The Cowgirl: relentlessly fucked by a machine

Image by me, sorry I'm not very good at pics.

Meet the Cowgirl. The Cowgirl is a giant vibrator. In fact, it’s a vibrator so large it technically counts as furniture. A huge, saddle-shaped, sit-upon vibrator with power settings that range from ‘gentle crack massage’ to ‘is that a new crack in the ceiling plaster?!’ I squealed, I moaned, and I rode the fuck out of this thing. Only in my wildest sex dreams have I been so relentlessly fucked by a machine. Let’s get stuck into this…

My partner was excited by the Cowgirl because he’s seen them in porn – either ones like this or Sybian – with women restrained on top of them so they have to sit still, biting their lips and grinning and moaning with joy at the climax that’s hauled from them as they buck and writhe and jiggle. The idea of watching me sitting on it and being rumbled to a squealing climax got his dick harder than it’s been since he first tried Atom Plus. And as for me? I just really like power. I like the idea of a sex toy that’s so big and hefty and loud and unapologetic – so obviously a sex toy – that there is no disguising it. A sex toy that forces you to leave subtlety at the door and embrace excess instead.

A sex toy, in short, that Does Not Fuck About.

I won’t lie, it’s pricey: it comes in at just over £1,500 (or $2,000). It’s pricey because it’s fucking massive and powerful and intense, and unless you’re filthy rich, it’s not the kind of thing you buy on a whim. But it’s absolutely the kind of thing a girl like me will grab with both hands if she’s offered the chance to try it.

Like all my greatest adventures, this one began in the pub, where I met the lovely people from SheVibe when they happened to be in town. They mentioned the Cowgirl, my eyes nearly popped out of my head, and I said I’d always wanted to try one. A few weeks later, this absolute beast arrived, and my partner and I literally danced around the living room in delight.

Next we did what any reasonable people would do, and blocked out an entire evening in our diary to get to grips with it. And what we learned is that describing this as a ‘vibrator that you sit on’ doesn’t come close to cutting it: this is a machine that fucks you.

Black ride-on vibrator in a saddle shape, with a dildo attachment on top, sitting on black matte fluidproof sheets The Cowgirl with dildo attachment, resting on fluidproof sheets

The Cowgirl: a machine that fucks you

The first thing he does is sprawl on the sofa in a dressing gown. Legs spread wide. Displaying his cock to me while he strokes it, in a way that says ‘please me.’ He tells me to take off my knickers, put one of the attachments on the Cowgirl, and ride it while he watches.

“Do you want the controls?” I ask him, because it feels like that sort of evening: one where he takes charge and tells me what to do, and I eagerly do his bidding. He says ‘no’, for now. He wants me to get used to it first – to recognise where I need to sit to place my clit exactly right, to angle my body so I’m feeling the rumble going through all the most sensitive places. It sounds kind of him, but really he’s only doing it to make the torture later more delicious: he needs to understand which settings and angles bring me the most pleasure, so he can keep me balanced on the edge of it while he enjoys the view.

I do as I’m told: I sit. Legs spread, knees on the floor, clit resting against the silicone attachment on top of the machine.

When I turn it on it feels like starting the engine on a motorbike: that thrumming power between your legs that – while strong – is mostly exciting because it promises so much more. The silicone attachment presses tightly against my clit – the way the crotch of my jeans does if I angle myself right when I’m sitting at the back of a bus. It hums gently, begging me to open up the throttle and see what it can do.

I make eye contact with him as he strokes his cock. He looks at me with a face I can’t quite read: is he pleased? Does he want more? Should I put on a bit of a show? I turn up the dial and realise it’s all academic, really – I’m suddenly rendered incapable of showmanship. The machine roars with extra power, the throbbing hum spreads through my thighs and arse, and I double over with a kick of tingling pleasure.

“Take off your top,” he tells me, and I fumble with the fabric – struggling to undo my bra while the machine pulses relentlessly beneath me.

This isn’t just a machine that you sit on: it’s a machine you ride. The throbbing rumble of the vibrations does more than get my attention, it demands active participation. So although I felt faintly ridiculous when I tested it in jeans (riding the Cowgirl like an actual cowgirl, complete with ‘yee haw’s and fake lassooing motions) when I’m actually naked I can’t help but do exactly the same sexy hip rotations, this time with a serious face like I’ve got my eyes on the prize. I buck my hips and lean forward and grind the way I would if I were fucking. I clench my thighs around the thrumming saddle and feel the power reverberating through the whole of my crotch.

