On sexual bucket lists

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I wrote an entry a very long time ago about sexual bucket lists, and compiled a list of things I have always wanted to do. So nervous was I about one particular item on the list that I never published it. Revisiting that post now, I realise two things:

1. I have actually ticked one of these things off the list. Reach for the stars, people.

2. There is clearly one sexual fantasy that I don’t want to tell any of you about.

3. I’ll tell you the third thing at the end.

Anyway, with all this in mind, here is a list of things that I have always desperately wanted to do.

Wank a guy off with a sheath

My hand jobs will never be as good as your hand jobs – you know your cock much better than I do. But what you don’t necessarily know is the feeling of a well-engineered, lubed-up sheath that is tight, tight, tighter than the grip of my own hand. I want to wank you off to completion in a way you haven’t done yourself.

[Achievement unlocked! Collect fifty sex points, do not pass Go]

Gang bang

Obviously. Having thought about this a lot, I think the ideal number of guys is four, but if anyone has experience of this and would like to give me explicit and detailed advice in the comments, I would love to hear/rub one out over it.

Fuck a girl with a strap on while a guy fucks me in the ass

I want to know how it feels to fuck a girl – to be the powerful, penetrating one. However I recognise my nature well enough to know that I wouldn’t particularly enjoy it unless there was a guy there as well, and we all fancied each other.

I want to feel her squirm under me as every time he pounds my ass he forces my fake cock deeper inside her. I want to feel our tits squashing against each other as he leans his full weight on both of us. I want for her, and I, to come before him, so we’re ready to stop and ready to finish, but remain panting and twitching with post-orgasmic happiness as he speeds up and rams his cock further into my ass until, finally, he blows his load and says ‘good girls’ before heading off.


No, really, I’m just not going to tell you this one.

Double penetration

This pretty much does what it says on the tin. I want to feel two guys almost touching each others’ cocks as they fuck me. Specifically, I want to sit down on a guy, ass-first, then wriggle in surprise as he grabs me and tips me back, lifting my thighs and grabbing at my legs to hold them apart.

Another guy moves forward, stroking his dick – spitting on the end to make it nice and wet. As I’m squirming on top of the other, he leans forward and pins me by my neck, pushing me back down onto the other guy, who forces his dick up harder and deeper into me. Then the second shifts forward, pushing himself deep into my cunt, grunting at the tightness as he fills the little remaining space.

As with most threesomes, I’ve found it’s not hard to find people willing to do it, it’s just hard finding people willing to do it who all fancy each other.

Be used as a group fucktoy

This is explicitly not the same thing as a gang bang, and anyone who insists it is will be required to take a long and arduous tour of the section of my head entitled ‘fantasy pedantry’. A gang bang requires the immediate and sustained presence of at least four dudes, all having sex with me at once. Being a fucktoy, on the other hand, simply means being used as a tame and compliant receptacle for the jizz of a number of different guys.

The difference in the scenarios can be illustrated thus: a dinner party with four guys and a girl, in which the end of dinner is celebrated by tearing the girl’s clothes off and all fucking her at once. That’s a gang bang. A fucktoy, on the other hand, might be employed giving blow jobs individually to one guy during the starter, being bent over the table by another guy just before mains, while the other men look on and chat casually. As dessert is served, one of them gets a bit horny and invites her to come and sit beside him on her knees, so he can pull out his cock and masturbate with swift and efficient purpose, emptying himself with hot squirts into her mouth. Our final gentleman doesn’t necessarily have to do anything. He can sit back, with a full belly and a rock-hard cock, while the others eat their Eton Mess (simple recipe, can be prepared in advance so as not to take up valuable sex time), casually fondling the fucktoy’s tits as a brief postprandial treat.

Later in the evening, as everyone gets more relaxed, they strap her over one of the arms of the sofa so that each of them, when the need takes them, can fuck her in either her ass or her cunt, alternating between filling her with hot spunk, and simply putting their dick somewhere warm for a while. Grunting, slapping, and casual usage of a horny girl who’ll eventually be sent home alone.

Have someone jizz on my feet

I have no idea why I actually want to do this. I don’t have a particular thing for feet, and I have never met a guy who has. I just like the uniqueness of it – the idea that someone might like feet so much that he wants to come all over mine. There’s also the combined joy of being able to watch a guy wank himself to completion, in a desperate, frothing way until he gets to jizz on something unusual. Finally, once he’s spent and dry I can rub my feet together and feel the viscous stickiness drying between my toes.

Why bother with a bucket list?

The final thing I realised, having revisited this List of Dreams about a year after I actually wrote it, is that the idea of having a Sexual List of Dreams is a little bit odd. Sure, we all have one or two things that we’d quite like to try out, but writing them down in list form seems to give them a different, more significant status. Despite potentially being relatively easy to carry out, being On The List affords them mythical status – the ‘things I have always wanted to do’ as opposed to simply the ‘thing I quite fancy trying tonight.’ I mean, look at the final entry on my list – foot-jizzing, for crying out loud! I could tick that one off this evening and never think of it again. So why haven’t I?

Probably because, although it’s hot, and would no doubt be hot if I were to do it, it’s mainly hot because of the ‘oh holy shit that’s unusual’ element rather than because it’s inherently desirable to me. Although these things are exciting, most evenings what I fancy most is a bog-standard, pull-your-knickers-down-and-we’ll-do-it-in-the-hallway shag. I suspect that if every evening I was interrupted by half a rugby team naked from the waist down and ready for a gangbang, the novelty would wear off in a couple of months and I’d be begging for a quiet one-on-one fuck on the sofa.

