Guest blog: How I became an erotic audio creator

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One of the coolest things about turning my posts into audio porn is that along the way I have discovered so many incredible erotic audio creators in other places – most notably on Reddit. Recently rmp792 dropped by to share a fabulous guest blog (including audio) about begging and consent, and today erotic audio creator Lex is here to tell you how she got into it. Have you ever fancied becoming an erotic audio creator yourself? Are you curious about the ins and outs of this sexy, sharing, voice-loving community? You will love today’s guest post. When you’ve read it, don’t forget to follow Lex @alt_audios and check out some of her work over on reddit!

How I became an erotic audio creator

There are moments in your life when you will find something that makes you ask “How did I not know about this?” That’s what I felt when I discovered erotic audios.

It was as though a door opened and I had wandered into this sexy new world where anything was possible and – oh! – did I want to hear more! Eventually, I discovered the vast array of audio artists whose voices I could get lost in and, of course, get off to. It wasn’t just their voices, the scenarios catered to a variety of kinks and sexual tastes.

It didn’t take long before I decided to try recording something myself. I had been doing comfort audios and posting them on YouTube. All I had to do was find the right script which came from a writer called BellyStory on Reddit. The script was called “All Tied Up For Mistress” which meant I got to have fun playing a Dominatrix. Thank God for editing as I made quite a few mistakes and there was some giggling involved which had to be removed. Thankfully, I managed to edit it together. The more I recorded, the more comfortable I became and now I can record an audio in one go without having to stop and cut bits out.

While recording may be easier, listening to myself is a completely different story. I’ve spoken to other audio artists about this and most of them agree that listening to your own recorded voice is a little strange. However, listening to your own voice in an erotic audio is an entirely different ball game. Even now, I feel my face heating up when I listen to my audio before posting it. When it comes to listening to my own audios, ramble faps are the ones that make me cringe the most. When I am masturbating, the last thing on my mind is how I sound. But when I have to listen to one I record? The words “Oh my God, do I really sound like that?” plays through my head.

When I am recording, I am lost in the moment. Whether it’s a script, improv or ramble fap. I am focused on making sure I don’t lose my concentration. If I am filling a script, I want to make sure that I am doing the script justice. The writer put their heart and soul into the piece, so I want to bring their work to life and create something they will enjoy. It’s also important that the author of the script is credited for their work in your post. Writers get annoyed when they’ve worked hard on a piece without credit being given – and rightly so!

There was quite a bit to learn before I started posting audios on Reddit. One of the most important aspects was tagging my erotic audio correctly to ensure that people knew what they were going to be listening to. If you’re covering a script, the writer will have usually put the tags in, but artists also improvise which means they need to add the tags themselves. Plus there are ramble faps which are when artists record themselves masturbating.

General tags are: [Fdom][MDom][Cunnilingus][Spanking][Bondage] etc.

Tags are there to ensure that the listener knows exactly what they are about to hear and won’t be triggered by something they don’t want to hear. Tags are very important and all audios must be appropriately tagged or they may be reported to the admins and removed.

There are two main Subreddits to post erotic audios: GoneWildAudio and GoneWildAudible. It was in the GoneWildAudible Discord server where I met other audio artists who have been amazing and helpful with encouragement and tricks of the trade. It’s also a good place to meet script writers and there are several audio exchanges through the year where artists are matched up with someone and given their preferred tags to which an audio is then created and posted on the subreddit. The moderators work hard to ensure that each person is matched appropriately and everyone gets an audio. It’s also a lot of fun and can be a great challenge to create an audio with tags you may never have covered before. There are a lot of good people who are willing to help, whether it’s listening to an audio before you post it or giving you tips on sound effects or reducing background noise. I have found the community to be invaluable in creating content.

I’ve been creating audios for over a year now – there have been some awesome ones and others not so much. There are a couple of spoof audios where I do a valley girl accent and they’ve had a mixed reception. Honestly, if it’s something you’d like to do, go for it. Even if you record it and don’t post it, you’ll have fun. Give it a go!


  • KWC says:

    I’ve recorded a lot of my own writing for my girlfriend to listen to – she loves to listen and get horny then come along to my voice making her come in the story. This has opened up a real range of further ideas and options – I never realised there was a place I could post them – it would be good to get feedback on both the content and delivery. Thank you!

  • Phillip says:

    This path could lead to a lot of new places! You will have fun! It might even make money. It seems like the best business is the one you just sort of find yourself in.

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