Guest blog: What it feels like to ejaculate

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Welcome, readers, to the next guest post in a series I like to call ‘GOTN abuses her guest blog budget by using it to commission loads of pieces about what it feels like to jizz, so she can live vicariously through the kind people who are willing to share their experience.’ Recently Jocket dropped by to share some super-hot tales of trying to increase semen volume. This week we have an anonymous commenter who was kind enough to respond to my shoutout for cum-based posts with some astonishingly detailed descriptions of what it feels like to ejaculate. I’m incredibly grateful, not just for the hot stuff, but for the intensely personal look into someone’s solo sex life…

What it feels like to ejaculate

Whilst writing this I realised that all the words and phrases for what it feels like to ejaculate as a cock owner are clichéd and naff as fuck. Pumping, throbbing, squirting, rushing, forcing etc all feel grubby to write and don’t really convey what it feels like. For people who don’t have penises, the closest sensation I could find (and I’ve no idea if this translates) is that first second of going for a really enthusiastic wee, when you’re bursting to go. The sensation of contracting your pelvic floor and forcing it out – the slight edge of relief, rush of power – it’s close but it’s not the same. Anyway….

For lots of reasons, despite living with my partner, more often than not I cum solo, and the range of feelings, physical and emotional, that come with it seem so much more varied than when it’s with somebody else.

There are those times, generally late at night after endless edging to porn that turns me on but does nothing for them, when it becomes a purely functional thing and there’s almost no orgasm involved. I’ve passed though hardness and out onto the other side, finally squeezing a meagre amount of cum out as I lose my erection, literally having to milk the cum up and out because there’s so little power behind it. Strangely satisfying, somewhat humiliating, a chance to wallow in self-loathing (why do I enjoy watching this? It’s clearly not my thing, but it so obviously is), and a wash of hormones and chemicals that are oddly calming. It might sound like the sort of thing a submissive man wants to happen while he’s berated and humiliated by a sneering dominant figure, but that’s not my thing at all. The final stage – the forcing of spunk from me (and sometimes licking it off my hand) – is for closure, not satisfaction.

Sometimes my porn habit goes the other way to cumming when limp: I’ve an erection you could hang a wet towel off, and at those times I can rarely resist the restrictive and frustrating feeling of cumming in my pants. Jersey material boxer shorts are surprisingly stretchy and the confinement and tightness they bring to a hard cock is delicious. Many years ago I used to enjoy rubbing a very submissive partner’s face against my straining crotch, pushing my boxer-shorts-wrapped erection into her mouth, holding her facing into the crease of my thigh, so close and yet so far from what she wanted.

These days I have to be content with making the most of it, gripping myself with my pants still on, tilting back on the sofa until my feet start to leave the ground, and furiously getting myself off, all whilst contending with the material holding me in. When I do eventually cum it often forces its way though the material, weirdly reminiscent of fruit pulp bubbling through a muslin bag when you’re making marmalade. The added pressure of having to get though the material is felt all the way down my cock, prolonging the orgasm. There seems to be lots more cum too, but it’s easy handled, mostly contained. I wish that I’d made her watch me do this when I had the chance, but there’s no point dwelling on the past.

Wanking myself to sleep

Then there are those times in bed, when my partner is asleep, and I’m hard as hell, trying to get myself off with the minimal amount of movement, trying not to wake them up so I can finally roll over and sleep. I end up holding my breath, trying not to gasp out loud when I need air, using the absolute minimum of movement, maybe just two fingers and a thumb. Stroking, not grasping and pumping, building to the point where a get a rush that I feel up my neck and through my face, pursing my lips as cum rushes up and out, feeling my balls retract right up into me, leaving my scrotum literally empty (sidenote: I’ve always wondered how common this is – the sensation of having balls that feel literally empty [please let us know in the comments – GOTN]). As the two or three squirts of cum leave me I go light-headed and have to breathe, desperately trying not to wake my partner up because we both have work tomorrow, then finally rolling over – wet with cooling cum over my cock, balls, thighs and arse crack – and falling asleep.

Sometimes I do cum solo when we’re together, sleepily on a Saturday morning – one horny and the other not, their arm draped over my chest, or holding my hand, as I pull one knee up to make a tent and try not to get too much cum on the duvet as I get myself off. Not having to try and avoid waking them up leaves me free to go for broke, favouring the hard and fast long movements, pushing towards the first throb and gasp for air.