Sexual bucket lists are all very well, and I’ll no doubt be patting myself on the back when I tick the next thing off, but their value (on my list, in any case) lies in their uniqueness, their special qualities. Just as no one wants to swim with sodding dolphins every morning, most days I’m happy with a wank.


  • The Hill Mouse says:

    Brilliant. Reading that’s the best thing I’ve done so far today.

  • dd says:

    Wanking someone whilst he’s wearing a sheath… FYI we called that a “posh wank” at school!!!

  • I have a sexual bucket list as well. It just makes sense when I have a state bucket list, life bucket list, food bucket list, etc…
    Apparently I like lists.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ah, I think that some people just work well with aspirational lists. What’s the best thing you’ve ticked off so far? =)

  • out of ideas says:

    I love this, and I love your book, just started reading it!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Thank you! So pleased you’re enjoying it! I hope it doesn’t go all shit towards the end – it’s an eternal worry. If you’re up for it, I’d be incredibly grateful if you could review it on Amazon when you’re done. No worries at all if you can’t or would prefer not to.

  • vaughan says:

    Wow… why don’t I ever meet girls like you?

    Keep up the good work :-)

  • Jon McJohn says:

    Women like you don’t actually exist.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Excellent. As a non-existent person, am I exempt from doing the washing up? I do hope so.

      • Jon McJohn says:

        I thought that women who have actual tangible fantasies of being a ‘jizz receptacle/fucktoy’ only exist in porn and 13 year-old-boy’s heads, surely.

        I think I’m sheltered. GOOD BLOG.

  • Stephane says:

    A bucket list about sex… are you serious?????? you disappoint me… :) :)
    My girlfriend and I, we never wrote, write or will write a bucket list.. why?? Sex must be enjoyable, sweet, salty, spicy, SPONTANEOUS… it’s not what you want to do but WHEN and HOW which are important… it depends about persons, location, and so on…
    If you find the right partner for sex, you will enjoy each moment of sex.. whatever is Gang-Bang, Threesome, the location, the people around you and so on…
    That’s my personal opinion…

  • sarah driver says:

    So I had the four. I’ve got a great fuck friend and I asked him to set up a (consensual) gang rape for my birthday. I didn’t know when or where it was going to happen but we met for a drink and as we were cycling along the canal he turned to me and goes “by the way, it’s on.” I shiver of fear and anticipation ran through me and once we reached a closed Victoria park he ordered me to climb over the fence. Once we were in he quickly grabbed me round my throat and a guy appeared out of the bushes who picked up my legs as I was kicking and screaming and they carried me into a dark part of the park. They were grabbing at my clothes and one forced me to give him a blowjob while the other was ripping off my dress. I was having cocks shoved in my mouth and people were grabbing my tits and shoving fingers in me and suddenly I realised there were four of them. I was screaming as one of them started fucking me and I had dirt in my mouth where it was being shoved in the ground, I could barely see anything as it was so dark and intense and I was fighting like fuck. We had a little time out as they were worried someone would hear us and continued at one of their flats for another two hours. I got a burst ear drum from where one of them punched me in the head and a sprained ankle but it was incredible!! Best birthday present I’ve ever had. Hope you get the chance to do it too!
    P.S. I love your blog.

  • Michael says:

    I was going to say I’m surprised you haven’t met at least one guy who’s into feet but then again, it’s something I’ve rarely mentioned to sexual partners for various reasons: I feel a bit weird about it; some people can be pretty foot-phobic; not everyone takes care of their feet. On the whole I’ve generally kept quiet about it except on a few occasions.

  • Lee says:

    [REDACTED] : oh, you Marvellous Mystery Minx!!


  • ARP says:

    I reckon the [REDACTED] wasn’t anything. It’s just supposed to make us wonder. Like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

  • Witheld says:

    I don’t know if you still write or accept writings. I would like to submit one about when I cum on my wife’s feet. Usually once a week and how fantastic it is. Let me know?

  • Michelle says:

    Found you from the time out articel – great blog.

    My guy adores my feet, and I love that he does, he’ll kiss and suck my toes, lick my feet, paint my nails, rub his cock into them, and I do love to feel him cum over then, specially when he cleans them after.

  • RB says:

    Being the other girl in number 3 is on my bucket list!

  • J says:

    The double pen thing is awesome – as a guy.
    You can feel the extra gripiness due to the other cock and can feel the cock against yours through her body.
    All the girls we did it with liked it too.

    The best one though was when for some reason we both ended up in her pussy our cocks rubbing on each other – sort of man on man frot, inside a woman. It was an accident – but a happy one.
    As you might imagine she had been very well prepared for that to happen.

    Thoroughly recommended.

  • Garry says:

    I think it IS possible to wank me off in a way that I cannot possibly do myself. I can think of at least two examples.

    First, once I reach a certain point if inevitability, I can’t stop even if I try. Believe me, I’ve tried. But someone else could take me to the edge and keep me there, over and over, in a way that I never could do myself. I would love to have that experience.

    Second, right after I ejaculate the head of my penis becomes hypersensitive. I want to touch it, but my hand reflexively pulls away, as if I had touched a hot stove. But someone else who is not part of that neurological feedback loop could do it for me, as long as they could tolerate my screaming and writhing!

    The moral of this immoral story? Don’t sell yourself short, with a little bit of kindness, patience and generosity, you can easily give a man (or at least me anyway) a handjob he could never give himself.

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