What do I look like getting fucked from behind?

Image by the brilliant Hayley Blair Lockwood

It’s a question I’ve asked myself frequently. While it’s possible (and, indeed, hot as all hell) to watch yourself fucking in a mirror, there are some angles that are impossible to achieve, unless you happen to be shagging inside a circus attraction. What’s more, videoing something and having a permanent record of your shag, which could easily be copied/accidentally uploaded to whatever The Cloud is, isn’t always something I’m keen on doing.

So how do you do it? Well, here’s what we did.

For starters, we had three things: a phone, an iPad, and a raging horn. We set up the iPad and the phone to facetime each other. This tactic can be used not just for watching yourselves fuck from new and improved angles, it can also be used to watch one person having a wank. I know, you may prefer to be in the same room, but if like me you want to get as close as possible to the sensation of watching someone who doesn’t know you’re there, then setting up a phone in the corner of one room while you perv furtively in another can be a truly excellent bet. The other person has to know it’s there, obviously, but if they concentrate hard enough they can try and forget: making sure they’re focusing on their own pleasure rather than playing to the camera.

So, facetime. The only realistic way I could find out what I looked like getting fucked from behind, without having to actually record it. He held the phone, and I propped the iPad on a pillow in front of me before getting on my hands and knees…

Already pretty wet, and excited by the new possibilities of this experiment, I fidgeted a bit while he got the phone into the right position, keeping me from getting too bored by occasionally showing me some gorgeous close-up shots of his dick. So far, so hot, but it wasn’t anything I’d not seen before.

When he was in the right position, he showed me something I hadn’t seen before: my cunt.

Now I don’t want you to think I’ve spent my life avoiding my cunt like the sight of it will burn my eyes. I do see it quite frequently – if I’m shaving, for instance, in front of a mirror. But I’ve never seen it from quite that angle: right up close, smooshed between my thighs as I’m bent over. Displayed in the way I’d normally do when there was a guy behind me ready to bury his dick in it. It was… new and weird. Not ‘hot’ weird but not a turn-off either. I was facing forward, staring at the iPad propped in front of me, and seeing my cunt in extreme porn close-up on the screen made it feel like it wasn’t really mine.

What’s more, when he moved the phone further away so I could see it framed by my arse, the whole picture looked even odder. Who is this stranger and why is she in my bedroom? I’m used to seeing me from my own perspective – this other perspective made me feel like everything belonged to someone else. It was oddly disconnected. Also I have spots on my arse. The guy pointed out that this is basically normal for a human, especially a human who spends most of her day sitting in front of a laptop, but it did make me wonder if I need to be flogged more often, for exfoliation purposes.

Now for the sexy part

I appreciate that describing this is not the sexiest way to start a blog entry, but I promise you it got better. In fact, it got instantly better the second his dick touched me. After the disembodied sensation of staring at the iPad and wondering whose body was on screen, I was suddenly able to connect the sensation – slick head of his solid dick pushing at the entrance to my cunt – with what I was seeing – slick head of his dick pushing… you get the picture.

I kept my eyes on the screen as he slid inside. Having never filmed myself actually fucking, this was the first detailed view I’d had of someone’s cock pushing into me: the sensation of being stretched twinned with the visuals of actually watching it go in.

It was amazing.

I started pushing back, but realised I’d screw up the angle, so I stayed as still as I could while he fucked. Building up from a slow rhythm into something faster as his dick throbbed closer to the conclusion.

I wanted to see more, though – I wanted to see not just the detail but the view that he had. He moved the phone and showed me the wide shot – the curve of my arse narrowing to my waist, the arch of my back, my shoulders tense as I gripped the bedposts for balance. It was… nice? Interesting. New. As someone who’d usually rather cry than compliment her own body, I was surprised to find it pretty hot. I moved my arms, arched my back further, changed position so I could watch the changes on the screen: assuring myself that this person – this surprising, weird, different, possibly-hot person – was me.

Later we went for the more hardcore shots – placing the camera facing upwards between my legs on the bed, so we could watch from beneath as his dick slammed forward to meet my cunt. The lips of my cunt kissing the base of his cock, then his wet dick sliding out again for another stroke. We fumbled, a bit, and had to keep rearranging as our strokes got quicker or more enthusiastic and the camera started to slip.

He smacked my arse and I remembered the view, and as we fucked harder we lost sight of the iPad as it toppled over into the mess of bedsheets. It didn’t matter, we’d got the images now. As I squeezed my cunt tight around him and felt him come inside me, I pictured that first image – the head of his dick pressing right up against me.

And given that I’ve pictured it more since then, that I can now conjure it in my mind whenever I look at his iPhone, I’m glad we never pressed record: I don’t think we ever needed to.

While my regular illustrator is away, I’ve a few brilliant people drawing gorgeous things for the blog. Guest art for this blog post is by the fantastic Hayley Blair Lockwood, who you can follow on Twitter @hayleyglyphs or instagram @hayleyglyphs too. 