Feeling them squeeze my hand or press down on my chest.

Knowing that I have to clean this one up because they’ll not be impressed if they roll over and land on a smear of cold spunk.


  • Nick FromTwitter says:

    That sensation of emptiness is a thing for me too sometimes.

    A slight ache, that tendency they have to start going back up, like when you suck a water bottle empty, and it collapses in on itself? The rest of my body is completely relaxed, except for that bit. Of course, at that point, depending on how the orgasm was, I’m usually far too busy enjoying that warm glow, and it takes a few seconds for the “what the hell did you just do, it was great but we’re done now” message to filter up from my balls.

    • Girl on the net says:

      “like when you suck a water bottle empty” – oh my GOD this is hot. Unngh. Yeah. Umm… THANKS. I am so grateful to you for sharing this, you generous person <3

  • Switchington Bear says:

    I guess everyone’s experience is going to be a little different on this one but there is so much I can relate to in here. This is really well written so much kudos to the author.

    Regarding the empty balls thing (since you asked). It doesn’t often feel like that for me tbh but there are some occasions where I absolutely get what he means (although the feeling for me isn’t really centred around the balls, it’s a little more internal (which I guess makes sense given where most of the cum originates).

    Interestingly it is more likely to feel like that if there has been a prolonged period without coming and then a good build up… (and for the record it feels *good*). If I literally wank myself dry through repeated ejaculations I don’t really get that feeling (and the quality of orgasm diminishes the more I come in one session as well as the volume of cum). This almost sounds like the basis for a science experiment…

    Having the balls retract literally inside is rare for me these days (and is position dependent) but again I can relate to this. I’ve had partners be a bit freaked out by this if they didn’t know it was a thing!

    Thanks so much to the author for sharing this.

    • Girl on the net says:

      THANK YOU! This is all amazing info, and I really appreciate you joining in and answering the ’empty’ question! I asked it to a pal of mine last night and he said similar – like the ’emptiness’ can come but usually only after a prolonged period of not-cumming and then suddenly being drained. Which obviously makes these kinds of scenarios WAY HOTTER for me. God, I enjoy all this description – thank you!

  • Switchington Bear says:

    The difference in sensation (and I suppose cum volume and squirt power) is probably why I enjoy a good long tease before being taken over the edge! Oh and the joy of the anticipation that comes with that…

  • Nick FronTwitter says:

    That change in sensation can really make it extra hot, especially if you weren’t expecting it.

    After a lot of wanking-but-not-cumming, or other sexy things that don’t involve orgasms, or even after being horny for a long time but not having a chance to do anything about it, the draining sensation is fabulous. Instead of the individual shots, the sort you see in porn with the accompanying dick-twitch, I sometimes get the “whole lot at once” sensation, especially if I have to pinch to hold myself from making a mess for a second. Then, when you release, there’s that whole second feeling of, well, sploosh.

    The closest match I can think of from GoTN’s own writing is that hours post-fuck moment, when suddenly, sploosh, your knickers are full of cum. That, but just a moment after you cum, and it’s going the other way.

  • anon says:

    There are two specific moments I clearly remember… and they are similar.

    The first is when I was about 21.
    I hadn’t cum in a while and (given my youth)… when my body finally let go, the sheer force of my ejaculate was so strong it actually traversed the entire length of my body and the cum splattered into my own face and right eye.

    The second time was just over 6 months ago. I’m in my mid-40’s now and due to house moving stress it had been at least 3 weeks.
    Finally we had a night to relax and my other half stroked me to completion.
    1 spurt strong enough to hit my eye happened again.
    Then a second.
    Then a third.
    A fourth spurt shot with still enough velocity to hit my tummy.
    Then a fifth.
    A sixth.
    Oh god – a seventh.

    I lost count after that… it was a good night.

  • slave sindee says:

    hmmm very interesting thanks for the link back to increase volume.
    hmm over the years my ejaculate has changed dramatically. i was married for 42 years to a women who believed sex was only for procreation. So much of my ejaculations where from masturbating. And with my current situation, Mistress likes to see me edge for a week before allowing me to cum. Then it is like i was 20 again. Big shot and very draining. i have never experienced that empty feeling like a sucked up water bottle.

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