Most fun times to squeeze your cunt muscles

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

I like squeezing my cunt muscles while I’m fucking someone. There’s this glorious moment, just on the in-thrust when they’re plunging inside, where if I time it right I can get the muscles to clench just where the head of their dick is. It adds resistance, making them shove it harder. And tightness, so I can better feel how hard their cock is. If they have a particularly prominent head, I can feel the edge of it rubbing past the ridge on one of the internal walls of my vagina. And if they’re expressive (which they should be, oh God I really really want them to be), sometimes I can make them let out a little grunt. Of pleasure? Maybe. Of surprise? Perhaps. I also like to imagine it’s one of effort. They’ve been expecting a certain amount of resistance, but by squeezing my cunt I can ramp it up a little – giving them more to push against and encouraging that gorgeous unngh noise in the back of their throat as they realise they have to fuck harder. If this sounds hot to you (it is, oh God it really super is), here are a few times when it’s fun to squeeze your cunt.

1. Squeeze your cunt muscles… before they’ve even entered you

I know a gentleman who used to enjoy the challenge of trying to push the head of his dick past my tightest cunt squeezes. He managed it, obviously: I don’t want to give you the impression that my cunt is like a steel trap, that sounds terrifying. But I think this has some of the similar joy for him of that moment when the head of his dick first enters me. The ‘pop’ of pushing through the cunt ache at the entrance to my vagina, being enveloped in wet, silky warmth (I actually have no idea how to describe this because I have a total horror of my own insides – an issue I will have a crack at unpacking in a later blog post) is echoed a little further in – deeper, where the muscles clench most tightly.

Squeezing your cunt before someone slides in gives a little extra resistance and – best of all, in my opinion – allows you to feel yourself hugging and enveloping every single atom of every inch of their cock. Lovely.

2. Squeeze your cunt muscles… when they fucking tell you to

Recently I’ve been having fun teaching someone that he can guide me on when to clench my cunt. That he can say ‘now’ or ‘squeeze’ or ‘hold it, yeah that’s it’ and I’ll do my best to try and time my squeezes for exactly when he wants me to. It’s led to some excellent new discoveries, not least a really delightful, almost meditative fuck, where he railed me firm and slow, telling me to squeeze at just the perfect moment on each stroke.

There’s something deliciously domly about being commanded to squeeze, and there’s also something disgustingly, beautifully taboo about playing into the idea that my body is there as a pleasure device for him to customise and use as he sees fit.

Record scratch. OK, shit. Let’s do a brief interlude to discuss the problematic implications of some of this. Feel free to skip this paragraph if you only want the hot stuff, but you’ll be missing out, because sometimes understanding why something is problematic makes it a hell of a lot sexier in the long run. Expecting someone’s cunt to be tight is wildly dodgy, and it comes with a tonne of baggage. The idea that someone’s sexual worth is at least partly down to how tight their cunt is, or that their cunt will become massive just because they’ve fucked a few people (it won’t), or indeed that someone else’s cunt is purely a tool with which to pleasure a penis? All these are dodgy as fuck. But also… where there’s dodginess, there’s also taboo. And taboo is sexy.

So although I don’t buy in to any of these tropes, I absolutely can and do play around with them when I’m fucking, because I’m a subby slut and I enjoy pretending in this space sometimes. It makes my cunt wet.

While we’re at it, this is also why I don’t like referring to cunt squeezes as ‘kegels’. I know lots of people do, and no shade to you if you do: it’s a medically accurate term for what the cunt squeezes are – tensing your pelvic floor muscles. But to me ‘kegels’ are the exercises you do to help strengthen your pelvic floor, and the squeezes I’m talking about are not ‘exercise’ but pleasure. It’s the difference between going for a run because you want to get sweaty and do cardio, and running up a hill so you can twirl around on top of it like Maria Von Trapp. It’s why I’m also not keen on the idea of ‘sexercise’, when people bang on about how many calories you burn in different positions. Why do you care? Jesus. It’s a shag, not a PE class. Think about the exercise implications if you enjoy that and it gets you off, but remember sex is meant to be fun – don’t let anyone tell you that it’s only valuable if there are fringe benefits beyond how happy it makes you and your partners.

3. Just before you start to come

I won’t dwell on this one too long because I’m not sure what I can say other than ‘squeezing something tightly helps you feel it more intensely’ but yeah… that. Just as I press a Doxy harder against myself when I’m approaching orgasm, to give me even deeper, thuddier rumbles, so clenching someone’s cock with my cunt gives me more intense friction sensations and is often the exact thing I need to push me over the edge.

The best orgasms… the very best ones… are often those which lead neatly on from the squeezes, so it’s hard for me to tell at which point the voluntary cunt clenching ended and the involuntary orgasmic spasms began.

2. Just before they spunk

This works best if you haven’t done the cunt squeezes during the shag so far. It’s a neat trick, but just as you wouldn’t wear lingerie every day, so you don’t want to keep squeezing your cunt for the entire duration of a shag because not only will your muscles eventually get tired, you’ll miss out on the ‘surprise!’ factor if you tense them later down the line. Sometimes the best time to squeeze your cunt is just at the moment when you realise they’ve given up on the ‘fucking for fun’ portion of the shag, and launched into the ‘desperate to cum‘ stage of it.

