Guest blog: stretching my cunt

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blog is by Candi Stretch – of Stretching Candi (very NSFW link) – and she’s here to talk about stretching her cunt. I honestly can’t give it a better intro than that because if you’re anything like me you’ll immediately be intrigued already – by the politics of cunt-stretching, the practicalities of fisting and fitting large objects inside, and everything else that comes along with cunt-stretching as a kink.

Stretching my cunt

‘You’re so tight’ was always an expression of approval from the men I fucked, their validation that despite being seen as slutty, they still considered me a ‘good girl’ rather than a ‘loose woman’.

That trope of the tight eternally virginal cunt is so mainstream that any hint of looseness is seen as moral shame and physical imperfection despite many ciswomen’s vaginas changing with age or childbirth. There is no approving term for an accommodating cunt with it always given derogatory phrases like a ‘sausage down the Mersey tunnel’ or as if it is false advertising somehow like a ‘wizard’s sleeve’ that you are duping them with.

This social attitude shows a distinct lack of understanding about human biology in that it suggests being fucked once by a hundred dicks stretches you more than being fucked a hundred times by one dick. Muscles take on morals when you’re discussing cunt.

So I was surprised when I started having sex with the man who would become my long term partner and Dominant and him saying ‘you’re so tight’ was a challenge rather than a compliment. While he has a general kink for body modification such as waist training and piercing on his submissive, his favourite thing is a stretched cunt. He loves fucking me after he’s fisted me or while I have a huge dildo inside at the same time as his cock. I am never more of a good girl to him when I’m wide open and gaping.

I was genuinely shocked by this as a kink to begin with because I’d never heard of a stretched cunt as anything other than a negative let alone a preferred choice and while I’ve always loved being penetrated, I was hesitant to begin with that I was risking my health or somehow destroying something seen as acceptable to give up my tightness. But as my relationship with my Master developed, stretching became something collaborative between us and a commitment of how much I trusted him with my body as well as a  simple discovery that stretching felt great for me too.

I started slow and steady. A pair of Lelo Luna Balls for a few hours at a time working up to two pairs of them worn all day. Dildos got a little bit bigger each time and Sir taught me how take his whole fist. I went from struggling to take a tampon to begging for two fingers down the side of his clenched fist.

For me it feels physically incredible, like prolonging that gorgeous moment a cock slips inside and fills you up at the start of penetrative sex. Instead of a few brief seconds of that sensation, I get a whole other level of intensity. Loosening myself from taut and tight to stretched and supple means I can orgasm more easily from penetration alone and both ejaculating and squirting became common occurrences for me having never experienced them previously.

I had a few moments where I pushed myself too quickly. I bruised myself by rushing a big toy once and I was over optimistic about how easy pushing a ping pong ball out would be leading to a terrifying moment I was sure would end up in A&E. But going slowly and steadily and getting to know my body and cunt’s limitations meant these moments were the exceptions.

I was greedy for more and more and within a few months was fucking cans of Coke or butternut squashes on Sir’s orders and blogging about each challenge. Going public showed me that there were countless men (and women) who loved a stretched cunt and got off on both fisting and filling up a willing open cunt. The main issue was being able to publish the images and videos after updated BBFC guidelines around ‘extreme pornography’ such as fisting or objects that were deemed to be potentially damaging or life threatening.

I don’t consider my new stretched cunt damaged, but modified. Like all kinks it isn’t for everyone either physically or emotionally but I feel much more sensitive to stimulation plus my cunt can take the kind of intense fucking I’ve always craved. Training carefully gives me the flexibility to still be able to come when my girlfriend fucks me with just two fingers.

Surprisingly although I discovered stretching because of my Master, it’s also given me an ownership of my body I lacked before. He enjoys the training and results, but I did the work and pushed my own boundaries which reconnected me to my sexuality and body after disability and trauma took both away from me.

I love pleasing my Master with my stretched cunt and using my body to submit to him and indulging my inner penetration slut completely. I’ve never had better sex and orgasms but the greatest gift for me comes in knowing a stretched cunt is non conformist and that is fine to embrace myself as an acquired taste instead of feeling I need to please everyone.

If you’d like to see more of Candi, you can visit her Clips4Sale site here, and check out her blog at
If you are interested in fisting/stretching, please make sure you do it safely – start small, use lube, do not cause yourself pain. There’s a helpful guide to fisting here from UberKinky


  • JB says:

    *fans self* Brilliant post…

  • JonMOMB says:

    “Muscles take on morals when you’re discussing cunt”.

    What a brilliant line. Great piece but that sentence stood out for me.

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Wow. I never thought I’d feel envious of a butternut squash.

  • Lola says:

    Thanks for this! Loved it! It stretched my mind.

  • Fascinating. Very interesting that you. Now squirt and didn’t before.

  • New to this says:

    Great post and I’m enjoying reading your blog too Candi x

  • Kaylin Wiley says:

    So glad I found this website! I got introduced to stretching by an ex bf and have always felt that its taboo status is just so ridiculous. It is something that take your relationship to new levels, as long as both parties are into it.

  • Wen says:

    I can now ejaculate tooo WOW
    Squiring and coming is now often where as before … I had never orgasmed. I always wondered is that an orgasm? Perhaps that is? Now I am certain… yes I orgasm. And I Am still tight after fist

  • Iamsmarterthanu says:

    I am facinated by 2 things sexually, those being cunts that can stretch to enormous proportions ouside of child birth, and the scent of cunt. The scent of cunt should match the looseness. My ultimate dream is to experience a woman with a very hairy cunt that has a musky scent that fills the room, just so fucking overwhelming in its musky earthy scent, so dense and hairy, with wrinkly dangling huge hanging labia, a slack hole that gapes constantly and is so stretched and loose that my hand slips in without effort. I for the life of me cannot understand why. I have a stub of a cock. Normal sized cunts feel moderately snug at best. Most aroused cunts feel loose. But i want bigger, hairier, smellier, and looser. I am frustrated by not having that experience.

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