Avant D14 Heart of Gold: Slim dildos and reminiscence wanks

I'm bad at taking product shots, forgive me - this is the Avant D14 Heart of Gold

My cunt is sore, so fucking sore. I got fucked so hard that when I came home I shuddered each time I thought about it, although whether the shudders were caused by lustful memories or something else is a story for another fucking day. All you need to know for now is that my cunt was sore. And therefore perfectly placed to try out a new sex toy: a slim, soft, gentle dildo – the Avant D14 Heart of Gold – sold by Stuffgoodies, and perfectly designed to soothe my fucksore vagina while I reminisced about the excellent sex I had when I should almost certainly have been doing something else. Let’s do this.

I try not to make a habit of regretting. I can analyse and question and work out if I’d make different choices next time, but wallowing in regret for too long seems silly when you cannot change the past. So instead of regretting that deliciously brutal fuck, I resolved to spend a little time remembering.

By which I mean… wanking.

I was supposed to be working. That’s the story of my life right now. Everything I do is something I’m doing when instead I should really be working. But luckily for me, wanking sometimes counts as work, so I crowbarred an hour into my schedule to relax into a couple of lovely (OK three lovely) cuntsore reminiscence wanks.

Avant D14 Heart of Gold

Let’s do the sponsor part first: this dildo was given to me by Stuffgoodies (code GOTN for 10% off anything on their site, team!) – a new site sponsor who hooked up with me very recently, and who are currently running a Twitter competition if you’d like to win hot butt stuff (RT the tweet before 12th October).

StuffGoodies asked me to pick something to write about, and I chose this dildo – the Avant D14 Heart of Gold. Not just because it’s pretty, though it is, but because of its excellent shape. Dicks are unique and varied but although I have had a lot of cock, I have still never fucked anything quite like it. It’s slimmer than you’d think from looking at the pictures – dinky and slender in a way that I wouldn’t normally go for. I’d worry, I think, that without someone attached to the other end, more substance would be needed for a truly satisfying fuck.

I was wrong.

There’s a time and a place for slim dildos in my life. The time is just after I’ve returned from a vigorous fucking, and the place is my living-room sofa.

Reminiscence wanks

I wouldn’t usually wank in the living room. It feels far too public, even with the curtains closed. But today, ah today, I want time and space and warmth. So I settle down on the sofa with this dildo by my side, and Zumio to accompany it laid out on the coffee table. I close my eyes and remember the things that happened last night.

There’s a hotness in having a sore cunt, even if it does mean things hurt a little when you piss. There are two kinds of cunthurt that throb pleasantly – the ache and pull at the entrance, where I fucked too swiftly for my juices to keep up and lube us, and the deep internal bruising where the head of his dick hit my cervix. Relaxed and mindful and bathing in memories, I lie there and feel them both ache for a while. Each pulse of pain reminds me of one of this guy’s thrusts, and I have visions and flashes of what we both did.

His eyes, staring darkly at me. His hands gripping my hips. His cock, fat and hard in my hand and then solid and relentless inside me.

And my cunt hurts, so fucking much. But I’m getting wet despite that. As I nudge down my jeans just enough to start sliding the spit-lubed dildo into my cunt, I scroll through memories like they’re thumbnails of porn, and I know as I do so that one wank will not be enough.

His eyes. 

I reach for the dildo, wondering if something so slim can still give me satisfaction.

His hands. 

It definitely can.

His cock.

The dildo is not the same as his cock, not close, but I do not want it to be. It’s slim in the body, curved just enough to press a little against my g-spot – that bit that’s still throbbing from last night’s delight. Slender enough that it doesn’t stretch me out, but slightly wider near the entrance. Before I slide it in I do not understand why you’d make one so much wider at the base, but when I’m fucking it I do. I like the way it puts gentle pressure at the opening to my cunt – nudging against the sore parts and reminding me how I got fucked.

I fuck myself gently enough that I won’t get hurt further, but at just the right angle to make myself come. I grab the Zumio quickly for extra sensation, and the zinging oscillations hit the left-hand side of my clit exactly as I need them to, thrumming pleasure down through my skin until the waves meet the flesh against which the dildo presses inside.

When I come, I clench against the dildo.

When I come, I remember the way we stared each other down while we were fucking. Like we were both so fucking angry.

Just one more time

Sometimes when I’ve come – if I’m using something massive and textured like the Night King or the Helios – I cannot touch myself for a good hour afterwards. It’s not just that my cunt is sore, it’s zinging: the molecules inside it hum like plucked strings, needing time and calm to settle before the next onslaught of greedy, eager lust.

But with this one? The slim, odd-yet-pleasantly-shaped, something-of-a-mouthful Avant D14 Heart of Gold? On that Sunday afternoon on my living-room sofa, with the thoughts in my head and the tingle in my cunt and the desperation to spend one more hour just lying there thinking about the bad, bad things we did… I use it three times in quick succession. And once more that evening, for luck.

Short breaks in between to go clean it off – I’m a sex blogger, after all, and we’re meant to know our stuff. I should probably have used proper lube as well, but you’ll forgive me my haste, I hope. I was horny.

I won’t be able to use the Avant D14 Heart of Gold without thinking about that night.

I do not know if that’s a good or bad thing, but I know it’s a very good dildo.


More info on the Avant D14 Heart of Gold: It’s a soft silicone dildo with a suction base (and the base is also compatible with most strap-on harnesses, so possibly a good beginner strap-on toy). It’s 6 inches long, 1.4 inches wide, curved towards the top and with a wide base at the bottom where it enters you. 

Many thanks to StuffGoodies who sponsor my site and provided me with this lovely little fucktool for free – it really is compact and slim, so if you’re in the market for that, buy the Avant D14 Heart of Gold here for the unusually specific price of $39.82, and use the code GOTN for 10% off this or anything on their site. I imagine (and will check) that it’s also great for anal. 


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