My vagina is electric – adventures with ElectraStim

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

“Oh Jesus fuck yeah that’s we… yeah that’s weird… and umm holy fuck. Oh God ah it actually…”

Long pause while he fucks me more, just to check his assessment is correct.

“It actually feels…”

More fucking…

“Like your cunt is…”


“…actively trying to pull my dick further in.”

I like new sensations. And electrosex falls very firmly into the category of ‘new sensation.’ While I don’t normally take freebies (because I’d only end up forgetting to write about them then feel guilty for ever more), I happily made an exception for ElectraStim. Partly because they’re lovely people, and partly because I have always wanted to have an electric vagina.

What follows is neither a review nor an instruction manual. It’s just a story about some dirty sex I had, while my cunt was zinging with electricity. If you’d like to have a go yourself, pick up your own ElectraStim kit here, and then thoroughly read the instructions before you use it.

Safety first, cunt zinging second.

Got it? OK.

What the fuck is ElectraStim?

ElectraStim is equipment that – here’s the science bit – fires electric current through your genitals. OK, I lied about the science bit. I have no idea how this works and I am too lazy to research it. But basically you get a battery pack with controls, and some wires, and then you attach those wires to the desired bit of your body.

On the gentler, lower settings it feels like being stroked by a tiny electric elf, and on the high ones it feels the way I imagine it would if you stuck your tongue on a 9 volt battery (don’t actually do this).

Once you’ve played around with the sensations for a while, you fuck. Well, that’s what we did at any rate.

Before I get on to the filth, I’ll tell you that what I have is:

  • ElectraStim flick pack – this is the battery pack and controller, i.e. the most important part. You need this in order to use the other bits of kit, but you can also use this on its own. It comes with two conductive pads which you stick to yourself (or your partner), and they conduct the electricity.
  • ElectraStim silicone noir rocker butt plug – this is a butt-plug which you plug into the flick pack, so that you can target the tingling zizz sensations directly into your ass.
  • ElectraStim jack socket – this is a thick, textured masturbator which is open at both ends. You plug it into the flick pack, and thus provide tingling zizz sensations right through your dick. This is fucking INCREDIBLE for BDSM reasons that I will explain in a later blog post (subscribe if you’d like to get emails when new posts go up).

Electro sex – pleasure or pain or both?

I have to be in a particular mood for experiment-fucking. Because using a new sex toy wanders dangerously close into ‘I feel like I’m working’ territory, often toys I mean to write about languish unused until I am feeling suitably relaxed. But just before Christmas I went away for the weekend, and spent a couple of days alternating between getting drunk with friends, and getting vigorously banged on a beautiful king-sized bed.

By the time Sunday night rolled round, I was as relaxed as I ever get while awake, so was in just the right mood to discover what it feels like to have an electric cunt. Being a thorough, safety-conscious individual, I ripped all the packaging off the ElectraStim control pack and tossed the instructions into the bin. My other half sighed, retrieved them, skimmed the safety info, then got to work.

He stuck the two conductive pads on my bum – one on each buttock – then turned on the flick pack. Initially, I felt nothing, then as he turned up the power I could feel the tingle start to build. It’s a pleasant, odd sensation – it begins with very light pins and needles then gets stronger, like someone’s forcing you to tense your muscles, but in a really targeted way. I think I found muscles I’d never really used before, buried somewhere deep in the curve of my arse, accessible only via electricity and sticky pads.

But the real fun started when my other half ‘flicked’ the controller. It’s motion sensitive, so when you flick it like a whip it issues a crack of more intense sensation. When he flicked it, I felt a snap of pain. A tiny bit like the sting of the cane, but without the long-tail ache that makes me want to curl up my toes and cry. As a punishment tool, it’s pretty perfect if you’re not keen on marks, because I got some serious ouch without getting any post-beating welts or bruises.

That’s all kind of a side-note, though, because although I normally love a bit of BDSM, I was supremely horny, so getting vigorously fucked was much higher on my bucket list than getting a virtual beating.

Electric cunts

When I’ve read about or looked at ElectraStim equipment before, the thing which has intrigued me most is the way it turns part of your (and your partner’s) body into a sex toy. If two of you each have a conductive pad on your skin, making contact with each other completes the circuit – where you touch, you’ll both get that zingy electric sensation.

That means that you can make contact with your partner’s thighs, bum, and crotch, and it will feel to them like you have electric skin. Like your touch is actually magic.

It also means that if I put one pad on my inner thigh, and he puts the other on his, we’re essentially using our own genitals as the conduit for electricity. My cunt is electric, and so is his dick, and that’s where ALL the fun begins.

When you’re channeling electricity, the surface area with which you touch each other is the most important thing. The broader the surface area, the more gentle the sensation. So if I placed my entire palm on your backside, you’d feel that pleasant pins-and-needles zing. If I touched you with a fingertip, because of the smaller surface area you’d get a more intense sensation that sits deliciously on the cusp of pleasure and pain. Can you guess what happened when we fucked?

Picture it.

When he holds his cock at the entrance to my cunt, touching just ever-so-slightly, I have to bite my lip and stare at him wide-eyed.

