Guest blog: Can I increase my semen volume?

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Now listen up: I’ve used the phrase ‘semen volume’ in my intro and titles for this incredible guest blog, because Google Keyword Planner tells me it’s searched for more often than the any of the phrases I would naturally use to describe what we’re talking about here. But whether you’re keen to get a massive cum load, a spunk volcano, or a powerful spaff cannon, make no mistake that what we’re talking about here is jizz. Big, thick, sticky shots of it. Mmmmmmmmmm. As a curious and horny person who’s extremely obsessed with spunk, I recently asked on Twitter if anyone with a dick might be up for describing what it feels like to spunk with one. The first person willing to volunteer their experience is Jocket, who wrote this beautiful piece about skin hunger a while back. To answer my thirsty question, he’s offering a perspective on ejaculate that made me positively drool for it, namely: going on a quest to increase semen volume and achieve more intense orgasms.

Can I increase semen volume and have more powerful orgasms?

Tingle. I hate the word Tingle in the same way some people hate moist. It’s such a twee word, evocative of fairy lights and bath bombs, and it has no right to be the default word for the sensation of arousal. “My bits feel tingly” may well be a red-hot turn on in the world of My Little Pony fan fic, but not for me. In my world arousal is deep, earthy, and insistent.

So how, in the language of adults, should I describe what it feels like to jizz? How should I describe the juiciness that floods back into my crotch from those lazy, experimental squeezes of my cock? It’s a hunger, but not a wholesome hunger. It’s the hunger of walking past a sweetshop and wanting to gorge on a whole bag of a nostalgic favourite. It’s the delicious, glowing tension building in the muscles of my perineum. It’s the ratcheting of a rollercoaster as it inches up the incline towards the first drop. It’s a void that demands filling and the faster you fill it the faster it grows, until in that magical moment it twists itself inside out and fills you up at the same time as dropping the floor from under you.

The rollercoaster thunders down the track and the tension bursts like a cool, sweet grape. But at the same time the bag of sweets is empty and somehow the memory of fulfilment is already fading. Even as the thrust of cum floods my cock and my body floods with the spicy chill of delicious endorphins, the peak is already receding out of reach. Again, it demands, more.

Frankly if it weren’t for the refractory period I’d never get anything done. But still: more. And if not more often, then how about more volume?

God bless the internet. Of course there are corners of the internet where cis men are trying to biohack their testicles. My research led me to a discussion thread known as The Holy Grail – a discussion about which supplements one can take in order to increase semen volume.

That, with some tweaks, is what I’ve been taking for around 9 months now.

[Safety note from GOTN: I realise that publishing a post about how to increase your spunk load will naturally attract comments asking about the specific supplements taken, so Jocket has kindly included the ones he takes. But this isn’t the kind of thing you should go playing with unless you understand the risks and ideally consult with a doctor. Nothing in this blog post – or the thread linked above – should be taken as medical advice, and what works for one person may not work in the same way for you. To be really belt-and-braces about safety here, I spoke to an actual doctor to get some advice around supplements and spunk load. She says:

“Everyone has different nutritional requirements and responses to medications, and vitamins are medications, so please experiment carefully. Adding one thing at a time, starting with low doses and building up and keeping a note of any side effects, both good and bad, is a smart plan. Please don’t just buy these things from the cheapest seller with the fastest shipping on Amazon. Regulation of supplements is notoriously poor, and it’s worth spending a little bit more sourcing your supplements from a decent supplier and knowing they won’t contain something that isn’t meant to be there.”

She also provided some specific info about the following supplements, plus more advice on how to minimise risks, which I’ve included as a comment below this piece. Huge huge thanks to her! Now back to Jocket…]

Increasing my spunk volume

My daily dose is a popular orange soluble multivitamin, 1000mg L-Arginine, 350mg Saw Palmetto, 350mg Pygeum, and 1200mg Lecithin. I also take 100mcg of Vitamin D3 per day. Whether it does anything for your ejaculate or not, the NHS recommends that every adult get around 10mcg of Vitamin D per day.

Then there’s the zinc. The Recommended Daily Amount of zinc for an adult male is 9.5mg, which is covered by the fizzy multivitamin. The NHS recommends a maximum of 25mg, and for a while I tried to approach that. While it had a significant effect on volume, it wasn’t something I could handle long term. Zinc can upset your stomach in various ways, and my stomach is a precious flower which treated me to all of them after a week or so. Having had all sorts of digestive health issues in the past, this sets off a bunch of stress and anger responses in me, and I made the decision not to mess with it any more.

Despite the expectations, The Holy Grail hasn’t led me to an immediate world of jizz volcanoes and spooge tidal waves. It definitely has had some delicious positive effects though. Precum never really happens for me, and despite my hopes it still doesn’t. The final volume has increased by perhaps half again though, and it’s smoother and sweeter. The effect would probably be more pronounced if I followed the advice to only come once every two days, but… more.