When I turn it up to max, and force myself to put my whole weight on it, the power of the vibrations makes my clit hurt and my tits jiggle. He moans appreciatively, and leans forward to pinch my nipples.

Restrain me with your cock

What he wants, I know, is for me to be restrained on the Cowgirl: to be pressed onto it so I can’t move or squirm away when the power is turned up. Luckily, although we don’t have restraints, we do have the next best thing: my eager, submissive compliance.

He stands up, dressing gown open to display his rock-solid cock, and he asks if I’m going to be a good girl for him.



He steps forward, picks up the control unit for the Cowgirl, puts one hand on my head to push me down, then slips his dick into my mouth. He uses his hands, and his cock, to control the height and angle of my head – pushing me backwards, slightly off-balance, to keep me pinned down on the machine as I ride. I can do nothing more than wriggle and suck. Feeling the wetness of my cunt dripping down the insides of my thighs, and drool sliding from the corners of my mouth as he fucks my face good and hard, I am a moaning, anguished mess of sensations and I can’t work out which one I like best.

I am aching to come, but he switches the settings between ‘almost enough’ and ‘just a little too much’ over and over as I gag on his cock and try to resist the temptation to brat out and snatch the controls.

He grips my head in his hands, positioning me perfectly for throatfucking and pinning me down onto the machine which bucks and vibrates beneath me. When I start to choke, he pulls back. Calls me ‘good girl’ and tells me to switch out the attachments. Which is shorthand for ‘I want to watch you get well and truly fucked.’

Thoroughly fucked by a machine

I have two attachments for the Cowgirl. The first, which I’ve been using until now, is a soft silicone cover with a raised nub in the middle and a textured section at one end. It’s designed for grinding: the slim line of silicone that makes it up nestles neatly between the folds of my cunt, and leaning my body allows me to position my clit against it at just the right angle, with just the right pressure.

The next attachment goes inside me. It still has texture at one end, but also a larger bulb which sits proud of the machine, designed to go into your cunt or ass – whichever floats your boat. Angled so it will press against my g-spot, I slide down onto it and gasp. He pushes his cock into my mouth again and croons ‘goooood girrrrl’ – purring just like the machine as he turns the dial up, a few notches past ‘5’ right through to ‘holy fucking shit.’

There are two dials on the machine: one which controls the intensity of vibration, and another which controls the rotation of the raised nub. Essentially: g- or p-spot stimulation, depending on where you stick it. The second dial is controlling a coiled spring inside the dildo which causes it to rotate, while the first is controlling whatever absolute beast of a power-tool sits inside the saddle, vibrating it hard enough that you could measure it on the Richter scale.

But you could learn all this stuff from the Cowgirl product description. I’m not really here for the admin.

What I’m here for is the sexy stuff: the moment when I slid down onto the dildo, simultaneously gagging on his cock and clenching my cunt around the latent power of the machine between my legs. The split second later when he turned up the dial and I felt – momentarily – like I had lost all control. I was no longer grinding or fucking this robotic thing – I was being fucked. Unstoppably. Rhythmically. Relentlessly.

That’s the beauty of the Cowgirl: it is not a tool you use to get off, the way my dildos or vibrators are. It’s a machine that fucks you. The machine has no thoughts or opinions or special sex tricks. No way of knowing where you want it and how hard. It just fucks. Relentlessly. Vigorously. Intensely.

You sit astride it, like a bull: you either get thrown out of the saddle or you ride it till you die. Other toys are things I use, or he uses on me: the Cowgirl is something that I conquer. Clinging on with trembling thighs, moaning through a throatful of dick, and choking down squeals as I tussle with the sheer fucking power of it.

When my arms start to shake too, he turns down the power. Pulls his dick out of my mouth, looks deep into my dazed, tear-streaked face and asks if I’m OK.

I am so OK, I ask him to come sit on the Cowgirl behind me.

“I’m in the mood for a challenge: get your dick inside me too.”

The Cowgirl was provided to me by SheVibe, because they recognised the glint of utter, lustful greed in my eyes when they mentioned it to me in the pub. They didn’t ask me to review it but obviously I couldn’t not write about something this awesome. I’ll be writing about it again because we have many many plans for this beast. If you’d like to buy it from them, you can pick it up for just over £1,500 (or $2,000), and use the discount code GIRLONTHENET for 10% off. I know it’s pricey but it’s fucking epic. And yes, his cock did fit there too.


