Guest blog: Sexy heels aren’t just for decoration

Image by the genius Stuart F Taylor

I’m delighted to welcome Neo back as this week’s guest blogger – his previous post, in which he and his wife share their fantasies about sex clubs with each other, was incredibly popular, and extremely hot. This week he’s back to share something equally hot but this time with a twist of kink: a sexy night that begins with some hot dress-up and leads to a revelation about what exactly he wants his wife to do with those sexy high heels she wears… Enjoy!

Sexy heels aren’t just for decoration

I know why I like to see my wife in mini skirts and tiny tops, but the heels have always been a bit of a mystery to me. Yes, she looks super sexy in them, but I always wanted more from her heels – more naughtiness – but I had no idea what exactly that looked like. How to get more out of these sexy high heels. Until one night she did something new, and it blew my mind.

One early evening we are having some sexy time as we call it: she’s dressed like a slut for me in a new, very short, loose-fitting white crop top that hangs so beautifully off her tits. Her black pleated mini skirt bounces off her arse as she walks. And to top it off, a pair of black shiny skyhigh heels.

We’re in the bedroom and I’m just taking her all in. She looks super sexy, I’m naked and wanking looking at her, telling her how good she looks. I drop to my knees so I can get a better look up her skirt – she has a bright pair of yellow knickers on, bought that day (with my help, of course) from Victoria’s Secret.

“Come on,” she says, “stop perving at my knickers and tell me something really naughty. Make me cum, and I promise to give you a good show if you make me cum quick, I’m so fucking horny.”

(At this point I should point out that talking about being in a sex club is a very big turn on for us both)

So she lies on her back on the bed, and I lie next to her on my side, with my left arm under the back of her neck and my right hand stroking her clit through her new pants.

“I’d better leave these on if you want to cum quick,” I tell her, and she takes a sharp breath in, “but if we were in one of those naughty sex clubs they would be off.”

“Really?” She asks. “Tell me more. Would you want me to be naughty in the club?”

“Yes,” I tell her. “If we were at the bar in a sex club having a drink I would tell you to pull your kickers down and leave them round your ankles.”

She inhales sharply again and asks: “Do other women do that in this club?”

“Yes,” I say. “Those women who do as they’re told, that is.”

She turns her head and nestles into my neck.

“So my pants are round my ankles, what else should I do?”

“All you need to do,” I tell her “is arch your back slightly so you’re showing your sexy arse off in your tiny skirt. Now, as I said we’re at the bar and I lean in really close to you like we’re having a private conversation. The next person who comes to the bar next to you will see your knickers round your ankles and take that as an open invitation to put their hand up your skirt and play with your pussy.”

“Oh my god, that’s so fucking naughty,” she says breathlessly. All the while I’m rubbing her clit through her knickers. “And as I’m leant in towards you at the bar, all you need to do is whisper in my ear when a hand goes up your skirt and tell me whose you think it is…”

She’s very close to cumming now, it’s only been a couple of minutes so I slow down on her clit because I want her to hear the filthy thoughts I have. She’s frustrated that I’ve slowed down on her clit.

“What next? What next?!” She asks in desperation.

“Well, I want to know if they’re fingering you. I want to know if they’re playing with your clit. I want to know how far your pussy juices have run down your…”

And at that, she explodes in a fantastic orgasm. My left hand, that I was using to play with her tits, is now holding her down, as well as my right forearm – my fingers are still rubbing at her clit. Eventually, completely spent and satisfied, she turns to me and says:

“Now it’s your turn.”

She tells me to lie down on the floor at the end of the bed. I take a pillow with me and prop my head up. I’m nice and comfy and I have a spectacular view of her.

“Wank your dick,” she tells me, so I do. I can see right up her skirt, I can see just the bottom of her fantastic c-cup tits – this new crop top is such a fucking tease, I love it. Underboob and sideboob are massive turn-ons for me, so much better and naughtier than the generic low-cut top with cleavage on show.

