Guest blog: A month’s worth of cum

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

Sluts, eh? We’re incorrigible. No sooner do we read about someone holding their spunk in for 30 days in order to deliver an epic cum shot than we’re persuading people in our own lives to try abstinence so we can experience an epic load of our own. That’s what happened in this week’s guest blog, as the frankly heroic @girlinjail – after reading about how my toyboy gallantly partook in No Nut November and then painted my insides with jizz – persuaded the husband in a couple she’s fucking to try abstaining from orgasm so that she could experience an entire month’s worth of cum. You’ve met this couple – Mike and Elly – before, when Girl in Jail persuaded them to try jump-humping (another heroic endeavour which resulted in that rocket-fuel hot guest blog). And you’ve also read some of GJ’s other adventures too, when she tried out the Electrastim KIX. Now you get to join me in falling at her feet to worship her newest and sexiest guest post: the culmination of Mike’s abstinence, as Elly watches Girl in Jail get covered in a month’s worth of cum. Truly, honestly: we are not fucking worthy.

A month’s worth of cum

‘So do you think he really did it then? He didn’t cheat?’

‘Oh yeah, I’m confident he didn’t cheat.’

I’m lying on Elly and Mike’s bed, watching Elly dry herself after a shower. She towels her hair, arms above her head as I lie there watching, admiring her body.

‘I’m in awe of his willpower,’ I say. ‘A whole month without an orgasm. I don’t think I could last a week. I can barely make it through a day!’

‘I know, right.’ Elly puts the towel down and stands there, naked and beautiful.

‘And you guys were still having sex? He just wasn’t allowed to cum…?’

‘Yup.’ She pulls a flimsy red bodysuit from a drawer, then a black one. ‘I wasn’t going without sex for a month just to indulge his denial nonsense.’ She holds up both bodysuits.

‘Red,’ I say. ‘And you had full sex, his cock inside you? Until you came?’

‘Yup. I came, he didn’t.’

Fuuuck. I have no idea how he did it. He must have balls so blue they’re about to fucking fall off.’

‘Yup.’ She smiles an evil, sexy smile, as she pulls the bodysuit up her body. I watch it slide over her breasts, her pretty pink nipples pushing through the lace, the crotchless gusset pulling tight against her pussy.

‘And you don’t mind me being the first one to make him cum?’

‘No, I’ve been looking forward to it. But I want to see it… on you, not in you.’ She leans over me. ‘Or maybe in your mouth.’ She brings her lips against mine, and we kiss, briefly. My already wet pussy gives a brief, pulsing throb. She pulls my t-shirt up. ‘This needs to come off though.’


I sit up, and pull my t-shirt off over my head, then lift my bum to unbutton my jeans. I’m pushing them down my legs, along with my pants, when Mike walks in, fresh from his own shower in the main bathroom, a towel around his waist.

‘Wow, looks like good timing,’ he says, watching as his wife sprawls onto the bed next to me, raises her arms and spreads her legs, the red bodysuit highlighting every beautiful curve. Now naked beside her, I spread my own legs to match. Mike stands there, flushed from the shower, the towel still around him. I’m watching carefully for evidence of what his cock is doing underneath it.

‘Fuck, I’m dreaming here,’ he says, picking up his phone, and pointing it. ‘Can I?’

‘Yes,’ I say, as Elly nods. Photo rights and rules between the three of us are already well established, but Mike still always asks.

‘So fucking hot,’ he says, taking a photo, then a close up as I reach down and dip my fingers into my pussy. I’m wet, and a little jolt of pleasure fires up through my body as I slide my fingertips up and over my clit.

‘Put the phone down,’ says Elly. ‘And take that fucking towel off.’

Mike does as he is told, unhooking the towel to reveal his cock, already growing and thickening, the purple head glistening from the shower, or from pre-cum? I can’t be sure.

Elly moves sideways, leaving room between us. ‘I need to watch you fuck,’ she says, picking up her own phone. ‘I need to see you release all that cum you’ve been making.’

Mike grunts. It’s almost an animal noise, and his breath is heavy and hard as he kneels on the bed between us. I push myself up the bed slightly, watching his cock, thinking about how it’s been inside Elly, in her mouth, in her pulsing, coming pussy, desperate to cum but not allowed to, for day after tortuous day.

‘Have you really not come for thirty days?’ I ask. ‘No cheeky wanks in the work toilet?’

‘Nope, I somehow managed it,’ he says, moving up the bed on all fours then sitting up on his knees.