Nor has the force of my orgasm increased, instead something even better has happened. You see, despite my best literary efforts at the start of this post, not every orgasm is equal. For all that you aim for the rollercoaster-drop fireworks display, some orgasms are only OK. Some are damp squibs that leave you wondering why you bothered. The main thing that keeps me taking The Holy Grail is that the quality of every orgasm is hugely improved. Sensations that used to feel black and white now come in colour. The rollercoaster is taller, the peak rounder, and the drop lasts far longer now. Strange as it seems, I am reconnected with my orgasms in a way that had been missing since my late 20s. I’ve found myself re-engaging with edging, abstaining, and luxuriously slow wanks because it all just feels so much richer than before.

Now if you’ll forgive me, the refractory period is drawing to a close, and I can hear the calling of more…


  • Girl on the net says:

    As with everything sexy, nothing is ‘no risk’, only ‘lower risk’. Here’s what to look out for with each of the supplements mentioned above…

    If you’re on any regular medications mentioned below or have prostate issues I’d definitely go and have a chat to your GP about things before starting. Don’t be embarrassed, wanting to improve sexual function is a great health goal and it’s more than okay to talk to your health professional about these things. If it’s a specific medication interaction you’re worried about, pharmacists are the font of all knowledge. Your friendly local pharmacist will have a consultation room and they generally LOVE to geek out about drug interactions, so go and have a good chat with them.

    Vitamin D – High doses of vitamin D can increase your risk of kidney stones, and 100mcg is 10x the recommended intake per NHS guidelines for a healthy adult not using it for specific medical conditions.

    L-arginine – considered to be generally safe – but this is a high dose and there’s evidence to suggest it can worsen allergies and asthma. It’s also really important to know that there’s evidence L-arginine can increase the likelihood of re-triggering the herpes virus, causing a coldsore or genital lesion. If this happens please seek medical advice and follow all precautions so as not to transmit the virus to others. L-arginine can lower your blood pressure, so if you’re already on medication for this (or use Viagra) please be careful and discuss with your GP, same goes if you’re on any medications which can affect your blood’s ability to clot.

    Saw Palmetto – Likely increases sperm volume by decreasing pressure from the prostate on the tubes carrying spunk, also is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor which can alter the specific biochemistry of testosterone. Again generally safe but can reduce the blood’s ability to clot. Don’t take it at least two weeks before surgery and discuss with your GP if you’re already on medications for this. Can also reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills but probs not an issue for this. Be careful if you’re already taking a drug called Finasteride for hair loss, and be aware that this can lower the level of prostate specific androgen in the blood that doctors use as a marker for prostate cancer, this isn’t a concern as long as you tell your doctor you’re taking it so we can review your blood results in this context.

    Pygeum – Again likely increases sperm volume by decreasing pressure from the prostate on the tubes carrying spunk, also can increase the secretions from the prostate. This supplement seems to be generally safe with few documented interactions, but it’s always really important to discuss these things with your GP if you have concerns.

    Lecithin – A fat that can be found in many foods like soybeans and egg yolks, it’s generally pretty safe, but please get it from a decent and regulated supplier as some supplements have been found to be contaminated with toxic metals or other drugs.

    Zinc – An essential trace element found naturally in the body. Taking large doses of it can cause problems with digestion, however it’s generally pretty safe on it’s own. Where we need to be careful with this is that as a supplement it interacts with a lot of other medications. If you’re on antibiotics, cisplatin (a cancer therapy), HIV medications or penicillamine you need to be extremely cautious about taking zinc supplements and discuss this with your GP or specialist doctor before considering it.

  • Jocket says:

    I couldn’t find a way to fit this nicely into the post: I want to formally exempt the wonderful Chuck Tingle and all his works from my disdain for the word.

  • fuzzy says:

    Nice post! A few notes and comments: There are different lecithins – I prefer taking sunflower to soy. I take all supplements as individual items; i.e., I take zinc, pygeum, sunflower lecithin, each, rather than using a multi-something. I do take a vitamin D3 supplement, and my doctor recommended i pick up potassium and magnesium in low doses for my night leg cramps (which worked, btw) — apparently many people don’t get enough magnesium so eat yer spinach and pumpkin seeds and almonds.

    Serious volume increasing does require some fiddling with the whole “more” concept. And if we weren’t in the land of “whatever works for YOU” before, now we’ve dived into the ocean of it because everyone seems to have a different plan they like. Suffice it to say that the comment about “once every 2 days” seems to be a minimum.

    For ME, I like to do a routine where i ejaculate 1-2 times a day for about 7 days, then I edge for 6 days without ejaculation and on the 7th day a good prostate toy can result in as many as 5 ever-flowing prostate ejaculations where there has been somewhere between a quarter and a half cup of ejaculate in a bowl. Also it will makes you really appreciate multi-orgasmic women and the fun they get to have, because frankly after 5 prostate ejaculations i am a wet towel lying moaning in a corner.

    Wonderful commentary and followup, GOTN, on the whole safety thing.

  • slave sindee says:

    very interesting post and wonderful comments. When i was reading fuzzy’s i was wishing i knew this 40 years ago when i was in my 20’s love the routine.
    love the notes about the effects of the different supplements.
    i can attest to kidney stones and Vitamin D. i used to drink about 15. to 1 gallon of milk a week. After my fifth stone , the Doctor asked me about my diet. i now drink less then a half gallon a week. Who Knew?

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