Bitesize erotic stories: do you know what’s good?

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

A quick selection of bitesize erotic stories to get you going. All of these are true. If this has whet your appetite and you’d like more sexy stories head to the erotica or audio porn sections…

Him: Do you know what was good?

Me: What?

Him: Last night, when I sat on the floor under the desk and you sat on the chair in front of it naked from the waist down. When you put your feet up on the edge of the desk and then let me eat your cunt for aaaaaages.

Me: Do you know what was good?

Him: What?

Me: The other day, when you tied shoelaces round your cock and balls to make everything super hard and super tight, and then after you let me suck you for a bit you put your rock-solid dick in me and I could just feeeeeel how utterly rigid it all was.


Him: Know what was good?

Me: Was it when you fucked me with the butt plug in?

Him: Yeah, but specifically it was the fact that I wasn’t 100% sure you wanted to be fucked with the butt plug, until I asked you and then you were like “oh holy shit yes please!”

Me: My butt plug training is paying off!


Me: You know what was really good?

Him: Was it that fuck we did in the hallway?

Me: No, but that was good too. I’m thinking of the wank you had where you let me watch you on Chaturbate, and you let me do the tips.

Him: Ha, yeah I liked that.


Me: Remember that thing we did the other night?

Him: Which one?

Me: When you fucked me really firm and slow with the massive dildo, I wanked with the Zumio at the same time and I came really really hard.

Him: Oh yeah, I remember. Hot.


Know what’s good? The time you let me watch you wank, then called me over and made me kneel in front of you so you could press the tip of your cock right up against the entrance to my cunt, so when you came you just pumped spunk all over me, like a waterfall. What’s good is when you banged me so hard you could barely summon the breath to ask me to pass you a bottle of water afterwards, but once you’d regained your composure we shared a high-five. It was hot when you walked past me getting dressed the other day and felt compelled to come and stand behind me, rubbing my freshly-showered, soft-skinned tits with your hands and growling into the back of my neck.

What’s been good lately is the way we fuck, and the amount we fuck, and the enthusiasm with which we fuck. The fact that on any given day, one of us will ask the question: what’s been good? And be able to tell short erotic stories about all the things we’ve enjoyed recently – there are always plenty of hot stories to choose from.

Know what’s been good? The last few weeks.

No – the last two months. And the last six years of my life.

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