Guest blog: A sunny, holiday sex story

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You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit lax on guest blogs for the last few months. Time and money have conspired to mean I haven’t been able to publish any. But now they’re back, and this first one – on holiday sex – by AB is going live because two things about it appealed to me.

Firstly, it’s a lovely holiday sex story, and not only do I love sex but I am also on holiday next week (OK, at Eroticon), so I can tie in the guest blog with a note that if I might not be super responsive over the next week or two.

Secondly, because when AB sent it to me, they said they’ve never written anything like this before, and I am a total sucker for any and all first times. Enjoy.

A holiday sex story

It had been a fair (terrible) nine months since I had last had … I was about to say “a good fuck” but it wasn’t. Face down missionary position with my ex – perfunctory, though he had acknowledged my clit with the middle finger of his right hand and at least I had come, even if it lasted all of 4 minutes. So when the opportunity presented itself on a girls’ holiday, I found it hard to say no.

Although I’m not that sort of girl! Or at least I didn’t know it yet!

I met the Italian Stallion in a bar on day one and, with the courage of about 7 tequilas in me – and having established that he knew about 10 words of English – I decided not to beat around the proverbial bush.

I took him by the hand, led him around the corner away from our friends and thrust my tongue in his mouth. Again, it is worth reiterating here that I’ve never been so forward in my life – I blame the tequila and an unseasonable dry spell in the sex department. He responded enthusiastically and was soon showcasing the only English he did know: “Come to my room…”, “No sex!”

What then? Chess? Interesting repartee?

I laughed it off – although my body wanted it desperately and I was already getting wet – I made to go back to my friends but he took my hand and led me towards the door.

“I’ll be back soon!” I yelled to the girls who were already on their second tray of tequila and oblivious to my presence.

The good girl inside me was saying, “this is crazy, this is dangerous, turn around, what are you doing?” but the bad girl was getting wetter by the second and was already giddy with excitement at the prospect of some much-needed anonymous cock.

His hotel was just around the corner. Inside the room he held my face and kissed me deeply and my legs trembled. I excused myself to use the bathroom – I was suddenly nervous and also mortified at just how wet I had become by this point! I took off my shoes and walked barefoot to the balcony where he stood. I rested my back on the wall (we were four floors up) and he stepped towards me.

His kiss this time was more urgent – he was soon fumbling under my black cami and my strapless bra dropped to the floor. He pushed my top up and took my breasts in his hands whilst hungrily kissing and sucking at my nipples. More urgency now as he struggled with the button on my denim shorts and yanked them down around my ankles. I stepped out of them as he dropped to his knees in front of me. With one finger he moved my (almost non-existent) thong aside and kissed me… there.

My knees nearly buckled underneath me – I could tell that this was a guy who loved going down on women. He seemed to relish my reaction as his tongue explored the innermost crevices of my body. My thong joined my shorts in a discarded heap on the floor and he parted my legs an inch or two to better insert one finger, then two, then three.

Wow! OK that’s different.

Looking back it’s clear that he was measuring me. He stood back and took off his shirt to reveal a bronzed and athletic torso. Then his shorts and underwear in one go to uncover, quite frankly, the biggest erection I had ever seen! Even on TV. Again, it is worth noting that I had only ever experienced two – reasonably sized – cocks in my life so you can imagine how my eyes bulged and my jaw dropped.

With one hand on my bare arse cheek and another on his cock he placed the throbbing head at the opening of my (now drenched) cunt and thrust.

“Wait! Wait!” I said, pushing him away. “Condom?”

He looked confused.

Looking back, how the hell the good girl in me was able to speak at this point still baffles me but I picked up the bag at my feet and pulled out a silver foil packet. This probably belies the fact that I don’t usually do this, but it was honestly the first time I had ever taken a condom out with me and I didn’t for one second expect to actually use it! Perhaps it was a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Disappointment flashed across his face but he obligingly rolled it on (being a standard size, it must have been pretty uncomfortable) but he made no complaint. Now he was ready; he took my arm, turned me around, bent me over a plastic garden chair and was rooted inside me before I could say a word. It felt like a punishment for ruining the moment. I cried out with the shock of it. It was so big and it hurt, but in a good way I think. I struggled to stay steady on the arms of this flimsy chair as he held my hips and continued to thrust strong and deep. His left hand made its way to my nipple and tugged. This hurt but again, I didn’t mind. I was too excited. As his right hand was holding me steady at the hip, with his left he began to spank me; short, sharp slaps that left a sting on my arse cheek. I’d never been spanked before – how exciting! I could tell he was excited too as he seemed restless. I reached between my legs and gently caressed his balls in my right hand. He responded with quicker thrusts, wet his thumb (presumably in his mouth or with the natural lube that had been created between us) and inserted it in my anus. Holy hell! This had definitely never happened before and I really didn’t know what to make of it. Nervous of how my body would react I moved his hand away. He stepped us both towards the balcony wall and I stared out at the view four floors up. I could hear people yelling and felt that they could see everything: me bent over and gripping the wall with both hands as an Italian hunk pumped me from behind.

We moved into the room and he laid me back on the bed. He soon discovered that I’m pretty flexible as he placed my left calf on his shoulder and entered me again. He seemed to know every position for me to feel the full length of him – I never knew I could feel it so deep. Soon the excitement became too much and I came, harder and longer than I ever had before. He increased his speed, cried out and I felt him bulge and quiver inside me as he filled the condom with hot spunk.


  • An Outsider Looking In says:

    Why does this have no replies?! So hot!!

  • prufrock says:

    Great. Shame about all the ‘i’m not that sort of girl’ ‘i never usually carry a condom’ etc. Why should women feel ashamed to enjoy themselves and be responsible. If more women did this i’m certain the world would be a happier place.

    • Girl on the net says:

      That’s interesting – it’s not what I took out of at all. I though the story was effectively saying that there’s no ‘that sort of girl’ etc, because AB does this. I liked it because it starts off in that traditional way then ends up with her taking real charge of her pleasure and the scene.

  • Oxyfromsg says:

    lovely story and very hot

  • michael says:

    id stroke my rock hard dick, and cum all over her face as she is being fucked. then him and i switch. i get ur ass fill it with cum as your pussy explodes from grinding my hand against it hard and fast.

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