Explicit sex toy review: the We-Vibe Sync

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I have a lot in common with today’s guest blogger, Livia, namely that I fucking love sex tech and I really want to get my hands (and vagina) on a We-Vibe Sync. We chatted a while ago about app-controlled vibrators, and I told her if We-Vibe were up for giving her one, I’d be delighted to post her thoughts on it here. And I’d be doubly delighted if she could seamlessly entwine helpful-review-type-info with filthy-hot-sex-details. I hope you’ll agree she’s done a magnificent job.

Explicit sex toy review: We-Vibe Sync

A review of the We-Vibe Sync from the perspective of a het-cis woman and her het-cis boyfriend. From the marketing and the images in the Sync manual, it does seem to be designed for PIV sex.

The weather was drowsy-warm but not sticky, and I’d woken up horny as fuck. I was also ridiculously single, having had an entertainingly bad run at online dating. I’d resigned myself to a lifetime of admittedly excellent self-service orgasms, and decided I deserved something more exciting than using my hand or my usual vibrator. I’ve always found it reasonably easy to cum – particularly from penetrative sex, and wanted something that would provide the illusion of an orgasm outside of my control. Plus, I fucking love (fucking) tech. I did not, when asking if I could review the We-Vibe Sync, confess that I was asking for a couples vibrator for a single person, but it all comes out good in the end.

I once had a vibrator delivered to work, a near miss on a multitude of awkward conversations, because I’d forgotten what I’d ordered. Not wanting a repeat, I asked my (extremely handsome, had-a-crush-on-him-forever; you can guess where this is going) best friend to take delivery for me. He works from home, and was happy to take up the mantle of ‘sex courier’.

Long story short – by the time the We-Vibe arrived, I was fucking my best friend: this review became a lot more useful.

Step one stymied me. The We-Vibe Sync arrives stored in its charging station. I couldn’t get it open. I had to to download the manual to see if there was some kind of trick. No – it was brute force. It required an unintuitively hard yank to get it open.

The base station itself is reasonably discreet – it could masquerade as a charging station for a razor. It does have ‘We-Vibe’ written on it, but you’d not notice from a distance. My parents are nosy as fuck and pick up anything they don’t recognise – but most ordinary guests will either own one or not have a clue.

Tech stuff first

What you get in the box: the Sync, a remote, a charging stand which doubles as a holder, a charging cable (USB to USB Micro), a basic visual manual, and a packet of lube.

The We-Vibe Sync Remote

The remote had a very limited range, and a body blocks reception (they’ve got a detailed point on this on their FAQ explaining all the things that cause it not to work, so I think mine was working as intended). So for me, it wasn’t useful. Sure, with the Sync out, and the remote fairly close, it worked fine. But it did absolutely nothing while my boyfriend and I were fucking using the Sync.

Anyway – I’d ditch the remote and use the app or the buttons on the Sync itself instead.

The We-Vibe Sync App

You need to download the app (on Apple and Android) if you want to control the Sync from your phone; if you want to let a partner control the Sync, you both need the app.

One eyebrow-raiser: the app asks for location permission. I wasn’t expecting this. I think it’s to do with improving connectivity, but do not know. Regardless, it’s not good that they don’t clearly explain what it’s for. I have not tested whether the app won’t work if you deny this permission.

It also requests camera and microphone access. This allows your partner, wherever they are, to choose vibration patterns and levels according to the sounds and expressions they elicit. I failed spectacularly at testing the use of camera and microphone while using the Sync, because, ah… I’m not letting the boyfriend too far away from my cunt while he’s still new and shiny. I did, however, test it from a purely technical perspective.

I could invite my partner via email, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Messages. (There may be other options, but it didn’t, for example, offer Signal.) When my boyfriend connected and received the invitation for video chat, he got an alert reminding him that if he didn’t use headphones, the app would broadcast on speaker mode. This is a nice touch.

I retested the app while writing this review, and had problems with the remote ‘lover’ connectivity. I had to reinstall the app and use the connection wizard to make this work, a speedbump you don’t want while you’re gasping with lust.

The camera and audio worked fine for me once we were connected – but the process of fixing the connection issue could take long enough to kill any spontaneity. Also, front cameras are not particularly flattering. Although perhaps that’s not a relevant consideration when the beautiful-ridiculousness of orgasm faces are factored in. You’ll also have to be holding the phone – I wonder if there’s risk of phone–face bruising in the event of unexpectedly powerful orgasm.

Video chats with dodgy connections are frustrating anyway; I imagine it would ruin long-distance play if the device was only erratically responsive, but honestly, I had enough fun with its partner-in-person performance that the long-distance use wasn’t a major factor for me.

we-vibe sync next to an iphone with the app loaded

On privacy

If your chosen vibration-controller (partner, fuck-person; We-Vibe calls them ‘lover’) downloads the app, they can connect to the Sync via your phone. I invited mine via WhatsApp. (Here there is potential for embarrassment, but that’s on you, not We-Vibe!)

The possessor of the Sync does the inviting, and has ultimate control over it, as their phone is the bridge between the device and the other person’s phone. This is important: it’s your device; you’re the gatekeeper. It means your partner does not have unrestricted or persistent access to the device (you can disconnect it immediately on your phone). I suspect it also works around the limit of the Sync being Bluetooth connected – it’s short range only.

On a more cheery note – you don’t have to have met the person you give control to – you just need to have a way of contacting them from your phone. If you can WhatsApp someone, you can let them control your vibrator.

