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Guest blog: Latex fetish wear

When people send me guest blogs which so beautifully capture the delight and desire in a very specific fetish, I go a bit weak at the knees. I don’t think you have to share a particular fetish, or kink, in order to enjoy hearing about it – one of the things I love most about fet is the twinkle in someone’s eyes as they wax lyrical about the exact reasons why they love something. I might not understand the fetish in itself, but the passion and delight with which someone explains their desire is arousing in and of itself. I think so, at any rate.

So when this week’s guest blogger – LatexLegs – sent me ‘part 1’ of a story about his fantasy night dressed head to toe in latex fetish wear, the delicious intensity with which he described his arousal stood out pretty strongly. It’s fantasy rather than real-life, and there’s an aching longing there which reminds me of certain wistful stories I wrote before I had the opportunity to fully embrace the sex I wanted to have with a partner. As I say, this is part 1, and I’ve had a sneak preview of part 2. I don’t usually publish more than one guest blog from each person, but  this covers something which I can’t talk about with the same degree of fiery passion and hotness, so if you like this leave a comment and I’ll squeeze part 2 into the new year.

Latex fetish wear – getting dressed up

We had been planning the outfit for months, and finally the day was upon us.

The outfit was for me, not my wife.

I have been a latex fetishist for years and I have slowly been able to bring my wife round to my way of thinking, although she is not as out there as me.

We live in South Africa, where latex is scarce and expensive and really hard core fetish parties are few and far between. However I was determined to design an outfit for myself that would stun the small South African fetish world if I ever got the chance.

So I started planning and thinking, often with a racing pulse and a raging hard on. I sent sketches and descriptions backwards and forward s to various top European latex designers and finally we had agreed on a design. Now all we needed was an event to showcase it.

At last it was announced that a moderate fetish club in Cape Town would be hosting a latex evening and I took my chance. I will never forget my excitement when I placed the order for my outfit. We also decided that in order for my wife to fit in she would need something appropriate.

After a few months of waiting a package arrived at the post office. I could not contain my excitement but my wife would not let me open the package until the morning of the party. However she did force me to masturbate twice a day for a week before the party, the reasons for which will become apparent shortly.

Shortly after lunch it was time to start preparing. We decided that my wife would dress first, for two main reasons. When I saw her dressed up in her tight shiny ensemble it would keep me on edge for the rest of the afternoon but both her and my bodies would be off limits during the duration of the dressing so it would drive me WILD. Secondly, there is little chance that I would be able to contain myself at the house if I had dressed first.

After she had got out of the shower, clean, freshly shaven all over and naked, she opened her latex box of magic.

She was to be dressed in a classic manner, with a couple of twists, while I was to be the daring one…

Her first item was a pair of black latex tights, complete with feet and built in vaginal dildo. My wife absolutely loves to do anal, but we though for an entire evening a pair of tights with both vaginal and anal dildos may be a bit much. It took her a while to get her tights on and to get the dildo aligned and fitting snugly. Once we had smoothed out the creases in the tights I liberally applied some silicone spray and buffed the tights up to a sheen. I must confess that I was naked while doing this and half way through the exercise I was unable to control myself and spontaneously ejaculated. My wife pretended to be angry, but deep down I could see she was turned on. She abruptly fitted by CB1000 chastity device before I had a chance to get hard again.

Once she had her tights on, it was time for the corset. We had selected a boned PVC overbust one and it took me a while to lace her up tightly, something I was really looking forward to as it was my chance next. Over the corset she slipped on a white chiffon long sleeved fitted top. The corset was plainly visible under the top. Next she slipped on a black knee length latex pencil skirt, and I got to work polishing it with silicone spray. I managed to contain myself this time.

Next she donned a pair of 6 inch black high heels. My wife is tall a 5 foot 10 so she now towered over me. I am a big heels fan so by now my manhood was struggling somewhat in the chastity device.

