Legs – an ode to why I’m a leg man

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This fabulous piece about being a ‘leg man’ is written and read by JM Seaborn of WrittenInKink.com. Note that this story contains use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific – all participants are over 18. 

Give them to me in tights and heels after a long day of work. Then, the moment you open the door, I’ll lift you off the ground, rip your underwear, bite your neck, and fuck you through the wall until you can’t even remember your boss’ name.

Wear a short skirt when we’re out at a restaurant seeing friends, so I can enjoy you hold eye contact with your friend’s man as Daddy traces up your thigh and teases your soaking wet clit under the table.

Hook one of them over my shoulder so I can push my tongue deep into your cunt in the doorway of some building.

Feel my huge frame support your weight when you greedily grind into my beard, digging your fingers deep into my bald head before you swear and come.

Lie them across my lap and feel me harden under your calves as I watch football.

Enjoy the way in which you slowly drain my attention from the sport to the slut. Knowing that soon, I will lose all control and you’ll be choking on Daddy’s demanding dick.

Open them in front of Daddy’s calm but greedy face. Feel vulnerable and exposed and submissive and needy.

Close them around my head as I slowly seduce you into a giddy, tearful mess.

Begging for relief. Begging for more.


I’ll write on them.

Daddy’s girl.

Daddy’s whore.

Good girl.


I’ll decide how they’re dressed. I’ll shave them. I’ll moisturise them. I’ll bruise them and bite them.

My canvas in every way.

So to answer your question: yes, I’m a leg man.


If you enjoyed this erotica about being a leg man, you can find more of JM Seaborn on Twitter or at WrittenInKink.com, and more sexy stories read aloud at the audio porn hub. 

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