Guest blog: It started with a kiss

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blogger is the fabulous @DivaFoof Joanne! To introduce her guest blog I’m going to tell you two things I love about her. Firstly, she has a really lovely voice – she recently recorded one of my audio porn posts, on being fucked while my partner watches porn, and if you haven’t heard it yet you should totally listen before you read this post. Having heard her read smut before, I can’t help but read the post below and hear her lovely voice ringing in my ears. It’s a delightfully sexy account of an eager fuck, and – second thing I love about her – the fast-paced, almost breathless way she writes is really evocative of those fucks that you simply have to get down to quickly…

It started with a kiss

It all started…with a kiss. 

I crawled up the sofa on my hands and knees and requested a kiss, but I got more than I intended – his hand was in my knickers aiming straight for my clit. 

That first stroke of my clit, top to bottom, making my legs shudder. We kiss as he makes a common assault to my clit with his fingers, making me groan into his mouth…

“That’s it, there’s my girl.”

A short while later I hear that familiar growl: “Do you want to cum for your Master? Show me who you are.”

“Yours Master, yours.” I rapidly breathe.

“Then show me, cum for me.” I explode.  

Full of surprises he chucks me off his lap, what I didn’t expect was him to undo my bra, grab my right breast and take my nipple in his mouth whilst he yanked my panties off with the other hand in one smooth quick move.


Naked and facing him, I instantly want to touch him. I go to touch the back of his neck first and my hand is immediately placed down by my side.

“No touching!”

He bends me over. 

Whispering into my back as he trails kisses up my spine that it’s a shame he’s not around much tomorrow as he’s in the mood to really hurt me. His first thoughts are always whether he can give me aftercare before he touches me – the consequences are on his mind. That bond of trust is strengthened simply by his forethought. 

His fingers trail down my spine to my bottom.

“My gorgeous gorgeous girl…” and then I feel the sting of the cane part of my crop, which takes my breath away. The words ‘My good girl’ are soothing and again, the cane. Twice in a row.

“That doesn’t sound like a woman in pain. In fact, you sound turned on to me.”

I balance on the edge in a confused state of wanting to please my Master when I feel his hand trail across my bottom, feeling the marks he’s already left.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes Master…” I struggle to get it out when I feel his erection against my lips. I sigh in a satisfied hunger. Needing and wanting him, trying to push myself back on him, which he spanks me for and I smile. He spreads my legs further and I try so hard to push back as my clit throbs. My cunt drips with anticipation.

The head of his cock gently dips inside me and I groan, when he pulls away.

He teases that he could wait till later? I beg him:

“I want you inside me, please!”

With one hand he grabs my hair.

“Please, I want you…”

“You…want me…like this?” His cock plunges deep inside me right to the back, punching my cervix square in the middle and I gasp with a pained pleasure. 

The lust takes over and I forget how loud I’m being, lost in us. Lost in him. I let out a wobbling, gasping, moaning, groaning “Please Master can I come? Please let me come please Master oh god Master please can I?”

I don’t stop asking, a burbling series of words keep tumbling out my mouth. He acquiesces.

As I come, a myriad of thank yous, oh fucccckk and ohhhhhh gods release with me. He spanks my bottom a final time and turns me over. He hasn’t come and there’s more…. He’s inside me again and the orgasms start building again. He’s very good at granting me permission, as he loves to see my face contort with pleasure created by him. He alternates between using his cock and his fingers making me cum repeatedly to the point I start saying no. 

Forcing my orgasms out one by one where I have no choice but to come and squirt and despite my objections to it happening again, they keep happening.

He spanks my bottom whilst continuing to fuck me: “I didn’t say you could come!” I whine at him that I can’t stop, they won’t stop.

I beg for mercy… “Not even if I go down and eat you out, my tongue all over your clit tasting you?” …my clit silently acknowledges that this sounds awesome… Ejaculation had always felt embarrassing but god is it sexy too. I cover him in my juices. He comes up for air after I almost drown him and we kiss – I can taste myself on him. 

But he still hasn’t come? He’s a demon. A DEMON. My animalistic devilish man just keeps going like he’s superhuman. We lay there as I come back down to Earth.  There’s something about the fact he hasn’t come that I dislike. It doesn’t bother him, our relationship isn’t about him. It’s all about me and what he does to me, that’s what gives him pleasure.  I summon my legs to work, and I get on my knees. 

“I thought you were broken? You said…”

I cut his sentence off…

“This just makes me want to be inside you again,” he requests me on top of him, this is my utmost favourite. I’ve tightened, and I can feel every part of him rubbing me inside. I sit upright to and his hands are all over me. Stroking my body, “you look magnificent.”

I straighten my shoulders, grab my own breasts as I slowly ride him into ecstasy. “Please Master, please cum inside me. Claim your girl. Fill me with your hot sticky cum.” I say things during sex that I’d never really say otherwise and it works: I dirty talk him to orgasm. His hot semen shoots inside me and we come to a screeching stop. 

“Thank you Master.”


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