That was her done for now. Accessories would follow later. She did mention to me that she was rather enjoying the latex dildo inside of her…

Right, now it was my chance. The first item of my transformation was a full body black latex catsuit. It had feet, long sleeves and came up to my neck. It also contained a penis sheath and an anal opening. In order not to mess in the sheath later, I put on a condom and then began the lengthy process of squeezing into the catsuit. This took the better part of 15 minutes and due to the hard work and concentration involved I had by that stage lost my erection even though I was encased in a condom and a latex sheath. My wife took the opportunity to put the chastity device on over the catsuit sheath, which both frustrated and excited me immensely. She then polished me up nicely.

Next my wife tightlaced me into a very stiff black PVC underbust corset. I had tried tightlacing before and my body was getting used to corsets so achieving the desired hourglass shape came reasonably easily.

After that I pulled on a pair of black latex stockings, over the catsuit. These were kept in place by 10 suspender clasps that were attached to the bottom of the corset. It was all starting to come together and my head was buzzing…

Next came a complete black latex head mask, with cutouts for eyes, nostrils and mouth. The feeling of my wife polishing my smooth latex head with silicone spray is hard to describe.
After the mask my wife decided it was time for the custom made skirt. This was a clear latex hobble skirt, reaching down to mid calf level. It had a cut out for my bum (spanking skirt style) as well as a cutout in the front for my penis sheath to protrude. It was lace up at the back from the bottom of the cutout to the bottom of the skirt. I slipped it on, aligned my penis through the sheath (the chastity was by now removed so I was fully erect) and smoothed it out. Lacing up the skirt to restrict my movement would wait for later.

Next I slipped my arms into a pair of black shoulder length latex gloves. So now my entire body was covered in latex, although my very erect penis was visible to all, albeit covered by a black latex sheath.

But that was not all. I needed shoes. My wife had bought me the same 6 inch high heels that she was wearing, so I slipped those on and instantly felt a new sense of power. High heels do that to you…

It was almost time for the finishing touches. A neck corset followed, to ensure that I remained fully erect throughout my body.

By now it was nearly time to go, so my wife unpacked a huge black plastic anal vibrator that was operated via a 1.5m long cord with the controls on the end. She ordered me to spread my legs (the hobble skirt was not yet laced up) and slowly inserted the plug into my butt after liberally coating it in lubricant. Once that was done she laced up the bottom of the skirt rather tightly, so I could only walk in tiny steps.

Finally, she applied some bright red lipstick to my lips and I was ready to go.

She still had the finishing touches to put to her outfit. She also slipped on a full head latex mask and shoulder length gloves. I was in no state to help so she polished these herself. Lipstick also completed her outfit.

She had ordered a limo to take us to the party. The driver was literally speechless when he saw us. My wife has a great body, and the tight shiny latex combined with the high heels, shiny stockings and corset made her a sight to behold. The driver must have been a bit more than bewildered with me, as I was dressed in the most hard core feminine clothes imaginable (corset, stockings, hobble skirt, high heels, lipstick etc) yet I had a large erection protruding from the opening in my hobble skirt.

I can’t wait for the party…


  • Kathleen says:

    Part two part two part two!

    I’m not especially into shiny things either but this is ever so sexy. I’m just going to need to re-read the bit where he spontaneously ejaculated while buffing his wife’s tights, excuse me…

  • Arnie says:

    This ticks many boxes for me.

    I will now go and lie down in a dark room with an ice pack on my forehead while I wait for part two.


  • Captain Smith says:

    I’d definitely like to see Part Two. Merry Christmas. :)

  • ArgentinianGirl says:

    OMG! I can´t wait for part two!!!! x from Argentina!

  • AJJames says:

    When are we getting part 2?? I’m dying over here! Haha

  • Edward Smith says:

    Yes it’s a fabric with all sorts of unwholesome associations. That’s the point!
    When I wear it I often get about 100x more female attention than normal and sometimes, that runs well into single figures.

  • Shane Murph says:

    This is the best guest blog that I have read on this site! Can you please upload part 2??? Or have I missed it?