This post is available as audio. Click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, or check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Fred says:

    For those on Android you can use Skype video call to achieve the same result.

    Superb post, thanks!

  • Ian says:

    Your description of the temporarily disembodied sensation really resonated, on one occasion I found my head being forcefully twisted away I didn’t understand why for a moment but when I allowed my head to be manouvered it was pointed towards a large full-legth mirror. I was a room I’d never been in before, and franky my mind wasn’t on the decor so it was a delightful surprise and doubly so that my partner in crime, at the time, wanted to share the perspective they were evidently enjoying. Though I’m always a little self-concious enjoying such out of body experiences too long.

    Considering our technologically diametrically opposed experiences did make me think steampunk and my wandering mind thought surely you could create a similar effect with a bunch of mirrors and lenses. My addled brain just invented the “Fuck-o-scope”, so if anyone’s looking for steampunk porn ideas, that one’s ripe for movie making I think!

  • Ian says:

    Tinfoil hat mode engaged.

    Also, if you ever wanted to rewatch the video I’m sure one of the various American three-letter agencies have got it recorded for you! :)

    • Azkyroth says:

      Now how would that work?

      • Girl on the net says:

        I’m imagining some kind of periscope type item, and I’m intrigued. Although you’d maybe struggle to get all the angles… Thanks for the suggestion Ian because now I am thinking about it quite a lot. If anyone ever invents one, please do let me know =)

        • Ian says:

          It’d be telescopic, and the lens mount would be on a kind of gooseneck. It’d have a lens iris which would both protect the lens, and fitted with felt pads could be used to clean it too. The deluxe version would have dual optics so you’d have to press both eyes to the eyepieces but it’d be like an adult viewmaster with full depth perception’y awesomeness.

          Surely there’s someone in the steampunk community with plenty of leftover brass tubing and a sense of adventure?!

  • Alistair says:

    I find the whole out of body thing fascinating, even with no sexual aspect. But that was pretty damn hot.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hey! Coconut oil on the ass everyday will help with the bumps. Try it. ;)

    Great post!!

    • Girl on the net says:

      a) thank you for the tip
      b) thank you for the seduction technique, because now I am going to use ‘do you want to rub coconut oil into my arse?’ as a prelude to getting laid.

  • This post makes me insanely smiley. My husband and I have talked about wanting to watch ourselves, but I ABSOLUTELY did not want some copy of that shit out there somewhere for my future progeny or employers to somehow find.
    But THIS! THIS is totally do-able (pun intended.)
    Now, off to… well, you know… Facetime.

  • The FwB and I are definitely going to have to try this…


  • Exposing40 says:

    This is such an excellent post! I once said to a partner “I wish could see what you’re seeing now” and he promply grabbed my phone, hit record and then told me to watch while we were still fucking. Another time he recorded us without me realising and then sent it to me as I was on the train home. Both of these were very hot, but I *love* the idea of watching in real time and connecting what I’m feeling and seeing. One for the list! Xx

  • I imagine it would be great for watching yourself getting spanked too. Seeing your arse turning a lovely shade of red as it happens…


  • Jo says:


  • Lee says:

    Not to be an I.T. party eeyore, but if you were facetiming from your laptop/tablet to the phone (or vice versa) this streaming video is going Phone -> ISP -> Tablet and thus is (even here in the UK) being recorded on some data capture system somewhere at the ISP.

    Yes, it’s not stored as *a movie file* that joe bloggs could stumble on, but it is being recorded by your ISP as all other electronic communications are (UK passed laws to this effect, mandating that an ISP records all communications and can retrieve them on demand for upto 7 years IIRC).

    So, just a note of caution. It is out there. (Cue XFiles Theme)

    P.S. Big wave to the sicko spy dudes and dudettes at the NSA, Echelon, GCHQ, Fiveyes et al. We know you’re peeking, feck off. :P LoL

  • Tom says:

    Why could the same results not be achieved by using a mirror on the wall and just angling your self and looking back? Worth a try maybe

    • Girl on the net says:

      It would require quite a complex mirror system to catch the angle of his dick sliding into me from below. I’ll bear it in mind, but honestly I’ve tried some shit with mirrors and the detail doesn’t come close to the iPhone solution

  • Cornelius says:

    Currently making my way through the audio recordings one by one. I usually need to take a break of a day or two between each one so I don’t get completely lost down the porn brain rabbit hole. But this one I listen to twice in a row. It’s a challenge coming up with decent superlatives immediately post-orgasm, but whatever it is that gives someone the ability to turn people on with language, you’ve got it. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and also, if you have an iPhone and an Apple TV box you can link the two and watch yourselves fucking live on TV without the need for recording :)

  • Steve says:

    I could see everything in that story, amazing!.

    I sometimes search for porn showing the guys cock visibly pulse while still inside the girl, trying to time a wank to it hard but if you get it right it’s amazing.
    Usually a position from behind, that glimpse of cunt from between smooth thighs has got to be one of the best sights ever.

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