You know what I mean, right? There’s often (though not always) a tipping point – a slight shift in mood and pace – that tells you the person who’s dicking you is good and ready to spunk. This might be just after you’ve come, or it might be when you’ve whispered ‘give me your fucking cum‘ in their ear, or it might just be when you’ve been going for a while and they’ve done all the work and they’re knackered. They speed up slightly, maybe gently adjust the position because they were trying not to come before so they had their dick in at an angle that would give them a bit less stimulation, or maybe they just start fucking that tiny bit harder. Whatever it is, it is often incredibly noticeable.

That is an excellent time to start the cunt squeezes. Lately I have had a few fun shags where I’ve squeezed my cunt just as I whisper ‘please please please give me your cum’ – squeeze on the third ‘please’ and oof. Yes. Short of overtaking lycra-clad men on my bike as I tear up central London, these are the moments when I feel most powerful.

1. Just after they start to come

You had to know this was coming, right? I hope so. Because as soon as I realised I could squeeze my cunt muscles in a rhythmic pattern, one of the first things that popped into my head was the idea of using it to milk the spunk out of someone. I have not yet achieved the dream of being able to just perch on someone’s dick, pin them down by the shoulders, and stare them dead in the eye while I use the muscles in my cunt to milk them dry – it requires more stamina than I think my cunt muscles have, especially in an age where many dudes I know perform a kind of death-grip masturbation which means even my powerful vagina seems weak-ass by comparison.

But what you can do, if you like this sort of thing, is start to squeeze just as you feel their cock twitch with the first shot of spunk. Squeeze hard, hold it, release, then squeeze again. If they stop fucking you and just plunge in good and deep to dump their jizz there, it’s much easier to feel when the first shot is done, so you can release for a break before squeezing for the next round. Using your muscles to add power to each squirt, and wringing the last few drops out of their dick.

Now. Not everyone enjoys sensation after they’ve come, but some do: some guys I’ve known want me to keep sucking at the end of a blow job for what feels to me a long time after they’ve orgasmed. Others go from ‘yes God that’s it keep it deep in your throat while I spaff’ to ‘holy shit stop please don’t touch me any more’ within seconds. So your mileage on the following may vary, but… recently I was milking the last few drops of cum out of someone by squeezing good and tight, enjoying his nice post-orgasm body shudders and occasional comments like ‘OK squeeze now…’ or ‘wait for it…’ or ‘unngh yeah hold that squeeze…’ and managed to keep his dick hard and inside me for long enough that he was ready for another fuck.

When you shouldn’t squeeze your cunt muscles

It’s really boring to end this otherwise sexy post with a PSA, but it would be irresponsible of me not to. Apparently some people get so worried about whether their own vagina is ‘tight’ enough (thanks, societal pressure! I will write about you later!) that they spend a lot of time training their pelvic floor, and this – like anything in excess – can cause problems. There is such a thing as an ‘overactive’ pelvic floor, and apparently your muscles down there can go into spasm if you overuse them. So. You know. Don’t do this.

And because I am frequently haunted by men who pop up in comments sections going ‘God, I really wish my wife would do this’, I am also going to give you a piece of advice I’ve never given before, which I reckon should serve you well: you absolutely shouldn’t squeeze your cunt if someone is nagging you to do it, and making you feel like shit if you can’t/don’t want to. Just don’t. If someone wants to take this post – which is intended to cause joy – and use it to cause you pain, then please pass on the following message from me: “Go fuck yourself.”

I am having a lot of fun with cunt squeezes at the moment, whether it’s tensing hard on a sex toy I’m trying out, surprising guys at the moment of orgasm by squeezing to milk the last drops out of ’em, or getting them to guide me on the exact moment when I should clench around the head of their dick. It’s fun. But as with anything and everything sexy, if it ain’t fun for you, you don’t have to do it.


  • The Once and Future Suicide King says:

    My wife has excellent muscle control of her nethers. Once in, I don’t even have to move, she can just stroke my cock to orgasm.
    Her best thing is to climb on top, settle her weight down so as to take in every inch of my dick. Slide up and down a few times and at the bottom of a stroke – *cough*. Feels like she’s going pinch my dick off. *coughcough* In between *coughs* she’s steadily stroking base to head, base to head.
    It’s in-effing-credible.

    • Girl on the net says:

      *adds coughing to to-do list*

      This is an excellent addition, thank you! I shall experiment when I have a willing dick and report back =)

  • Sky says:

    We like playing a game where I try really really hard NOT to squeeze (spoiler alert – it’s difficult!) and when I just can’t help myself he changes the pace. Slow fucking till I can’t take it any more, then fast whenever I squeeze. A few cycles of that is amazing.

  • Faustian says:

    I love all of these.
    One of my favourite things about oral is how deliberate and almost inflicted it all feels (especially dressed up with power play) so the cunt mastery you describe is a particular favourite for that reason.

    Excellent work GotN.

  • Nick says:

    I once knew a girl whose cunt muscles were so strong I couldn’t pull out. She literally trapped me inside her. Really the most incredible feeling.

  • Steve says:

    My wife’s done lots of Kegels. Once, when she was upset at me, she squeezed really tight and held the contraction for several thrusts. After a while I had to ask her to let go of my cock, as it was going numb from the pressure. Also, when I’m cumming, she can not hold a long squeeze, because that will block or disturb my semen.
    I also like the penetration challenge mentioned in the blog (#1). I just love her strength.
    About training too much – I don’t think that is a problem, but not learning to relax is.

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