“Just look at you,” she says. “You can’t really see that much of me but you’re a turned-on horny mess! You love perving up my skirt, don’t you? You were thinking about doing this when we bought these knickers today, weren’t you? I’m surprised you didn’t have a hard on in the shop! You’re do turned on looking at me I wonder… what would be the least amount of attention I could give your dick and still have you cum? Stop wanking.”

So I stop immediately. As soon as I do, she pushes my dick flat to my stomach with her shoe – just the flat part of her shoe, along the length of my dick. She’s rubbing it in very small movements back and forth and… oh my God this is amazing.

This is a completely different sensation, and the fact that she’s using her heels on my dick is such a fucking turn on!

“You love that, don’t you?” She says in an amused voice. For the first time she seems both sexy and powerful at the same time – I’ve never experienced this before and I like it a lot! I’m lying on my back thinking ‘It doesn’t get much better than this’ but then, somehow, it does.

She takes her foot off my dick, and I instinctively go to grab it and wank myself off. I need to cum, I’m so ready to cum! But she says:

“Take your hand off your dick, I’m not finished yet.”

I’m thinking ‘fuck! What’s happened to her? She’s never been like this before!’

I’m loving every minute of it.

So I’m lying on my back, my legs are spread and she is stood over me between my legs. She puts her left hand out to the side. Holding on to the wardrobe for balance, putting all her weight on her left foot, she lifts her right foot up and sideswipes my dick with her shoe! Holy fuck! What a gorgeous sensation on my dick! Such a nice, satisfying blunt knock to my dick. She does it again on the backswing to the other side of my dick. And again. And again.

She stops for a second, calls me by my name and says “I think I need to point out to you that I am kicking your dick, and you love it, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I said.

“You want more?”

“Please please please!” I say, and she carries on swiping my dick. The feeling is immense, and I get to watch her kicking my dick, swapping from foot to foot. The view in front of me is ever-changing, and as her foot swipes past my dick I see right up her skirt – for a few brief, fantastic seconds I see the crotch of her yellow knickers pulling tight across her cunt. Her tits are constantly moving, popping out from under her tiny top – such a fucking tease!

This goes on for about five minutes until I’m very ready to blow my load then… she stops! She has a foot either side of my right leg. She squats down and I get to see the crotch of her knickers again, but this time I get to see the damp patch too – so fucking hot I’m ready to burst. I’ve never needed to cum so much in my life.

I’m now fully – I mean fully – expecting a wank off her, but she doesn’t wank my dick. Instead she puts the tips of her thumbs together and the tips of her index fingers together and makes a circle, like she’s holding an invisible coffee cup. She then puts her hand around my dick, not touching it at all, and starts to move her hands forwards and backwards so fast it’s just a blur. My dick is being knocked back and forth – the sensation of it hitting her fingers and thumbs is very similar to being sideswiped by her heels but this is much more intense. I’m in outer space!

Then something happened.

I can only describe it as a quarter-strength orgasm. I could feel my dick slowly and gently pulsing, and spunk was coming out of it. But it wasn’t squirting out as usual, more like seeping out, but it was going everywhere because my dick was being shaken so violently. This must have lasted for about five or six seconds before she grabbed my dick firmly and wanked it, at which point I squirted my cum properly and it was amazing! I’ve never cum so much in my life.

When she let go of my dick the look on her face was priceless – she looked like she’d just split the atom without even trying!

The moral of this story for me is that you don’t always know exactly what you’re looking for. I’d always wanted more from my wife’s sexy heels, but I never really understood what it was I wanted until my gorgeous sexy wife showed me…



  • Cal says:

    Wow! That sounds like fun! Well-written piece, good work, looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  • Quiet Shy Wolf says:

    That’s inspiring! I can relate to the idea of not knowing what you want til your partner tries something. I’ve learned so much about my preferences over the last couple of years from trusting my Captain and letting him try things with me. I might have to be more adventurous with him… thanks so much for sharing! 🔥

    • Neo says:

      I know what you mean,theres nothing naughtyer than having a few new ideas to try on my other half, and then one if them really hits the spot and shes like, don’t stop doing that!!

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