Guest blog: Sex on a cruise ship

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Delighted to welcome back regular guest blogger @pervy_thoughts today, who blogs about sex at Pervy.Fun and is here to share with you a glorious story about sex on a cruise ship. Something about traveling implies freedom and the fulfilment of desires and whims, and I adore how beautifully his lover embraces both of these things. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll have met him before – in this fabulous post about the London Naked Bike Ride perhaps, or this one on sex after sixty. Today, I hope you enjoy this fabulous casual encounter – sex on a cruise ship.

Sex on a cruise ship

About ten years ago I unexpectedly found myself single and living in a camper van. It was late October and I had to take some holiday from work, and as I worked a four days on, four days off pattern I had 20 days leave. Feeling a bit low, I fancied a holiday somewhere warm and sunny. On a wet windy Friday I wandered into a travel agent – the now defunct Thomas Cook – and asked the question: “I am a single traveller, I want warm and sunny, all inclusive and I need to travel in the next few days. What have you got?”

“Fancy a cruise?” The agent asked.

I had never been on a cruise, I thought they were expensive and for old people. Technically I am old, but it does not feel like it.

“Maybe,” I said, “tell me more.”

“It’s from Southampton. It goes to the Canary Islands and Madeira, Bordeaux and Lisbon. It’s all-inclusive. There are a few days at sea so you will need to keep yourself occupied for those.”

More on this ‘keeping occupied’ later…

“It leaves tomorrow at 4PM. How does that sound?”

It sounded good.

“Price?” I asked.

She tapped away on her computer keyboard, and a puzzled expression came on her face. She called a colleague over and they both tapped on the keyboard and looked puzzled.

“Just book it see what happens.” The colleague suggested.

“This is mad but what I am getting is you can have an upper deck cabin with balcony, a drinks package, three excursions, included tips and the single supplement for £650.00 all in with taxes and insurance.”

I flashed my debit card: “Then let’s go!”

Late booking at its finest.

I had to go and do a bit of shopping – formal dinners need black tie sartorial elegance, and I also needed a suitcase. I drove the camper to Southampton, chucked all my stuff in the suitcase and boarded the cruise ship. So far so good. I found my cabin and it was huge. The main room had a sofa, a dining table and chairs and a massive bed. The bathroom had a swimming pool sized bath with bubbles. The balcony had a table and chairs.

That night at dinner I met some fellow travellers. A table for eight, all single travellers, all about the same age (old!). Interestingly more ladies than men. I got the impression the others did this regularly. We chatted and made tentative plans to meet up on excursions. One lady, I’ll call her Gloria, was flirty. Very flirty.

Jump forward a few days, Bordeaux was a memory, Madeira was two days sailing away. I went to an afternoon tea dance at the invitation of Gloria. It passes the time on a long sea journey. She was wearing a little black dress. We danced to the music from a live band, a jazz quartet playing old time swing. It was fun; I would never have believed I would like it.

After a while Gloria took my hand and led me out on deck. We were a long way south and it was warm and sunny. We stood watching the waves whizz pass.

“I don’t wear knickers when I’m cruising.” Gloria said. There was a bit of a pregnant pause while I took this in.

“I would need proof of that fact..” …was all I could think of in reply.

She walked over to a slightly more secluded corner of the deck, coyly glanced around, then reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it up. She did a 360 degree pirouette then smoothed the dress back down. In a split second she had flashed her fanny and her white bum with a tattoo that I could not quite make out. She walked back to me and ran her hand over my bum and then over the front of my trousers.

“Are you a bit uncomfortable in there?”


“Does your cabin have a balcony?” she asked.

‘What’s that got to do with anything?’ I thought, but replied “Yes, it does.”

“Show me please.” She took my hand, “Lead the way.” I led the way to the upper deck. An incredulous Gloria following.

I opened my cabin door and let her in.

She looked around. “Oh wow, fucking hell, wow, amazing! So much space, this is brilliant!

She went over to the balcony, opened the door and stepped out. Deftly she unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor. She kicked it inside. Then she did that clever thing with her arms and hands and undid her bra behind her back and chucked that back inside too. She stood on the balcony in just her hold ups, legs apart, letting the sea breeze circulate around her.

“This is lovely, come join me.” I slipped out of my clothes and joined her, nude. The warm breeze and slightly salty air was wonderful.

She reached down and held me. There! She giggled: “It’s nice out, isn’t it?”

Back inside she lay sideways on the bed, me kneeling on a pillow on the floor, head between her legs giving her neatly trimmed fanny some love with my tongue.

“Up a little, don’t stop, yes just there, yes, harder, lovely.” Her body shook as she climaxed and she soaked my face with her cum. A few moments later an enthusiastic Gloria was giving my willy attention with her hand, lips and tongue. My cum splattered all over her face. I climaxed so hard I actually felt empty inside.

The warm shower water ran over us, as we soaped each other and washed away the smell and fluids of sex.

Not long after we walked up to the restaurant and sat nibbling the buffet, sitting across from each other at the table.

“Did you think days at sea would be boring?” she asked.

“Yes, I had brought some books to read.”

“Was my plan more interesting?”

My Travel Agent had advised me well. A cruise is the perfect holiday for the single traveller. You get to go places and meet people. If you are really lucky, you also get to have a holiday romance. You might even get to have sex on a cruise ship…


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