I’m still watching his cock. When Mike starts to get turned on his cock gets heavy and thick, the shaft looking like it will struggle to support the weight of the fat purple head. And as I watch it, it stands there fatter and thicker than I’ve ever seen it, and fearsomely – almost angrily – erect. Like some kind of control lever attached to a powerful machine, it sticks out from his crotch at a rigid 45 degrees, the skin taut, tight, pumping with blood and cum and desire and need.

I reach out and wrap my fingers around him, feeling his hardness like the handle of a bat as I move my leg around his knees, sliding towards him, pulling his hardness down towards me.

He kneels between my legs, and strokes my tits, his fingertips moving down over my nipples, and leans forward to kiss them. I’m still holding his rock hard cock.

‘Just fuck me,’ I say. ‘I’m ready. I need you to cum.’

‘Fuck,’ he says simply, still not sliding his cock into me, but slipping his fingers between my legs, into my pussy, onto my clit. ‘I won’t last long.’

‘I don’t care,’ I say, moving his hand away. ‘I don’t want to cum, I want to watch you first. I need to see how much you have saved for me.’

My hand still around his cock, I pull it towards my pussy. He doesn’t object again, but leans into position, his hands on my hips as I guide him between my lips then gasp with that joy of first penetration, as he slips quickly, easily, deep inside me.

His cock feels hard and hot, and I swear it’s thicker than it felt before, filling me and now thrusting into me as he holds my hips and pulls me onto his thrusts. I look up at him, his face is a mask of purest need, his lips loose, his eyes almost glazed, and I try to imagine how it must feel, after a month of self control, of self denial, of abstinence and frustration, to be finally building towards an orgasm.

I watch his face. And his tight, toned body, still in beautiful shape, his arms now resting either side of my body as his thrusts become more urgent. He’s grunting now with every thrust, and I can feel the sharp, hot exhalations on my face, little pockets of his desire in time with his cock, thrusting iron-hard inside me.

Elly moans softly to my left, and I turn my head to watch her. She’s filming with her phone, recording her husband fucking me, and stroking her pussy with her other hand. I reach out and down, moving my hand under hers, sliding my fingers into her hot wetness. She moans again as I move a wet fingertip over her clit, and I look up to see whether Mike has noticed me fingering his wife. But he’s 100% absorbed now, consumed by the pleasure in his cock, by his urgent need to finally cum. And I can tell he’s close by his sounds, his urgent movements, by the tension in his muscles, by the impossible hardness of his cock.

‘Remember we need to see it,’ says Elly, still filming. I slip two fingers inside her. ‘You have to show us.’

Mike grunts his agreement, thrusting into me once, then twice more, then in a final, wrenching act of supreme willpower he pulls his cock from my cunt and slides it up over my clit as the first thick rope of cum bursts from the end and arcs up well past my tits.

The noise he makes is impossible to describe, harder even to imagine… a mixture of relief, of pleasure, of deep pulsing aching release as he pumps spurt after hot spurt of cum up my body.

‘Ohh fuck, yes,’ says Elly, still filming, watching as her husband of 20 years drenches me in cum. It runs between my tits, down my flanks, drips onto the bed and still he hasn’t finished, as he lifts his cock away from my body it’s still twitching, little spurts of cum still falling onto my stomach.

The sheer volume of it is almost comical, and it’s Mike who laughs first, the happy deep laughter of a man who has just emptied his balls for the first time in thirty days. Pumped a month’s worth of cum onto me. A guy whose cock is still twitching happily in his hand.

‘Fuck, wow, sorry!’ he says, his voice rich with laughter. ‘God what a mess!’ His cock twitches again, and yet more cum drips out. ‘It won’t stop.’

His laughter is infectious. ‘Holy fuck Mike, where’ve you been keeping it all?’ says Elly, playing with the thick layer of cum on my tits, still filming. ‘You could have warned us…’

‘I hope you got that on film.’

‘Oh no,’ she says, joking, ‘I forgot to press record, can you just quickly do it again?’

We’re all laughing now. ‘Actually, I think I’m ready go to again already…’ says Mike, and sure enough his cock is still rock hard.

‘OK then,’ says Elly. ‘I guess it’s my turn now…’



If you too would like to embark upon this epic fuck quest and build up a month’s worth of cum to dump on/into someone, No Nut November is less than a month away. It originally started as something extremely toxic and wank-shamey. That’s partly why it’s so fucking fun to kink it. 


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