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Support my blog: buy ace discount sex toys

It seems a bit shameless to write a blog post like this, but here’s the deal: I have a couple of cool discount codes that mean you can get money off awesome sex toys, and I thought I’d give them a plug. Why? Because sex toys are fun, and my sponsors (SexToys in the UK and SheVibe in the US) give me money to help keep this blog going. If you buy stuff from them, they’ll hopefully keep giving me money, so that I can write more hot stories for you to read while you test out whatever cool things you’ve just bought.

So here goes: if you’re in the UK, use the code HEAT10 and you’ll get 10% off at SexToys. If you’re in the US (or, indeed, Canada or Australia) use the code GIRLONNET and you’ll get 10% off at SheVibe.

What if I can’t buy stuff? If you’re outside the shipping areas for either of those shops, then I’m sorry about that and I’m working on finding ways to get cool discount sex toys to you too. If you can’t afford to buy anything, then that sucks and I’m sorry, and I’m not expecting you to. If you want to support my blog without buying things I’d very much appreciate you sharing any of my posts on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribing to my feed.

Where does the money go? It goes towards keeping the blog going (hosting costs, running costs, that kind of thing), paying my fantastic illustrator Stuart, and paying the amazing guest bloggers who – I think – make this blog a gazillion times better than it’d be otherwise. The rest goes towards me, and the food, electricity, books and other things that I buy.  Any time you click on a banner ad, or post link, and buy discount sex toys, you’re helping me do all this, and I’m incredibly grateful.

This is more of a note than a blog post – I’d have done it in a better way but I’m surprisingly bad at wrangling WordPress. Normal blogging service will resume tomorrow, with something incredibly dirty and submissive that I’ve had in draft for a while.