On the privacy topic – We-Vibe collects anonymous app data by default; if this makes you nervous you can turn it off by going to menu, settings, then privacy.

Other options in the settings are a PIN so others can’t get into it if they have your phone, language options and a place to remove your lover. It also allows notifications (off by default) and has something called ‘night mode’. I’ve no idea what this does.

The We-Vibe Sync

The Sync arrived 5% charged – I couldn’t tell this till I’d installed the app and paired the device with my phone. If you can’t pair your phone with the Sync, try charging it. And know that you’re not going to be able to move straight to a frenzied fucking session immediately on it arriving.

Pairing the We-Vibe Sync with my phone was easy. The app asks to turn on Bluetooth, you hold down a button on the Sync (two buzzes show Bluetooth is on); they pair (three buzzes confirm this). My phone didn’t store the device in its list of previously Bluetooth connected devices – a nice privacy touch.

Once you’ve got it charged, the app installed, and the Sync and your phone are paired, you’re ready for a good, hard fuck while your whole cunt vibrates.

The Fucking

The We-Vibe Sync was easy enough to slide in, though it didn’t hurt that having my legs wrapped around a hot man with a wicked grin and bulging cock had me aching to get started. (I generally don’t have issues with getting vibrators in so long as I’m aroused; factor your own experience in). It was significantly less easy for my boyfriend to get his thick cock in as well – but lube made it easy. The only position shown in the manual is missionary, and the image is explicitly a cock-possessor and a vagina-possessor. But missionary is generally guaranteed to make me cum, so we started there. When my boyfriend was lying on top of me getting his cock in, it pushed the outside part of the Sync into my pubic bone. This was uncomfortable, but wasn’t an issue once fucking.

We quickly found that rocking the device back and forward rather than thrusting shot me straight to the point just before orgasm. Like, the sitting upright, digging nails into his arms and gasping point. I had to grab his arse and pull him close, clamping him inside to keep him from moving for a second, just so I didn’t get there too quickly, my cunt happily buzzing round his cock the entire time.

It’s possible to change the angle of bend of the Sync – for comfort, as well as to change where it stimulates. I tend to be one-and-done with orgasms, and don’t really struggle to cum, so it became an interesting challenge to hold me close to cumming without tipping me over.

There is a wide range of vibration patterns and levels – and you can customise your own. I didn’t bother: there are so many to choose from already programmed in. The lowest level hum was a pleasurable titillator; the highest pulse induced something like ticklish giggles. I’m not ticklish. I couldn’t cum from the vibrations alone, but it was certainly as good, and more varied than any ‘ordinary’ vibrator I’ve used. The internal vibration was a definite bonus – it didn’t bring me closer to cumming, but did make the whole thing more intense. From how rock hard his cock got, the boy certainly approved.

We weren’t going to let the manual dictate that we only had sex in one position. Doggy was impossible as the Sync just fell out – but on the third time we tried, he put his hand on the small of my back and pressed me down, flattening me against the bed; repositioning me with gentle but undeniable pressure. He pinned me on my front and pushed back inside me, and the clip held just fine. And fuck.

He grunted in my ear: ‘Your cunt feels like it’s fucking electric.’ I could barely hear him. I just needed a bit more, for him to keep going, the thrusting of his cock moving the clip, pressing it harder against my clit and—

I can’t normally cum in that position, but this time? Not A Problem. I came hard, my cunt spasming around his cock.

Afterwards, the heightened sensitivity of my clit made the continued vibrations unbearable. The remote didn’t work when the Sync was inside me. My phone lost pairing when it snoozed. I was laughing and scrambling for the controls barely tolerating the intensity but also not wanting to turn it off. It was unendurable, it was exhausting; it had me grunting with pleasure.

He followed quickly after me. Judging from the noises he made as he twitched inside me, the clip was a hit with him also. But like a good researcher, I asked for details: the only real downside he found was somewhat restricted penetration. He didn’t feel like he was able to get in quite as deep because of the clip. The vibrations went a long way to make up for that, and the shallower penetration made for slightly more regular vibration on the head, which ‘worked fucking wonders’ when he came.

picture of a purple we-vibe sync next to an iPhone and charging station and we-vibe sync remote

Unlike every other item of technology I own, battery life wasn’t an issue. We used it twice, for about 20 minutes each time, with roughly a week between uses, and it was down to 64% from full charged.

I’d want to be comfortable with a partner before using it, because there is some fiddling and working it out: this might not be an issue for others, but I have to be fairly relaxed before I’m happy fiddling with my phone/puzzling out devices and adding a cock into the equation. And that’s the nice thing about fucking your best friend: you’ve already got trust. It was my first use of a sex toy with someone, and it was as easy as, well, the above.

My overall opinion: no idea about long distance use; but a solid ‘fuck yes’ for in-person use. More for novelty rather than regular sex (as needing to use an app for fine control doesn’t lend itself to spontaneity), but a really hot novelty. I might use it more often if I ditch the app and use the buttons on the device, but that does invalidate some of the ‘connected’ aspects and techy joy.

If you’d like to find out more about the We-Vibe Sync, check out their website and FAQs section. This toy was provided to my guest blogger for free so she could write about it here. 

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  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Cool product, great review (I’m glad things worked out between her and her best friend!). The fact that ‘The remote didn’t work when the Sync was inside me’, seems like something of an oversight, though…

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