I is for… insatiable: a cocksucking story

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This cocksucking story, by sex blogger Ella Scandal, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Girl on the Net. 

With a breathless gasp, Natalie sticks out her tongue, trying to slurp as much of Aaron’s jizz off her chin as she can. Some of it drops onto her tits in big blobs, so she takes them in her hands, pushes them to her face and moans as she sucks all of that salty, gelatinous gunk into her mouth. Though she looks like a champagne and cocktails kind of girl, a pint with a dick chaser is more her style.

Watching with greedy eyes, Aaron wills his cock to harden again and curses it when it won’t. He strokes, tugs, even slaps it in frustration but the thing doesn’t as much as twitch. Not that an erection would have been of much use anyway because Natalie has moved onto Sean.

She just walked over there, snatched his cock from his hand and crammed it in her mouth. Sean stares down in disbelief, shaking his head as this hot piece of ass slobbers all over the waistband of his boxers. Her hand is twisting around the base of his shaft, her other massaging his balls as she works her lips and tongue around his head.

Fuck, she’s going to suck the spunk right out of him and there’s nothing he can do to slow her down. He tries putting his hand on the back of her head to shorten her range but she just splays her palms on his thighs and sinks further down on him. That pop at the back of her throat is his undoing. He can feel the roll of a purr in the back of her throat as his dick pulses against her tongue.

What now? Should he kiss her? Reach down and finger her cunt until she comes? There’s no way can he fuck her, she just emptied his balls, his head stings as she extracts it from her throat. Sean doesn’t even get time to decide because Natalie is already crawling across the floor to Max.

Max grins at her, holding his dick upright in readiness for that eager mouth. With a half-amused, half-feral growl, Natalie wraps her lips around it, taking it all in, moaning like a woman coming. The others had been startled by her hunger but Max is ready for it.

Grabbing two handfuls of her hair, he holds her head still and fucks her mouth. Her moan turns into an almost constant hum, she clings to the arms of Max’s chair, shakes her ass until her cheeks clap, looking for some pressure on her clit. She feels his balls smacking her come-coated chin, saliva bubbles from her nose as she tries to cough up cock.

Max is about to come. He shoves Natalie away and sprays her face, getting come in her once perfectly styled hair. He’s still grinning, this time with superiority, certain that he’s face-fucked her into submission. But no. As hard as his dick still is, as happy as he’d be to fuck her, she’s making the carpet burns on her knees worse as she scrambles over to Billy.

Natalie is a bit taken aback when Billy gets to his feet and puts his hand on her forehead to stay her advance. She’s already turning, looking at Davey, but Billy fists her hair. She yelps as he yanks her head back, it’s on the tip of her tongue to fuck him off, but his cock bounces against the side of her nose and she groans.

Mouth wide, tongue flat against her chin, she twists herself into a knot reaching for her cunt. God, she’s soaked! If she could get her fingers in she would fuck herself, but because of the angle Billy has her in she can’t reach, all she can do is frenetically rub her clit and hope for the best. She watches Billy pump his cock, gives him a wide-mouthed giggle of encouragement as he slaps it off her tongue. His knuckles smack off her jaw and it hurts, but she doesn’t care. She’s too busy sweating onto the carpet as Billy half blinds her with spunk.

When she reaches for Davey she still can’t see. He scoops Billy’s come up with his fingers and it comes away streaked with tiny clumps of mascara. Oh, they’d made a fucking mess of her. Still, there were a few places they’d missed. So Davey gestures to the guys in the room and, as one, they all get to their feet.

Towering over the little ragged thing on the floor, they come at her with cock. One in her mouth, one in each of her hands, one precariously close to her ear. Drowning in sweat and testosterone, Natalie whimpers and gasps, spitting out one dick just to be choked by another. They pull at her, paw at her, shove her around from one man to the next.

Then, one by one, they start to come. Billy goes first, shooting her square in the face. It goes up her nose and she splutters, but before she can clear it Davey lets rip. That goes in her face, too. Sean aims for – and hits – her tits, Max shoves her face to the floor so he can cover her friction reddened ass cheeks. And then it’s Aaron’s turn. He yanks her back up again and laughs at the little bewildered smile she gives him right before he stuffs his cock into her mouth and lets himself go.

Once they’re done, they stand all around her, tired and so sensitive it pains them to pull their foreskins back over their heads. How superior they all look. How satisfied. Looking remarkably doe-eyed for a dirty whore covered in five kinds of spunk, Natalie grins brightly.

“I want more.”


This cocksucking story is also available as audio, read by Girl on the Net. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit Scandarella.com for more of Ella’s incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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