Guest blog: A hot first time sex story by Gloria Brame

Cover of 'A Fetish For Men' by Gloria Brame

This week’s guest blogger is Dr Gloria Brame, and she’s got a smoking hot sex story to share. Gloria is a clinical sex therapist, a leader in radical sex theory and education, and she founded the world’s first online BDSM support group. She’s best known for her books Different Loving and The Truth About Sex, which promote evidence-based, pro-diversity perspectives on human sexuality.

Here, though, she’s sharing something raw and hot and personal, which relates to a sex story in her latest book – A Fetish for Men (Amazon US link).

I love first time sex stories, particularly if they set off that spark of recognition – I remember feeling like this when sex was new: fascinating and addictive and a bit scary and hot as all hell.

Here’s Gloria’s story.

Dr Gloria Brame: a first time sex story

My professor Raphael was tall, but not too tall, athletically built but not over-muscled. His complexion was gorgeous and he wore his curly Jewish hair in a mane. He had a perennially bemused look on his face and I liked his smug arrogance and cynical humor about most things. He was exactly twice my age, 34 to my 17, divorced, and a sublimely robust male specimen of the free love generation. When I took his course in Existentialism I had no idea how existential it would turn out to be.

It began with a spontaneous kiss that we swore we’d never repeat. But we were alone in his car, saying goodbye, and suddenly a kiss glued us together until a car behind us honked. It wasn’t that we got along famously. He found me callow and irritating, and I thought he was an unfeeling ass. Yet, somehow, just a week later, I was in his bed, telling him my tragic tale of thwarted fucking at age 14 and virginal pain, and then he was fucking me.

Well, it didn’t happen that fast. It took a little time, but he seemed to like that it did. He was patient, sensual and prepared. The condoms were in a drawer by the bed, he was freshly showered and smelled like soap and tea, and when he pulled off his shirt and jeans, he was as beautiful as any man I’d ever seen. He looked like a professional baseball player in his prime, everything well-proportioned, even his ever-hard, shapely cock.

At first I tensed when his fingers slipped between my legs but his fingers were soft and skilled. My spring-operated thighs which had clamped shut so many times at the prospect of a clumsy lover hurting me, fell open, welcoming in oceans of pleasure as he softly stroked my labia and clit.

Then he was on top of me, and I twined my naked limbs around him, climbing him like a tree, writhing in his sweat and then, just like that, he slowly worked his penis against my hole. All of a sudden, I felt it push inside me.

“OW!” I squealed at the sharpness of it, the intensity, like a tiny stab into the inside of the inside of my soul.

“Owwww,” I sighed as the pain yielded to a new, unfathomably delightful pleasure.

He lodged deep, pumping gently, slowly moving his cock in and out, stroking every nerve in my body with each thrust. Primal sounds vibrated from my throat, sounds I’d never made before and through my fog, I was giddy with laughter at what an animal I’d become.

The train ride home after the first fuck I could barely stand still. My legs felt like rubber springs, as if I could vault the rest of the way home like a kangaroo, as if a fundamental energy had been released in my spine that gave me super-powers. I wondered if passengers could see it in my face that I’d been rescued, redeemed, and relieved of the emotional burden that had plagued me since my virginity fail.

I was not broken! I just needed the right lover! Raphael was him. He hadn’t just fucked me, he had fucked my humanity! I was fully free now! It was better than love! I wanted to fuck him eternally! I didn’t want it all to stop. Oh god no, it couldn’t stop. I craved the magical, incredible whateverness that happened when his dick went in my cunt. I wanted him to fuck me to death. I wanted to fuck him until I went blind. I never wanted the lust to stop. There was no drug like lust.


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  • RB says:

    YES. I love this! It’s gorgeously written and it just captures that freedom of suddenly losing your virginity and becoming overwhelmed by the possibilities of it. I lost mine to a man when I was nearly 21, my first boyfriend, and after the initial awkwardness was over (blood, getting used to the pain, etc), I just wanted to be naked with him all day, every day – walking along thinking giddy, lustful thoughts, burning with them. I’ve had lots of fun since then, even in three years, but I do miss that sensation of it all being new.

    Lovely. x

  • Chris says:

    A fine first experience as a foundation for a lifetime of interest in carnal pleasure and lustful thought. My two overwhelming thoughts beyond the beauty of the sensations and lust you describe are these. First, this is so much better than the inept and unsatisfying first sexual experience through which I guided my girlfriend at age17 when we gave up our virginities togther one night. She would have been so much better served by a lover like your Raphael, and perhaps she was later. Perhaps I became like him eventually. Second, now having a daughter on the cusp of adulthood, the idea of having sex with a 17 year old girl/woman when I was 34 just seems totally wrong to me. Having a daughter gives a man a new perspective on how he treats all women, not only with respct to lust, but also professionally in the workplace. Certainly having a mother, sisters, and a wife shape his goodwill and respect toward women, but having a daughter reminds him of the wrongness of so many of his own actions, my own actions, in my youth.

  • This story is so much hotter & delicious than my tale of deflowering: Two fumbling intercourse virgins in the dark. He couldn’t figure out how to insert himself, and when he finally thrust in hard, the pain took my breath away & I had to stop.

    I must say, though, once that hurdle was cleared, subsequent attempts went much better.

  • Michelle says:

    Wow, I wish the positive parts of this first time story… especially the part about pain yielding to delightful pleasure… was a story more girls and women could tell.

  • Steven says:

    Now, this makes for a happy Monday, two of my favs in the same place.

  • Paris says:

    this story is so hot and sensual…also came across this site yall can check out…

  • секс играчки says:

    girls love sense touch,dirty talk nad hard fucked….

  • Holoi Eckhart says:

    ‘Wwwwooooo…. tack. Jag är mycke gladija

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