Guest blog: The power of music and memories

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Music and memories: some songs have such a powerful connection to certain memories that I cannot hear them without getting horny. Or sad. Or excited about someone I haven’t seen for years. I’ve talked before about what music can do – from putting you off shagging if a terrible track comes off on a sex playlist to making me want to use your cock just cos I did so the last time this song came on. Today, I’m delighted to welcome back an incredible guest blogger – @OxyFromSg who writes erotica with Phedre Sinclair at this blog right here. Here in my little corner of the internet, Oxy has already delighted us with tales of DIY gloryholes and weird wanks – to share some hot memories, and the music that helps bring them out.

The power of music and memories

“It’s so good to hear from you after all this time.”

It’s been over fifteen years since we last spoke. Back then we were in our twenties: young, foolish and with a crush on each other so powerful it could turn coal into diamonds. We never officially dated, but we were always there for each other.

“I’m married now. A good Christian: I don’t smoke or drink.”

Things had indeed changed from when we knew each other.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really think back to that time anymore. I did lots of stuff that I’m not proud of. In fact, I don’t really remember much from then at all. It’s all a blur.”

We talk for a little while longer but it’s clear that she doesn’t want to be reminded of that period of her life. Or more clearly, she has forgotten most of it.

But I remember.

The days and nights, the friends and places. And the music. The music was always important. It was a love of Pearl Jam that first brought us together. And one of the last things she did before leaving was give me a mixtape, each with its own specific memory.

Alanis Morissette – Hand in My Pocket

We are standing in the dark waiting for the bus. A busker on the high street is singing his heart out for pennies and bottle tops. She turns and smiles and I take her hand and pull her into the shop doorway. My hands grip her ass, fingertips on denim, as I pull her up to my lips. The kiss is quick and hungry and only lasts till the bus turns up, but it’s enough for now.

It is, after all, our first kiss.

Auteurs – Lenny Valentino

She always had a thing for Kate. It was never a question of if they would get together, but when, and to see the two of them dancing together in the club tonight it looks like “when” has arrived.

To anyone paying attention, they are no longer dancing. Arms and legs are entwined. Mouths dart forward. And then she waves me over to the dance floor. I’m dancing awkwardly behind her, feeling that this moment is for them, but she reaches back with her hand and pulls me into her.

She slides her hand between us and finds the bulge in my jeans, squeezing and moaning as Kate finds her nipple through the thin fabric of her top.

“I want you to be part of this,” she says, as the song reaches the end.

Kula Shaker – Govinda

We are on the floor in her room. Semi naked and breathless. Every move is as quiet as possible so as not to wake the flatmates next door. She’s stripped down to her cute skull and crossbone panties and I start to pull her on top of me but she shakes her head and moves her mouth to my ear.

“No… something else… go down on me.”

She strips and looks so nervous below me. I know she’s never let a guy go down on her. For some reason it’s always been a hard limit. But now she nods her head ever so slightly as my hands slide down her legs and spread them apart.

She is so loud the flatmates very quickly realise what we are up to, and every time I hear the song I swear that I can taste her all over again.

Pearl Jam – Evenflow

She sits in the corner of the room, her eyes sparkling in the darkness.

The guy in front of me is a friend of hers that I have met a few times. Drinks in the pub have turned to handjobs in the alley and eventually… to this.

She knows I’m bi but has never really seen that side of me outside of a few fumbles in clubs.

Looking up at him I can see that he is almost lost in his head. His lips are moving to the song but his hands are guiding me exactly where he wants me.

I’m about to get lost in him myself but I glance at her to make sure she’s OK. She has one one leg up on the chair and her fingers inside her. She’s fine.

As my tongue runs along the length of his cock I can hear the whisper of her moan.

Justice vs Simian – We are your friends

The sex is rough, desperate and as full of need as it’s ever been. This is going to be the last time.

Clothes are ripped, things are said that she would always be too shy to have said before. As soon as it’s over she wants it again. And again.

When we rest she hands me the mixtape.

“I have a copy as well,” she says, slipping between my legs.

It’s only later that I see each song has a memory.

But now those memories are gone for her and she’s living a new life with new memories. We talk for a while before we say our goodbyes and then…

…she asks if I still have the tape.

I tell her I do. She calls me an old romantic then adds:

“I’m going to listen to mine tonight… and relive some memories.”


  • eye says:

    Oof! What memories music evokes for me too!

  • Oxyfromsg says:

    If nothing else, I hope you all enjoy listening to the music.

  • SeriousJokester says:

    “The Look of Love” – Dusty Springfield. I danced with someone to this song while hanging with friends and we kissed after it was over. Then we had a memorable sexual encounter later in the evening.

    I later made her a mix CD of songs chronicling our brief time together, which included that song. Not sure if she really ever listened to it or still does, but I’ll hear songs from it and still think of her…

  • Oxyfromsg says:

    I just remembered I should have added Wonderwall….but that the story it links too is just too filthy to fit in with the others

  • Lisa Stone says:

    “and with a crush on each other so powerful it could turn coal into diamonds.”
    Such strong feelings, youth, and all this is also accompanied by music. Of course, all this will remain in memory and will always be associated with this music. Memory. Over the years it becomes a part of ourselves.

  • Purple Rain says:

    Oh, lovely!

  • Oh, this one is so sad…

    Making a compilation tape was always a fun way to spend a slow afternoon through the vagaries of youth. Back in the days of magnetic storage, the fact that you had to listen to the whole song as you copied it onto tape proved to be something a little extra – the fact that you had to do that also whiled away the hour or so you had. I used to make a lot of tapes for people, as well.

    More recently, I made compilation CDs for people. I made one for my second girlfriend quite early in our relationship; later, I wrote a song for her (which I later recorded); finally, I made her a second mix CD. After a long time in a relationship with her, every single song had a memory. I tried to theme things – every song was humorous, so she could listen and laugh and reminisce – but, every now and again, there would be a serious song that just had a specific memory. We had a lot of sex to Joni Mitchell, I seem to remember.

    I made my good friend H a compilation CD entirely made of covers (with a couple of exceptions – Nick Clegg singing “I’m sorry…” couldn’t really be covered) on the same day that I made my third girlfriend a compilation CD entirely of science songs (finding science songs which weren’t all by the same artist proved to be a difficult task! I found seven!). As it turns out, the day I gave her that turned out to be the day we broke up. On account of her resent for me, I don’t think she ever listened to it. She certainly never told me so, if she did.

    I still have all those playlists on my PC. Just in case I need to listen to one. Listen to one, and cry.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh mate, that *is* sad – yeah there are a lot of sad memories attached to certain songs for me too. I had a playlist of ‘joy’ with my recent ex, which we used to put on and dance around to when we were having fun Friday nights together. Now if I hear the opening song on that playlist it makes me feel massively sad. I’m sorry your third girlfriend didn’t appreciate your mixtape, that sounds horrible and I’m gutted for you.

      I totally get what you mean about the playlists on tape too – there’s definitely something more personal about them because they really are constructed and take a lot of work! Not sure a Spotify playlist has the same tone because it’s less effort. There’s the ‘physical’ aspect of it too, I think – handing something over that isn’t digital, with a handwritten cover sleeve, is definitely a more romantic token imho.

  • Phillip says:

    A bit sad, but a lot true.

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