, as he gets frustrated and keen to come. But in my head that doesn’t happen, because that’s not the fun bit. The start is the fun bit, and the end – the end is the bit that makes it all worthwhile. Here’s how the end goes:

He’s fucking my face with quick, insistent strokes. I’m choking – partly in response to the feel of him hammering the back of my throat, and partly out of eagerness to get more of him into my mouth – to fill myself with his dick until my eyes are watering and my cunt is twitching. I moan a bit in sadness as he pulls his dick out. He leans back, pushes my head up, and instructs me to lift my skirt (did I mention I was wearing a skirt? It doesn’t seem relevant in the beginning but is more than relevant at the end – it’s crucial). I’m wearing a skirt and a blouse. As I lift my skirt he rips open the front of my blouse, roughly pinching my nipples and smirking with satisfaction at his power.

Then, with speed and certainty, he whips his belt out through the loops of his trousers and folds it in two. Hand gripping the buckle, he lets go with a lash.


“Now,” Thwack. “Get back to it.” Thwack.

And I put his dick back in my mouth, arse smarting and eyes watering, and with every single whack of the belt I push my face tighter into his crotch, get his cock that tiny bit further down into my throat.

“That’s it,” He says, hauling the belt back with his taut right arm and bringing it down again on my naked arse. “That’s it. Harder.”




Every. Thwack. Single. Thwack. Stroke. Thwack.

“You filthy,” he hits me one more time – all his strength and all my searing pain build to an angry crescendo. Thwack.




And he comes – dropping the belt and gripping my hair with both his hands, he holds me right where I want to be – lips pushed against his crotch, jaw aching and mouth gaping as he shoots spunk right into the back of my throat.

When he pulls his dick out, it’s glistening with my spit and his come – the residue of all my effort.

There’s no ending to this fantasy, because that’s where it stops in my head. But if I were to write a proper ending, if I had the energy and the will after I’d come to these thoughts, I’d have him pushing me gently down onto my stomach then lying directly on top of me. I’d feel his taut, strong arms around my shoulders and the wetness of his dick on my arse – cooling the heat from the belt slaps.


  • gininteacups says:

    Hottt. I love this post. There’s nothing quite like a messy face-fuck that ends with your cock, balls and their mouth and chest covered in spit and semen.

    The belt is so diverse. I remember fucking a girl who liked being choked with it as well as hit. I’d loop one end through the buckle, lower it over her head and around her neck, then drag her about the place on all fours, it tightening the harder I pulled. Or fucking her from behind, yanking on the belt pulling her head back as I entered her arse. Yum.

    Ah, god bless the Tube strikes eh?

    • Girl on the net says:

      There is a surprising amount you can do with a belt. I was once bent over a bed and had my thighs strapped to the bedframe, to keep me in position while a guy fucked me. Belts are one of the best, and cheapest, sex toys =)

      Congrats on having an amazing screen name btw.

  • That’s not what a belt is for, really… but fair play, I see what you are driving at.

    For me, belts are sexy (especially if they’re not leather) because taking them off indicated that your trousers are going to come off at some point in the near future. There are volumes left to the imagination in a scene which starts with a gent doing up his belt – more so if you don’t know who he’s been with, so that one simple action sets off a whole spiral of possibilities!

  • PSTHS says:

    You rarely ever come in these stories.

  • PSTHS says:

    I’m male and don’t think I’ve ever wanked to a fantasy in which I don’t come.

  • Fiddy says:

    Y’know that sounds a lot like what I did to my wife about a week ago. Except I left her tied up all night after I was done. I also left the vibrators on just high enough to have her squirming from being on the edge, yet not enough to go over it.

    I’m a sadistic husband, aren’t I?

  • D. says:

    He doesn’t use the belt, wrapped around your neck, to hold you down on his cock while he comes?

    Well, each to their own I suppose. ;-)

  • SHARP says:

    Also, you never, ever see belts used in porn. Or at least I haven’t.

  • Pookariah says:

    A few well placed lashes on my tits and I’m good to go with this fantasy! Do you have any issues with neighbors complaining about noise? I don’t make eye contact with my neighbors because I’m sure they can hear us having sex all the time. Can’t wait too be from an apartment to a house someday.

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