  • Latex Riki says:

    I have read the latex party story, as well as part two, on other sites. Having a life long latex fetish, starting from my earliest memories as a child, I can fully appreciate the authors feelings concerning his love of rubber.

    I also love to cross dress and combining the two is something I do on a daily basis. I am slightly bi, have had girlfriends and was married for a while. However, taking the female role with my Boyfriend is what I really crave. He has a huge latex fetish also and we almost always wear full latex for sex. I find the concept of separating sex and latex almost beyond my imagination and really don’t even want to think of such a thing!

  • Nancy says:

    very sexy piece!thanks,it’s close to my own fantasies.How do i put them on here?

  • Riki says:

    I wanted to make another comment concerning some of the elements of the outfit the mane was wearing in the above story that may be of interest to other Rubbermen and something they might like to wear as a modification to one of their latex catsuits.

    As I said above, I am a life long rubber fetishist, I am Gay and a Bottom. I am addicted to latex, wear it for hours every day and often sleep in it. I am wearing one of my favorite latex suits for lounging around the house and it has some of the features of the suit described in the above story, but with a twist that may be of interest to others and that they might like to try. Although I often wear a suit that has an attached hood, this one does not. However, it is footed, has attached gloves and an attached C/B, (penis and testicle) sheath, I make a very small hole, about 1/8 of an inch in diameter, in the tip of the sheath so I can wear it as long as I like without having to pull the top of the suit down to use the bathroom. I love the no skin to skin contact and the way it feels, cupping my testicles out from and away from my body; snug, but not so tight as to become uncomfortable after hours of wearing. This suit also attached toe socks. The suit is custom made from slightly thinner latex than normal, and considerably thinner than the usual .02 inch thick of most molded latex, for a very stretchy and rubbery feeling, as is also the attached C/B sheath and gloves. Twist My Rubber Arm sells these items, gloves and C/B sheaths, in the thinner latex. I bought the thinner latex toe socks on Ebay and glued them to the suit. I don’t know who the manufacturer of the toe socks. is.

    I don’t like the feeling of stiff, non stretchy zips interrupting the total rubber, and only rubber, feeling and this suit is a pull on through the high collar neck opening, hence the reason it has no attacked hood. I can pull on a separate hood with eye, nostril and mouth openings as the mood suits me. I do have pull on suits with attached open face hoods. It’s a bit more of a challenge pulling on on through the face opening. The hood has to be of quite thin latex to stretch enough to pull on through the face opening and usually will eventually rip, but well worth it for the feeling. If I want only eye, nostril and mouth openings, I pull on a very thin, .010 inch thick hood first and then pull on the open face zipperless suit over it. Mmmm, completely sealed inside rubber with no zips!

    Concerning the anal feature with no zips, as in the above story, I don’t like rear zips either. If I am going to be having rubber sex with my Buddy, who is also a Rubberist, I just have a short reinforced slit, (so it doesn’t rip) about an inch and a half long in the rear. The edges stretch together, so it feels like no opening, and still enables access.

    The suit I am wearing now for just lounging. Has the anal feature that I thought might be of interest to some people. It has the slit, but has a special modification. I ordered a package of balloons that have an assortment of colors, including black to match this suit. The only ones that I could find of this special style balloon, that were large enough, were from some company in Canada. They are those tube shaped type that are like the ones that they blow up and tie into animal shapes. They are about ten inches long and about 3/4 inch across uninflated when laying flat. I didn’t want to use a regular anal sheath because I wanted a very thing sheath, for reasons that will become clear.

    I cut one to just the right length and glued it to the slit of the suit as an anal sheath. When putting on the suit, I inject some silicone anal lube into myself, lube the sheath up, and then turn it inside out so it extends from the suit like a tail. When the suit is on, I lube the outside of the “tail” and a length of heavy surgical tubing. I use the tubing to insert the sheath into myself and then slip the surgical tubing back out leaving the sheath inside me.

