Do you know what the double-tap means?

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

The following post is going to describe some intense facefucking. It’s all consensual, I love having my face fucked. But not everyone likes it, of course, and many people will find this sort of thing terrifying. As with all fuckplay, the more intense you want to be the more groundwork you need to do: discussing limits and preferences with your partner and establishing ways to withdraw consent if things get too much. Now let’s talk about how red-hot the double-tap is. 

Picture the scene: you’re lying in bed, legs spread wide and me kneeling between them. Comfortable and angled so that I can get your cock all the way to the back of my throat – choking ever-so-slightly on each in-stroke. You like the choking noises, you like it when I gag, so you put both hands on the back of my head and grab handfuls of my hair in each fist. The first time you push downwards, you do it for just a couple of seconds – enough to make me splutter a little before you let me back up. I heave in a quick breath through saliva and precum, then you shove me down again. Thrusting yourself in and holding it there for longer this time – four seconds, five, six… We continue like this for a while. I love that I can feel with my lips and tongue and throat the way your prick twitches when you hear me choke. I like the instant feedback of it: every throb and spasm of your dick resonates in my cunt the way a well-timed ‘good girl’ would shudder through my soul. And the more you do it, the harder it becomes to catch my breath between each stroke. The more time I need to gulp down that breath before you plunge back into my mouth, so the more urgently and deeply I’m ripping oxygen from the air around us each time you let my head back up.

More. Harder. Deeper. For longer. Until eventually, you hold me down for a second longer than I think I can take, and I double-tap your thigh.

You let go immediately. Not slowly, quickly. Instantly. The faster your reaction speed, the hotter it is. You let go of my hair, whip your hands away from my head, and I slide my wet throat off your cock and sit up panting. Grinning. Probably covered in layers of my own spit.

Men who instinctively understand the double-tap are hot as fuck.

The double-tap test

The second time I shagged this excellent dude, I really wanted him to facefuck me. I sucked him off for a while as he sat in a leather armchair (extremely Hot Dom Vibes in a leather armchair, let me tell you), then moved over to the bed where I sat on the floor with my head against the edge of the mattress, and ushered him forwards to fuck my face. It’s a fun position, this, because I like having something jammed behind my head so I can’t move away, meaning the depth and speed is mostly dictated by the guy: if he’s in control then I get to lazily blissfully relinquish control, focusing mainly on the challenge of trying to breathe steady and take what he gives me.

Breathe steady and take what he gives me. Unngh.

Anyway. It was the first time this guy had ever done that to me, and the first note of kink that we’d introduced into fucking, so naturally we’re both feeling each other out a little. Me working out how far he’ll push me and whether he’ll stop when I need him to, and him no doubt feeling for the same in the other direction.

And he fucked me in the mouth with my head against the bed – deep, choking strokes so that I gagged on it. I put my hands against his arse to pull him further in, to indicate ‘it’s fine, go deeper, fucking do it‘ until eventually one stroke lasted a bit too long and I realised it was time for me to come up for air. So I gave a quick double-tap to his thigh.

He stopped not just immediately but instinctively. Pulled out, looked down to check I was OK. Strings of my saliva connecting his rock-solid dick and my open, gasping mouth, pulling in ragged breaths while we took a brief break. It was the hottest thing. That immediate understanding of what the double-tap meant, and the instinctive way he just pulled out and paused.

I hadn’t really appreciated just how sexy this instinctive understanding could be until I became single and started shagging a few different guys. There’s safety in it, for sure, and that’s hot. Feeling safe with someone gives me the confidence to urge them to push me further: I’m more likely to let you tie me up if you’ve shown you’ll untie me the second I need you to, after all. But there’s also knowledge in it. Experience. Someone who reacts so instinctively to a double-tap is someone who has played with kink before, and had practice responding to someone else’s noises and gestures. Like so much of the other stuff I find sexy (i.e. men listening to my opinions, asking me questions, and remembering things I’ve said) it’s partly about feeling heard.

I like it when men hear me.

After I double-tapped him, this guy pulled out and looked down at me to check I was OK.

“I’m good,” I gasped. “Just needed a second to catch my breath.”