  • Thiefree says:

    o o f. you’re a very good writer, and I should know better than to read your blog at work. going to be awfully distracted now!

  • The One says:

    No sex toy blog has made me want the sex toy in question before. Not till today.

  • Zebra Rose says:

    I need this piece of equipment in my life.

    In the meantime, I’ll just have to fantasise about having one.

    (Also; godDAMN GOTN, you are a helluva writer. Yee ha!)

  • David says:

    That is one sexy piece of writing and have been bumping into things at least ten seconds before the rest of me gets there. Great write up.

  • Phillip says:

    It sounds like a way to get away from EVERYTHING that can be contemplated. ‘ANOESIS’. I once was challenged to look into the possibility that it WAS possible to learn loud sex that was NOT faking it! Something REAL. I looked and I looked. Loud sex has always been and has always made some who lacked it feel a bit (very) inadequate. Seven thousand years ago an Egyptian had a Scribe write “Your voice is like pomegranate wine to me”. In context it was about loud sex and how much he enjoyed her being loud. Can it be created and real? Sounds like electricity might put loud sex within the reach of everyone with $2,000. I know that this is NOT the answer she is looking for, but in a way it may be. Perhaps I am getting closer or perhaps she will NOT get what she wants, but she will get what she needs. Tell me if you know the secret be it animal, vegetable or chemical. Pardon the pun, but this has been a hard nut to crack!


  • Steve says:

    Your “I’m not very good at pics” photo is my “I think I need to pull my pants down” photo.

    Thanks for the sexy toy review and hot pic!

  • Phillip says:

    I just noticed that I have the same shirt as you are wearing in ‘The Photo’ It is the same flannel and same pattern (Clan?) and it is the same except yours buttons up backwards.


    PS It is a good photo as it is worth a whole lot of words.

    • Golden Hare says:

      It is a good photo PLUS GOTN’s words are extremely hot, so don’t sell them short!

      • Girl on the net says:

        Haha, thanks Golden Hare! And thanks Phillip. I don’t know what the pattern or the shirt is called – chances are I picked it up from a charity shop or – at a push – M&S!

        Sidenote: I have received quite a few comments from dudes about the pic in this blog post, which makes me think that in order to boost my blog traffic I should probably get my tits out more but… I sort of don’t really want to get my tits out more or do more photos, so I’m not going to make a habit of this. I only did it because when I took the first pic of the machine (the one halfway down the page) it felt like it was missing something.

        • Phillip says:

          As a photographer I can tell you that a little tease is what you want. Don’t give them too much! The ‘Photo’ is a good example!


          • Girl on the net says:

            I know you’re trying to help but as I say, I don’t really like taking photos and I’m not intending to make a habit of it.

  • Cara Thereon says:

    My word. That was actually a hot and compelling read because many of my fantasies center around getting fucked. A lack of control thing. I don’t have the money for this, but man do I wish I did.

    • Girl on the net says:

      That lack of control thing is *totally* a thing for me too. *swoons* I sort of want to share the love with it too, so might buy some new attachments and see if it’s something I could bring to the Kinklab at Eroticon (if people didn’t think that was too weird!)

  • Beth says:

    I saw Jenna Jamison do something similar on the Howard Stern show and wow, she tried so hard not to cum but she sure did, I wanted one that day but it’s a bit pricey. I love your website and bogs!!! Beth in Arizona

  • VX guy says:

    You are so lucky, i mean girls.
    Having female body and the possibilities it brings.
    I admire girls and am nevous :)
    We guys couldn’t live what you’ve experienced on top of that machine.
    I didn’t stumbled upon you discussing sexual pleasure and duration comparison between guys and gals; nor did you brought up multiple orgasms.
    Most pople that shares something about sexuality dodn’t touch the elephant in the room i see. May be this is due to real life sexual relations, the mindset and feelings you get when you navigate on the world (may be it’s hard for you to enjoy sex and guys seem %100 happy about sex so you do not think men have serious downsides in comparison; i’m talking theoretiically here, there are many women who did not discovered her sexuality, having struggels etc. which i’m also sorry about; though it’s not hard to realize that potential) and general sex positive mood.
    I think girls have it naturally better and their body is more capable sexually. Whereas guys get it so bad it comparison that it’d make a girl sorry about it. Of course we enjoy sex, especially intimacy, our sexuality and orgasms are not as bad as some might brag but nowhere near as girls…
    What are your thoughts about this and other related things?

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