Somnophilia: not all men share my kink for sleep fucking

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Note: this post includes a sexy role-play scenario which touches on somnophilia (fucking someone while they sleep) and is only ever hot with someone I trust absolutely, with whom I’ve discussed this kink in the past, who knows how I can withdraw consent if I want to. It is not – and should never be – a ‘how to’ guide on fucking. Don’t do this unless you have the express consent of the person with whom you’re doing it. 

Please try not to judge me when I tell you that sometimes I like guys to fuck me while I’m pretending to be asleep. I like the idea that they’re so horny they just want to slip it inside and grunt their frustration out on me, spitting cum inside me without bothering to wake me up first. Something about it ticks the same boxes as the idea of being a fly-on-the-wall for someone else’s wank. That intensely private, pleasure-hunting-at-all-costs urgency that someone leans into when they allow themselves to let go, with a side-order of actual dick in me. Yum.

The more realistic my sleep-pretending, the hotter I find it when he eventually lays hands on me, gently pushing t-shirt fabric up and knickers to one side to explore and touch and my apparently-unresponsive body. Ultimately building to that moment when he slips inside and discovers my cunt’s so wet it’s implausible for me to keep on pretending to be out of it.

This story starts with a migraine, which isn’t particularly sexy, I know. Although I hate my body for giving me migraines, I love it for giving me warning: a semicircle of angular, colourful flashes in my vision – usually my right eye – that tick a rapid countdown to the pain that will start in about an hour. When those flashes kick in, I have two options. One: take a pill and get to bed immediately, lying in the dark and praying I fall asleep before the pain starts. Two: realise I’ve left my pills in a different bag, or that I’m too far from home to get to bed, and weep as I realise the pain is coming anyway, and there’s fuck-all I can do to really stop it.

When I realise the migraine is coming, I take my pill and brush my teeth and grab a blindfold. Then I take off all my clothes, get into bed, and as he brings me water I murmur: “sorry this has ruined the evening. I’m sad we didn’t get to fuck one more time. You’re welcome to fuck me while I stay very still and sleep, if you want to…”

Thinking: do it. Please please do it.

It’s the blindfold that gave me that idea, of course. Pretending to be asleep is so much easier when he can’t see my eyes flicker beneath my eyelids. He might still see the slight curve of the smile I can’t keep off my face, but the eyes won’t give me away. And keeping myself very still is incentivised by the knowledge that any movement will equal pain.

So I put on my blindfold and – note the scare quotes – ‘fall asleep’.

In which he indulges me

Ten minutes later he comes into the room. On tiptoe. I can hear him taking cautious steps across the carpet, hear the slight rustle of his clothes as he takes them off, and of a condom packet as he puts one on. The bed creaks when he slips in next to me, and I try so hard not to tremble.

As he touches my tits and stomach, running cold hands over my skin, I hold myself so still I start to worry that it’s not realistic. A sleeping person would surely shift a little more than this, right? Maybe sigh a little, or respond to his touch? I don’t know. So in the absence of certainty, I choose total stillness. All the better for letting me focus on what he’s doing with his hands and mouth and cock.

He knows I’m awake, of course. I am not that good at acting. But in the moment I let myself pretend that he doesn’t know. I fall into a dreamy, horny state, where all I can feel is my own lust. It doesn’t take long for him to spread my legs – ever so gently – as I lie there on my back, trying to both allow him to move me and also not respond too much, lest I break the spell.

My cunt is wet now. So fucking wet. I wonder if he notices, as he slides inside with a condom on. If he fully comprehends just how hot I am for this. I suspect so: this scenario is one I’ve begged for so many times, not to mention described to him late at night while I’ve got my hand clenched firmly around his twitching dick.

I am not known for my subtlety.

But still, I let myself pretend that he’s just so horny he can’t resist fucking me while I sleep. Pretend that maybe he doesn’t know, and he’s playing a game with my sleeping form where he sees how far he can take it before I wake up. He thrusts in, body weight pinning me to the bed and I try so hard not to let my body shudder. I choke back all the noises I’d usually make. The ‘unnghs’ and ‘mmms’ and ‘oh God fuck yeah that’s it’s. I am solid concrete. Echoing silence. An inanimate doll.