“And also to check, right?” He asked. “To make sure that I would respond?”


Oh my God yeah. And thank you from the bottom of my heavily-gushing cunt for mentioning it.

If you’re a woman who dates men, you’ve probably come up against one of those weird guys who tries to arrange a first date in an unsafe situation: inviting you to his place, suggesting ‘a nice walk on the marshes’, or offering to meet you in a park at midnight to keep things exciting (all these are things men have genuinely offered to me). If you’re like me, you’ll say ‘haha no that’s not very safe – we need to meet in a pub first please so I can get to know you!’ and the guy will often respond (as these three did) by getting in a massive huff.

‘Are you saying I might be a rapist?! Well I guess there’s no point dating you then!’

NOPE! No point dating me then! Move on, my friend. Move. The fuck. On. This attitude where men pretend to be entirely naive to the risks women take when we date them is whiney and ugly and tedious. Those are the headline feelings, if I’m honest: the most powerful thing I feel is a general ‘ick’ for this level of ignorance. But somewhere underneath, the attitude also gives me chills. And chills are the opposite of hot.

Consent to get messy

The moment when that guy asked me if I gave him the double-tap to check he’d respond? THAT was hot. By instinctively and swiftly acknowledging the double-tap he showed with perfect clarity that he understood how this game worked. Then by following up with that question he conveyed that he understood how important it was, and gave me space and permission to feel him out in whatever way made me feel safest. Honestly, gang: rocket-fuel hot.

I know that technically we should have had this conversation before we started to fuck – if we were doing kink by the book we’d have established a safe word/gesture before getting stuck in. But we’d had a few chats about this sort of thing and although we hadn’t explicitly established an ‘out’, for various reasons I was happy to play things by ear. I might not be as happy to do so with someone else, as there are many dominant guys who wouldn’t be comfortable doing this with me, but in this case both of us were happy to get stuck in without those explicit instructions.

Anyway. The double-tap. I’m not saying you should abandon all pre-fuck chat and just assume everyone will know what the it means (if in doubt, apply more communication: always). But I am saying that regardless of how you choose to play, if you instinctively recognise a double-tap when you feel one, my cunt will get so fucking wet for you.

This is a fairly old story. I’m telling you now because something reminded me of it recently: I met another guy with a stunning smile and a penchant for facefucking. And he understands the double-tap, too.


  • Purple Rain says:

    “ After I double-tapped him, this guy pulled out and looked down at me to check I was OK.

    “I’m good,” I gasped. “Just needed a second to catch my breath.”

    “And also to check, right?” He asked. “To make sure that I would respond?”


    Oh my WOW! Wonderful.

  • Sparrow says:

    The double-tap can also be a martial arts thing- I’ve used it with people who weren’t kinky but had studied various disciplines and they knew what I meant (stop, enough, check on me) when I did it in a sexual context. I’ve also had to explain it to quite a few experienced kink types.

    Hope you have a great time with the new guy :)

  • Brad says:

    We use it in theatre as well! It’s a great thing kn stage combat when you’re feeling out a fight especially for certain things. Although now that I’m typing this a lot of theatrical stage combat has things which remind me of kink. For instance:

    When you’re pulling someone’s hair or choking someone on stage it’s the receiver who controls the motion. You put your hand on someone’s head or collarbone, they grab them and move around however they want, it’s their job to sell it. Seems very familiar.

    You plan out a stage fight beforehand between the two of you if you don’t have a choreographer. Generally the discussion is about each act in the fight “We could do a face slap, do you know how to play one of those?” “Yeah I’d rather do a gut punch, easier for me to hide.”

    And of course if you need to get out of any kind of hold onstage…double tap and I’ll throw myself away and make it look like you got the upper hand :)

  • Andreas says:

    Okay, this is so disgustingly hot it should be illegal. Eurgh. THIS WEATHER IS TOO HOT AND NOW I’M FRUSTRATED.

  • Regular reader says:

    That was awesome. That communication between you being the hottest bit about it. But also everything else.

    Reading this late at night, and was very much the perfect thing to read when in the mood for some glorious filth.

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