Guest blog: ‘Not to Choose’ by Valery North

Cover image by Valery North

I am ridiculously excited about today’s guest blog – as you can probably tell by the fact I’m posting it on Monday as opposed to Friday when other guest blogs go up. Valery North – who has written here before on how your physical responses to sex toys can change as you get older – has just published a book! Not to Choose is a BDSM relationship novel about kinky sex, feminism and one person’s spiritual faith. And the extract that Valery has sent to give you a taster of the book is ridiculously hot, and very much my cup of tea. Or my cup of ‘vigorous, intense BDSM fuck’, if you will…

Extract from ‘Not to Choose’ by Valery North

Satisfied she truly was helpless, she composed herself again. She took a deep breath when his warm hands rested on her shoulders. He was close enough that when she wiggled her fingers in the cuffs, she imagined she could feel the hard tip of his cock just out of reach. He pressed downwards.

Feeling her way carefully, she sank to her knees. She was aware of the bed to her side, behind her was the computer desk, and somewhere nearby was Thomas. She listened carefully. Was that faint fumbling the sound of a man discarding his shirt? That slight clank might be a belt being undone. There’s no mistaking a fly zip being unfastened. Jo focussed on her breathing, her mind racing ahead to the next stage, when she didn’t even know what that would be. Somewhere nearby, her Master was naked and she was helpless. She smiled and breathed deeply. “Don’t assume anything,” he had taught her, “I will do what I want to do and it’s not up to you.” And yet, here she was, anticipating, hoping and assuming.

“Open wide!” His bright tone broke Jo’s familiar reverie. She grinned and opened her mouth for him. His hand gripped her hair and guided her head to meet his cock. She took a deep breath to prepare herself as she sensed its head about to enter.

She felt with her lips and tongue. He was not yet fully erect. His flesh in her mouth was stiff but flexible. She tasted musky sweat and the scent of his arousal. His pubic hair brushed her nose but she ignored it. She stroked her tongue along the underside of his cock, closed her lips around its shaft. His grip tightened on her hair and he pulled her farther down. She braced herself for the gagging reflex, but he changed direction before he hit the back of her mouth. She felt the drag of his cock against her lips as he pulled her away again. When her lips reached his frenulum, he pushed her head towards him again. She allowed a small groan in her throat and concentrated on timing her breathing to coincide with his movements. Behind her blindfold, she closed her eyes. She could feel his shaft grow rigid, and gather its full girth. She waited for the harder thrusts to start.

Her lips closed on empty space. His penis slipped from her mouth.

“Master?” She would have sought his eyes, but for the blindfold, and his hand in her hair preventing any movement of her head.

His free hand pushed on her back, he twisted her around by her hair. She shuffled on her knees to keep up with his demands until her thighs bumped against the edge of the bed. Her knees lifted off the ground when he threw her forwards. Her arms pinned behind her back, she couldn’t stop her breasts or face from hitting the duvet.

“Ooph!” The air rushed from her lungs. She twisted her head sideways to breathe. Her Master’s hand pushed on her back between her shoulder blades to keep her still. Master kicked her shins apart and she spread her legs willingly. She moaned when his fingers teased her labia open. He brushed the tip of his cock against her cunt.

Her voice wavered, “Please!”

“Please what?” He was cold, calm, curious.

“Please fuck me, Master,” she whispered.

His hips pushed. Her cunt stretched and accepted him. She grunted as his body slapped against hers.

He used no finesse. As soon as she felt him pull back, he thrust again. Her body bounced on the bed as he fucked her brutally and simply. His hot chest against her back, her arms pinned beneath his belly, each thrust like a pulse of energy through her spine forcing her to yelp or grit her teeth.

“Please, oh please, oh please, oh please.” She didn’t know what she was begging for. It didn’t matter. She felt the need to beg, and she recalled in some corner of her mind that still thought rationally, that it was what her Master liked to hear. That was all that mattered. Her cunt blazed with desire and her senses filled with lust. “Please!”

His body spasmed against hers, his cock pulsed and jerked inside her. A gap seemed to open in her chest and the fire in her crotch seemed blown by a gale racing through. His cock was already shrinking, he was pulling away. The buckles slipped and her wrists sprung free.

“Stay there,” he said. She heard a rustle and felt a plastic sheet pushed between her knees on the floor. Then he was gone. She heard the tinkle of his pee from the bathroom, the rush of the taps as he washed his hands. She felt his semen seeping from her cunt and slithering down the inside of her thigh. She wanted to move, to rub her wrists, to do something about his come, to do something about the frustration in her cunt. All of these were forbidden. He had told her, “Stay there.”

Soft tissue paper brushed her thigh. She sighed happily. Not from the touch, but because her Master took care of her. He mopped her cunt to make her quiver, then rolled her over onto her back. He took her wrists and laid her arms at her side. She felt his lips against hers, and surrendered to his kiss. Her hands twitched, wanting to hold him, but she knew her place.

“Good girl,” he said.

“You didn’t have me clean your cock for you,” she said, her voice high-pitched and weak.

“I didn’t want you to,” he told her.

“Okay, Master.”

They lay in silence for a few moments.

“Master?” she murmured, “Thank you. For buying orange juice, for fucking me like your property, for everything. May your slave have an orgasm tonight?”

“Not tonight, darling. It’s time for bed.”

She wasn’t surprised he made her sleep in the chastity belt again.

Not to Choose by Valery North

When Jo meets feminist assertiveness trainer Pat, a new friendship blooms. But deeper currents stir, and threaten to shake the foundations of her relationships. Caught in a clash of values, swept by turbulent emotions and betrayed at her most vulnerable, Jo finds she must risk everything to stand up for her truth. But who will be there for her, and what will be left for her to choose?

Buy Not to Choose from Smashwords for $4.99 and use the discount code EH66J for 10% off before February 8th 2018 and follow @ValeryNorth on Twitter!

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