Guest blog: I’ve squirted once but how can I squirt again?

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Please welcome this week’s guest blogger @PinkGilly15! Gilly writes hot real life stories over at her blog, Stagey Sex, and is here today to talk about the kind of personal sex challenge that I’m sure others have tried out too. Having squirted once, and loved it, she wanted to be able to do it more consistently. But how? With sex toys, willing fingers, and determination: here’s her story.

The first time I squirted was great so… how can I do it again?

It’s an epic adventure, this squirting one. Confusing and frustrating sometimes incredible and intense.

Some time ago now, I decided that I’d like to try and squirt. It’s never happened naturally to me. I embarked on lots of reading, got lots of advice from fab blog folk, purchased a glass dildo, got my head around the logistics. Then I began trying, and boy it was trying. In fact, the more I tried the further I got from the goal.

I forgot when I first squirted exactly but I do know howsee a previous blog post for detail. It involves Doxy and a Rock Chick.

Well, when you’ve cracked squirting once you’ve got it, right? Wrong! So very wrong. It took 5 months from the first time I squirted to my achieving a second one. Again, the more I tried the more I failed. Like the first time, I felt that I was putting pressure on myself. More: because I now knew just how amazing squirting could feel, I wanted that again! I wanted to know how I did it. Folk told me remove the pressure from myself but I refused to accept my body’s defiance.

The fight was on.

What I really wanted was to squirt with my man. It has happened when he went for a shower or to make a cup of tea and I was solo. He has been present only 2 times in over a year. The first he almost missed – he was near my head and I couldn’t speak, just squeal. The second time was amazing – nothing internal, just his fingers circling my whole vulva area. I thought his fingers were inside me but they weren’t. I had the Doxy and it just happened. It was a wow moment.

Since then I have failed to achieve a squirt in ages. I was tracking it on my Clue period app which resulted in me wondering if my ability to squirt is cyclic somehow. I don’t have enough evidence as yet, but the last few times has been in the week before my period, so it could well be. I have not found any studies about this so it would be good for some sex science to fund such a study. I enjoy following sex scientists on twitter: fascinating folk making a difference.

Today was the third time with my man, but this time it was fully brought about by him. I left a puddle so large in his bed that I later joked he should try not to drown in it…

The third time I squirted

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. After a fantastic lunch of baked camembert with french stick to dip and chocolate brownies to finish, we return to bed. Sunday normally starts with a slow, luxurious build up to frantic pre-cooked-breakfast fucking. Food is an important part of our weekend: we need energy to keep pace with our horniness.

Energy restored, we remove our clothes in haste – as if there’s no time! Two naked bodies, grinning at each other like Cheshire cats who both got the cream. He flips me round and immediately starts to work on my clit with his tongue. I take his rock hard cock in my mouth and begin to slowly suck. Focusing on the sensations in my body. Gasping with delight as he teases me up and up a notch, towards my bliss. I try to focus and build pace, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock while pushing it to the back of my throat. Mmmmmmmmm.

Just as I’m about to lose pace due to the incredible sensations his amazing tongue is bringing me, he stops. I want him now, inside me, fucking me hard. But no: he casually pushes my head right down on to his pulsing cock again and again. I wonder if he’s going to explode in my mouth, or if I’ll get to experience what I need so badly – him fucking me. I want to be filled up. I feel him start to lose control. He stops my mouth from its glorious work, raising me up to his mouth, kissing me with so much want.

I sit slowly on to his cock. Teasing as I slide down. Knowing he can’t last long with me on top, he’s already very close. I watch his face. Trying to hold it together and focus. I laugh, raising my hips and riding him gently because I don’t want this to be over just yet. But I do love the torture of this position and his sweet agony dealing with his need.

Gradually picking up pace, being on top pushes him into all my sensational bliss points internally. I start to come, but he stops me from moving so much, so his own orgasm is delayed. I fall forwards, grinding my body on his. Knowing this forwards position gives him a bit of recovery time, whilst I shudder on my wave of orgasms, his arms wrapped tight around me.

Recovered, he gently moves me onto all fours, then hands me the Doxy. Pounding me hard and fast until we both collapse in a orgasmed-out heap. Doxy flung to my head. Me begging him to stay collapsed on top of me – loving the feeling of his body on mine.

After all this we lay in bed, I was just casually keeping the pleasure going – rubbing my clit slowly but with intent. Stop/start… Building but then allowing myself to fall back a few steps: not quite to orgasm, just on the brink. I asked for some assistance midway through this, needing fingers.

God there’s nothing like a great finger fuck.

The proof is here: sensations so deep… so beautiful. I reach for Doxy 2 – more buzz than rumble. He continues to finger fuck me so damn good I never want him to stop. I remember saying: “I’m going to explode.”

Doxy on my clit.

The fact I’d built up to orgasm so many times and now there’s no stopping it. Screaming in ecstasy, begging him not to stop the finger fuck of my life… and then it happened. No warning, no conscious pushing down or trying to relax outwards… it just happened. And it kept going for what felt like some time.

Shocked? Yes. Delighted? He was made up! So was I: his fingers triggered it.

That was at 5pm, and it’s 12.35am. I’m still glowing now.


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  • Jon says:

    My other half used to squirt on occasion. I really liked it when she did.

    Since she had our child though something has changed and now it happens fairly frequently. Not all the time but enough that I’ve learnt to sense when it’s possible and what to do to achieve it.

  • Pinkgilly15 says:

    Interesting I wonder what the change was. It’s a really powerful feeling you get from it.

    • Jon Shephard says:

      I genuinely have no idea. We’ve discussed it often but never been able to work out why it’s happened. The only downside is we have to change the sheets more often.

  • Wanikayung says:

    always wandered to squirt once in a lifetime.

  • fennycruz says:

    I never even knew women squirted until a few years ago and I’m still one of the girls who doesn’t and I don’t think is able to. I have amazing orgasms but don’t squirt. An ex partner really wanted me to and I definitely felt body pressure that I wasn’t able to. I also don’t know if I’d feel entirely comfortable if I fully squirted, maybe that’s why I don’t? I also think I’m dehydrated….

  • Jeloha says:

    Maybe some people start from young. My theory and own experience: age/ sexual age – I squirt more since in my 40s. In my view not related to childbearing.

    My impression is that in the 40s there is a new stage of horniness/ higher sex drive / sexual needs. (No it’s not directly linked to menopause)

    More pleasure. More joy. More squirting. All linked

  • Beth says:

    I squirted many times ! I squirted for the very first time by myself and I was shocked but I was actually using one of my toys and I just kept pressing it down in between the vagina and my clit I just hit that spot it was wonderful! my husband knows how to hit the spot and I squirt a lot with him when he finger fucks* me especially

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