My cunt doesn’t do ‘inanimate’, though, and his cock feels so fucking good inside me I cannot help but squeeze my cunt muscles tighter around him. Feeling the thickness of him pressing against the walls, rubbing the nerve endings and giving me that delightful sensation of being filled and stretched.

And as I clench, I let out a moan. Just a little one. An almost-whispered ‘uhh’ under my breath.

It’s as if that ‘uhh’ immediately sets him alight. He fucks more firmly, more vigorously. Grips me tighter and lets out a moan of his own.

‘Ohhh,’ he says, fucking deeper and harder.

Uhhh,’ I respond, still in that shivery whisper.

‘Oh GOD,’ he replies, ramping up the intensity of each thrust and then ‘oh GOD,’ again as my body responds.

‘God, FUCK,’ he eventually exclaims, as I give in to the urge to fuck back up at him and match his rhythm stroke for stroke. ‘Oh GOD fuck it’s SO MUCH BETTER when you’re awake.’

And as I giggle, my cunt spasms too.

‘Just SO MUCH BETTER,’ he repeats, over and over for emphasis as he slams in and out. ‘So! Much! Better! When you’re awake!’

So there you have it, team. Sex with me: it’s so much better when I’m awake.

Somnophilia‘ is the term for getting aroused by the idea of shagging someone while they sleep, and although I have hunted for the corollary (i.e. someone who gets aroused by the idea of having someone shag them while they sleep), I have come up empty-handed, so I’m using this term for sweet SEO juice. Maybe the term for what I have is just common-or-garden consensual-non-consent, but I’m not sure. I think there’s a huge collection of my own fantasies that fall into the CNC bucket, from this gentle sleep sex to more urgent struggle-fucking, and while they all press similar buttons for me, I’d kind of like a word for the sleep-fuck in particular. Answers on a postcard, or more helpfully in the comments. 

I read this story aloud to Patreons on a recent live chat and it seemed to go down well so I recorded it as audio too – click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. And if you too want to hear stuff that’s been sitting in my drafts for ages and give input onto what gets recorded next, please do come support me on Patreon. We have a laugh, innit. 


  • fuzzy says:

    i’m a total somnophiliac and i love it either way. I’ve had 2-4 partners in my time who have really enjoyed it; one of them took my “feel free to have sex with me anytime I’m asleep” consent to heart and after that I would regularly find myself waking up (or even just partially waking up and falling back asleep) in the midst of some sex act, or sometimes during the climactic moment even. She told me that there were numerous times when I never actually seemed to wake up as well. And a couple of them really enjoyed it the other way as well; my primary partner for most of my freshman year in college gave me blanket permission to sex her while she was asleep (and vice versa) and we had just a lovely time.

    It hasn’t been common, so it is an itch that has often gone unscratched, but when it has happened it gives me permanent gratitude to those partners that I was able to share it with.

    Amusingly, there have been a couple of times when i and a partner have fallen asleep (both of us) right in the middle of fucking. I remember one memorial time when we did that, and later we both stirred and continued right from where we had stopped, still in mid-stroke, penis still mostly erect (at least enough to continue and get its mojo back).

    Thank you for the awesome post!

  • Nick says:

    Hey Fuzzy,

    What was your first experience that “awakened” this for you?
    Do you enjoy the idea of being found asleep or out cold in a vulnerable position?

  • Dormophilia Girl says:

    The reverse is called dormophilia. You’re welcome.

  • Sleepy says:

    How does one bring this up as a potential with a new partner (along with other CNC stuff)? I don’t want to give the wrong impression to my partner but I also want to be able to enjoy sex to the fullest too and I feel like sprinkling in the things I enjoy would do that since I’m not normally a very.. outwardly sexual person? This is my first serious like. Adult partnership and we’re going on a year and a half now and I don’t think they’d be against it it’s just every time I start to ask or try to talk about it I freeze up and think like “oh God what if they think I’m like. A scary person or a freak or something” I don’t think these things and I wouldn’t about them if the roles were reversed. We’ve given each other permission to use our mouths to “wake the other up” but neither of us has taken the offer yet out of a great Sense of nervousness(checking a thousand times for consent first even though it’s already been given) but how do I explain I don’t want to be woken up without it sounding like I just don’t want to be present with the person I’m sleeping with. I want you to do your thing while I’m sleeping. I think it’s hot that you just can’t wait but I know it isn’t genuine yknow? I don’t think that of you I just think it’s attractive when I’ve already consented to it

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