Guest blog: The first time I wore lingerie

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Today I’m delighted to welcome back ‘Mr Big’, who has previously dropped by to tell us in super-hot detail about the first time he tasted his own spunk. As a big fan of ‘firsts’, I’m delighted that he’s got another one to share – the first time he wore lingerie. While I have a little men-in-panties content on this blog (including this gorgeous audio porn fishnet story by Floss Liddell), I could definitely do with more posts that focus on the hotness of sexy underwear, especially now I have a brand new site sponsor – BrandX Intimates – who make gorgeous kinky lingerie. This story has both the joy and nervousness that comes with discovering a brand new kinky thing. Enjoy!

The first time I wore lingerie

A few months after the spunk-tasting incident, I found myself with my first girlfriend – Sue. Sue was very into sex, and we were lucky enough to be able to fuck almost whenever we liked as she was a University student living in my area, and so had a flat that she shared with a friend. One Friday evening I went to take Sue out, but when I got there she told me with a broad grin that her flatmate had gone home for the weekend, so as we had the place to ourselves, we could stay in.

After making the obligatory coffee, Sue and I sat on the sofa and were soon kissing and caressing, and I eagerly stroked her tits through her T shirt as she fondled my crotch through my jeans.

‘I’m curious,’ she said suddenly. ‘What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?’

‘Not sure what qualifies as kinky,’ I replied uncertainly.

‘Something that someone else might think was weird,’ she pressed on.

My mind went back to the time where I came over my own face, and so – a little embarrassed – I relayed the tale to her as she giggled and laughed.

‘Oh I’d love to see that!’ Sue said with a broad grin. ‘Let’s do it tonight!’

‘Well, it’s pretty messy and besides… I really wanted to fuck you,’ I replied, hoping to dissuade her.

‘We’ve got until Sunday afternoon before my flatmate’s back, so loads of time to enjoy ourselves,’ she smirked, ‘and it sounds like fun.’

With that she said she’d be back in a few minutes and headed to her bedroom.

Ten minutes later, Sue came back just wearing black fishnet stockings, a black lace suspender belt, matching knickers and bra. She also had a towel in one hand and some black material in the other.

‘Wow!’ I grinned.

‘Thought I’d best have a towel to put under your head.’ She laughed as she dropped it on the floor.

I then realised that the black material in the other hand had suspender clips dangling from it.

‘Seeing as you’re about to experience what a girl gets, I think you should be dressed the part as well…’ she said sexily, as she opened her hand to show me a lace suspender belt and black stockings. This was clearly what she had in mind when she asked about something kinky, and I looked at the lingerie a little uncertainly.

‘Come on,’ she chuckled. ‘There’s only the two of us and it’ll be a laugh.’

She pulled me to my feet and undressed me, then passed the suspender belt around my waist and joined the hook and eye fastening together before spinning the belt around my waist to get it the right way round.  Against my expectations, the look and feel of the black lace around my waist was actually pretty horny, and although my mind was questioning if I should be doing this, my cock started to harden.

‘Ooh look!’ she giggled. ‘He seems to like it!’

With that she got on her knees and rolled the first stocking up my legs, teasing my cock every now and then by taking it in her mouth as she showed me how to fasten the suspender clips to the stocking tops and adjust the suspender strap.

Following her lead, I gathered up the second stocking between my thumbs and rolled it onto the other leg before fastening the welt to the suspender clips as my cock got even harder. The doubts about wearing sexy lingerie had now been replaced by sheer lust, and I loved the strangeness of the feel of fishnet material on my legs. I stood in front of her running my hands over her underwear on me.

‘Fantastic!’ she laughed as I stood there with a raging hard on poking out from below the lacy suspender belt. Then she spread out the towel and instructed me to lie on the floor.

I did as I was asked and lay on my back with my head in the centre of the towel. Sue then stood beside my head.

‘So you wank off when you see pictures of girls’ cunts then, eh? What about when you see it in the flesh?’ she mocked as she pulled the lace of her knickers to one side to reveal her freshly-shaven cunt.

‘Oh fuck!’ I groaned and almost without thinking took my cock in hand and started wanking.

‘Do you like it then?’ she teased as she knelt beside my head, giving me a close up of her smooth pussy lips as she rubbed and parted them.

‘I fucking love it!’ I breathed, wanking harder and running my hands over the lace around my waist.

‘Seems like you enjoy wearing my underwear too.’

She moved down to straddle my hips and stopped me wanking. I was so hard that she simply pointed my cock upright and slipped her cunt over it as I groaned at the lovely warm caress of her wet sleeve.

‘Let me know when you’re starting to cum,’ she gasped as she rubbed her clit and slowly rode my cock.

It was a weird image – looking between us there was the flesh of our groins and my slick cock sliding inside her spread open cunt, all surrounded by a frame of suspender straps and black lace.

‘I’ll come soon!’ I moaned as her own excitement rose.

Immediately, she climbed off me and helped me roll back onto my shoulders as she stroked my cock over my face.

‘Open your mouth!’ she commanded.

I opened my mouth just as the first jet fired, and Sue howled laughing as more and more spunk splattered into my mouth and face.

The last few squirts were still happening when she pushed me back flat, and she quickly swung her leg over my head, lowering her cunt onto my mouth.

‘Lick me! Make me cum!’ she demanded as she lay across me in a sixty-nine. She rubbed her cunt over my mouth as I licked between her lips seeking out her clit to flick my tongue over it, while she took my spunky and pussy-slimy cock in her mouth.

I pulled her lips apart with my fingers and pushed two of them deep into her wet hole as I licked quickly at her clit which sent her bucking like crazy.

‘Ah fuck! I’m cumming!’ she suddenly gasped as she ground her cunt onto me, smearing the spunk and juice combination between my face and her groin.

When her orgasm subsided, she rolled off me laughing, as I suddenly felt very weird and foolish to be wearing stockings and suspenders. I reached down to unfasten them.

‘No, leave them,’ she chided. ‘There’s more fun to be had tonight, so we’ll both keep them on until morning, and see what else we can get up to.’

Since that night, and to the present day I wear stockings occasionally for sex, and still turns me on.


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