I want him to touch me while I sleep

Image by the inspired Stuart F Taylor

A confession: sometimes I pretend to be asleep. He knows I’m pretending, and I know he knows I’m pretending, but as I breathe softly and try not to move, I’m pretending to be asleep.

I love to lie still and wait for him to come to bed. To slip naked under the covers and squash up to me. I love feeling his dick go from flaccid to solid as he rests it in the crack of my arse.

Best of all I love his hands. Tentative strokes at first – easing softly from a hug to a grope, building to very gentle pinches of my nipples. Like he’s trying very hard not to wake me up. Like he just needs to feel the texture of my skin, or squeeze the curve of my hips.

Like all he wants is to touch me.

I breathe in and out, trying to measure the movements and sounds so that my fake sleep remains convincing. His hands wander further, and he gets rougher in his movements. He knows what I’m waiting for, and he sighs with open lust as he pushes his cock up against my arse.

Grinding, squashing, pushing it against me, before he pulls away and grips it with his right hand.

His touches get more urgent. As he rubs himself slowly, his other hand wanders all over me – stroking me, grabbing my arse, using his fingers to push the thin fabric of my knickers deep into my crotch. Sometimes he stops, licks his fingers, then puts his hand back, this time pushing the fabric to one side so he can work them in further. All the time gripping the shaft of his dick and rubbing himself closer to orgasm.

I shift slightly, just the tiniest movement as if I’m stirring in my sleep, and he takes the opportunity to flip me over. With his left hand, he pulls at my shoulder until I’ve rolled onto my back, then his greedy hands are back again – pawing at my chest. His left hand gripping one of my tits while the bed shakes with the effort of vigorously rubbing his cock.

Lying there as still as I can, my cunt taut and aching with need, I suppress the desire to fuck him – to ‘wake up’ and turn over and slide neatly down the shaft of his dick. I want to do that, but what I want more is to lie in the stillness, hearing the shuffling and gasping and feeling the sheer, objectifying need of him. This one thing – this gulping, horny, compulsive desire to grab and swallow me up – is the single unifying feature of all the best sex I’ve ever had.

That lust. That desire. Those greedy, greedy hands.

I can hear his breathing getting faster. The little ‘mmm’s and ‘ungh’s that I imagine him making when I’m not there. His movements get faster too. Rubbing himself angrily and squeezing me tightly. He dips his head to suck hard on one of my nipples, grunting lustfully as if the only thing that will sate him is my body.

And it does.

In one quick movement he kneels up. With one hand still firmly gripping me – pinching a nipple with all the force he held back on earlier on, he leans over my still body. A short grunt, a sigh, and the lashing jets of spunk hitting my chest, my neck, my face.

As he lies back down, he idly rubs the liquid into my skin as it cools, then rolls over and settles down. With my clit throbbing and my knickers wet, it takes me another hour to get to sleep.


Note: The idea that he might touch me while I sleep naturally raises some questions around consent, so hopefully this note will answer them. There are two ways my partner and I deal with consent around sleep sex:
Firstly, I make it fairly obvious when I want this stuff to happen: I lie in a very specific position – on my stomach, one leg straight and the other bent to the side, giving him easy access to the crotch of my knickers and my dripping wet cunt.
Secondly, on the very few occasions when I actually am asleep and he hasn’t realised, I either wake up utterly drenched with arousal, and assume the position to encourage him to continue, or I wake up irritable and I growl, in which case he stops and wanders off to the living room.

I shouldn’t need to say this, but when I don’t I get comments from people saying ‘oh my god you’re encouraging people to just go ahead and do this’. I’m pretty confident that no one is going to read something like this and take it to mean that all women want to be touched up while they’re asleep, but this note is here just in case you think they might be. So, yeah. If you have sexy, greedy hands, don’t fuck things up by using them when they’re not wanted.


  • I do this as well, and it always gets me drenched. However, like your warning disclaimer at the end, consent is such a bitch that has been dealt with and yet others immediately jump to it.
    It’s fucking hot – plain and simple, for him to do this.I want it.

  • Charlie says:

    Totally agree with this and to be fair to him my fella has my ultimate consent to wake me up like this, or just disturb me any time he likes…

    He very rarely does it, but when he does……

  • I love to do this too and I also love it when he wakes me from actual sleep like this (generally only on weekend mornings). In the unlikely event that I’m not in the mood, then like you, I let him know soon enough. Like both Cammies and Charlie I’ve pretty much given my consent for this to happen any time.

    Katie xx

  • Ugh that’s lovely. One of my favorite role plays ever was when I pretended to be asleep, and my lover snuck into my apartment and groped me while making no sound, so I couldn’t really tell that it was him. http://wp.me/p3K8a0-6j It was pretty fucking awesome.

  • @C22John says:

    I know nothing about how easily spunk can be rubbed into the skin, but how could you get to sleep with the liquid on your face???!!! (???!!! is meant to express my disbelief, not any sense of disgust…I like fluids! )

    • Girl on the net says:

      If you smear it in then it dries quickly! Although I do tend to wake up in the morning and wonder if I have a skin condition. Then I remember and it gives me horny feelings until I wash it off =)

      • Sarah says:

        I find it’s like a face pack – dries and makes your skin nicely tight, which is a good thing. Saliva does similar things, if you enjoy being spat on (which I definitely do – very glad the hubby introduced me to that one).

        My husband used to feel bad about cumming on my face, so he’d enjoy it for about a millisecond, then immediately encourage me to clean up. Now I try to make sure that he gets to fuck me again while it’s still there (or at least some extra oral… Or, my personal favourite, lying on my back holding my legs up while he works on me with both hands, which is always fucking incredible). Since then, I’ve been surprised by how quickly it dries – especially if they rub it in / smear it around / push any especially thick bits into your mouth. Grr.

  • Boy and I have an agreement for nighttime play. I sleep like a log while he’s a light sleeper. When he awakes he often just kisses me or plays with me while I sleep. He once wanked me in my sleep and I woke up minute from a thunderous orgasm. The feeling of being woken up with my cunt drenched and his thick big fingers patiently rubbing my clit while being in that no man’s land between sleep and wakefulness was mind-blowing.

  • Poppers says:

    Nothing wrong with this at all. More cum the better I say ;) It can be a bit uncomfortable the next day though

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