“Ow. Fuck. Ow. That’s… intense.”

If he teases my clit with the head of his cock, both of us squeal in ecstasy/agony. But then, as he pushes his dick inside me, the tingling electric sensation smooths out. It becomes less intense, more warming. He thrusts in hard, pushing against my squeals at the pain when he just had the tip in. And as his cock fills me up, so the crackle of electricity spreads right up to the back of my cunt, and I squirm to push myself harder down onto him.

Aaaah. Fuck. It’s nice. Like, really nice. The urgent physical need to have him in me, to spread the surface area and avoid the more intensely painful sensation, pushes every single one of my buttons. And his excited grin as he realised that his dick was essentially a livewire, controlling exactly how much pleasure or pain either of us felt? Yeah, he was pretty impressed too.

Let’s get to the main bit, though, because with electricity it’s not all about sensation – it’s about the effect on your muscles too. And just as the electric pads had caused my arse to clench in ways I’d not realised it could, so it also amplified the clenching effect of my vagina squeezing tight around his dick.

“It’s literally pulling me in,” he says, fucking me with a firm, deliberate slowness. Testing out the sensation as he holds my thighs open as far as they’ll go. Staring down at my cunt with wet eyes and a deeply horny expression. I feel like I’m an experiment of sorts – up on a table for him to examine and prod and electrocute and play with. Or – scratch that – I feel like I’m a new sex toy. Like I’ve essentially turned myself into a piece of equipment to be used. I have an electric, supercharged cunt, and it does things I didn’t know I was capable of. It




We fuck like that for what feels like not-long-enough: him pushing into me with firm, aching strokes; my electric cunt pulling him in on the in-stroke; each of us tensing up for that precious moment on the out-stroke when we’ll both feel a jolt of almost-but-not-quite-pain.

With the electricity pulling his dick deeper into me, it’s as close as two humans get to becoming a kind of two-headed fucking automaton: driven by electricity rather than our own free will.

It’s epic.

If I have one criticism of the whole scenario, it’s that spunk itself doesn’t conduct electricity in exactly the way I’d like – by the time he came I was so wrapped up in our new-found electrical superpowers, I half expected to feel a bolt of lightning crackle up through my stomach and cause my eyes to flash. But that’s probably too much to ask of any sex toy.

For now I’m just happy that I got to experience this shiny new sensation. When he pulled out, we both had a brief moment of intense agony because we’d forgotten to turn off the box, so as the very last atoms of his cock were touching the edge of my labia, we both got a strong thwack of electric pain right in the junk. And we ended by pulling the wires off, collapsing on the bed, and giggling at how we probably need a little more practise before we’re perfect.

But in all honesty, when you’ve got an electric vagina, who’s going to quibble over perfection?



I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. As I said above, I don’t normally review things so this isn’t intended to be comprehensive – just an explanation of how we used it and why I loved it. But because I don’t want to leave you hanging, here’s a bit more detail if you want to try ElectraStim stuff yourself.

I was initially under the impression that you needed a pack plus something else in order to get started, but you don’t. Everything we did above can be done with the catchily-named ElectraStim EM-60E electrostimulation pack, which costs £99. But you can use the code GOTN to get 10% off. As mentioned above, I also have the jack socket and the butt plug which you can buy as add-on extras, and they give you a different way to channel the electricity. More on these (especially the jack socket) later.

I am not the right person to give you advice or guidance on safety, so make absolutely sure you’ve read the safety information and advice before you get started – do as I say, not as I do. 

Finally, we come to basically the only question that matters: would I recommend it? Obviously, yes. If this post made you horny, you will almost certainly love this. My personal rule is that I’d never recommend anything I wouldn’t buy myself, so although I got this for free, if it gets stolen by a horny or confused burglar I will definitely buy another.


  • Peculiarblend says:

    Liked the innovative intent and execution behind this sex toy. Especially, the way you have written. Honesty with bit of features thrown in always makes it interesting. I genuinely liked the advantages of the product. Thank you for spelling it out in your subtle ways

  • Scottish McHaggis says:

    Funny AND educational!
    Thanks GotN

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    What a time to be alive, eh?

  • Rachael Ray says:

    I wonder if its safe to use with a IUD?

  • Chevko_ says:

    I read this shortly after you posted it and I’ve come back a good 7 months later.

    I’m again really curious about this, but I’ve never done any kind of electric play at all. Would you recommend it going in blind or build up to it?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh good question. I think I’d definitely recommend a build-up and testing on very low settings to start off with. If you go in to a physical store where they stock ElectraStim you should be able to have a play with a demo so you can get an idea for the sensations. I definitely wouldn’t just insert an electric butt-plug and turn it up to 11, though, as it can be quite powerful on the high settings – it’s a gradient from tingle to a kind of snappy/warm pain, so definitely try on lower settings in a less sensitive area to get a feel first. I found having it on my bum was a good way to start off with – gave me a chance to get used to it and play around where the ‘electric vagina’ thing would probably have been SUPER intense if I hadn’t known what sensations to expect. Hope that helps!

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