    I also bought five, one and one half inch diameter, stainless steel ball bearings on Ebay. I lube the ball bearings up and pop them into the sheath which is inside me. The thin balloon sheath stretches easily over the balls The sheath is cut just the right length before gluing to the suit so the last ball just seats inside my inner sphincter, with only a slight pressure against it; just enough pressure to keep the suit pulled up snug into my crack, but not enough to cause discomfort when wearing for long periods of time or to make the last ball in the sheath try to pop out when bending over. Now, even my hole is rubberized, but the thin latex balloon just scrunches together where it inters me and has no folds that feel uncomfortable like a thick sheath would. It also looks great. It pulls the suit up into my crack, separates my cheeks so even they have no skin to skin contact and, if I bend over and spread my cheeks, it looks like a naked rubber skinned butt. The thin and narrow sheath disappears pretty much wrinkle free inside me like even my hole is just rubber skinned.

    The last feature of it, (and it’s a really good on) is the fact that, any moving or bending puts little tugs against the inside of my sphincter and is a constant erotic stimulus. If I wear a but plug or a dildo with a harness to hold it in place. I don’t get those actions and feeling without intentionally tugging or manually manipulating it and, after wearing one for a while, I get used to the feeling and, without consciously thinking about it, I can almost forget I have it in me. This way it automatically, hands free, does it for me with almost every movement, I can’t overlook the feeling and am pretty much constantly aware of it and reminded that it’s in me. Also, because the ball bearing are pretty heavy, I feel the weight and movement of them in me as I walk around and it feels fantastic!

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, I thought this might be something that would appeal to others and that they might enjoy doing.


    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey Riki, thank you so much for your comment! I’m sure it’ll be super helpful to lots of people and personally I am intrigued and delighted to learn that there’s a way to do the openings without zips. Thank you so much for sharing your tips! <3

      • Riki says:

        @Girl on the net,
        Glad you liked my tips for suits with access and no zips. Here is another thing that I have done for anal openings that might work to some extent for a virginal opening. I buy a thin latex penis sheath of a large size that would be slightly loose on most men. They sell them at Twist My Rubber Arm on the internet. The thin ones, .3 mm are very stretchy. I cut it off at 2 1/2 to 3 inches and glue ti to the anal opening of a catsuit. I buy the thickest rubber “O” ring I can find, (available at any hardware store) that is slightly larger in diameter than the latex sheath. I fold and glue the open end of the sheath over the O ring. You can lube the ring and sheath up, squeeze it flat and insert it into your rear. The ring opens up past your spinster, keeps it drawn up tight in your hole, you are completely rubberized and still have access for penetration. While having sex, the tightness of your sphincter around his penis keeps the the O ring and sheath from slipping out with his penis on the outward movements of his thrusts. I tried it once without the attached O ring but it seemed to have a tendency to follow his penis and slip out of me during sex. There is no sensation or feeling of the O ring once inside me or during sex and any feeling of the short length of the sheath where it enters my body disappears in about a minute. That part, being crazy about rubber, wouldn’t bother me if I could feel it for just casual wear.
        I suppose that you could not cut the sheath off and just put the O ring the right distance up the sheath and glue a strip of latex over it to hold it in place, but I prefer not to have a layer of latex between us when having sex with my Boyfriend.
        I’m not sure if it would keep it inside you if it were used for a virginal sheath but, it works really well for an anal sheath.
        The only draw back is if you want to wear an anal plug. The wide part of the plug will not slip past the O ring. However, I have an inflatable plug that looks like a short dildo with no flair that will pass through the ring before pumping it up. It works well, if you don’t mind the dangling tube and pump bulb.
        Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone by talking about such personal things. I only offer it in a technical manor for consideration to those who might be interested in such things.


  • Rubber Johnny says:

    Very erotic story!where can I read part 2?anyone got a link?

  • Tina says:

    Great story. Isn’t it too hot to wear latex in South Africa though? Or isn’t it as hot and humid there as I am lead to believe?

    I think the problem with latex is that it’s quite heavy. So it’s not cheap to buy on places like AliExpress.

    Anyway, thanks again for an awesome latex tale.

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