Guest blog: How I fell in love with GoneWildAudio

Yay! Stuart F Taylor is back to draw awesome things for me!

This week’s guest blogger is here to talk about one of my current favourite things: audio porn! Ever since I started recording posts as audio, I’ve also been listening to more amazing audio work from other people, so when rmp792 got in touch with a view to writing about the GoneWildAudio community, I was really excited. Please welcome him and use the links at the bottom to explore more of his sexy work!

How I fell in love with GoneWildAudio

The Sound Of Her Voice

As we grow up we all have a moment when we fall in love for the first time. I’m not talking about the first person you kissed or went out with. I’m talking about the celebrity crush, that man or woman on the other side of a screen, someone who started to awaken your sexuallity. Mine was unusual, though I suspect it’s growing ever more common, she was a character in a video game. I won’t tell you which one, but it was from 2003 so it wasn’t the graphics that drew me to her. No it was the voice…

An exceptional performance with fantastic writing that truly made me fall in love with the character, and by extension the actress who played her. That should have been my first hint but it was quite a while later that I realised that to me the most attractive part of a woman is not something that can be seen but what can be heard. The human voice is a deeply sexy thing and is often underappreciated. But not everywhere. There is one strange and wonderful part of the Internet where audiophiles congregate to worship at the altar of audio smut. That place is Reddit.

No, wait, come back. I promise I’m being serious. Reddit might have a justifiably dodgy reputation sometimes but if you find the right part of it you can find some amazing things. GoneWildAudio is one of those things.

The GoneWildAudio Community

I’ve spent most of my life listening to audio drama. From the BBC to a dozen others and I realised a long time ago that audio has one massive advantage over visual media. Budget.

With an audio drama it doesn’t matter if the setting is a normal living room or a vast alien world. The characters could be men and women just like you or me or mythical creatures that cause madness when seen. As long as the voices and sound effects are right the listeners imagination does the rest.

This is especially true of porn. I’m a big lover of history, of fantasy and of science fiction, these things tend not to turn up much in traditional porn, or when they do they are fairly cringe inducing. In audio form however the same constraints don’t exist. Much like published erotica the only limits become the imagination and the quality of the performance and writing. These audios can even take many forms.

Some performers favour a narrative style where they tell a story much like GOTN when she records her own blog posts. Others favour the so called ‘ramblefap’ where they record themselves masturbating while talking about their actions or their fantasies. Most are like me and favour a style more akin to an audio drama where they talk as if having a conversation, usually with a silent participant that the listener takes the role of. This can create one heck of an erotic experience especially if you really take the time to relax and enjoy it. I’ve even been known to blindfold myself on occasion, usually when I fancy a treat.

In my relatively short time as a contributing member of the community I’ve been many things. A nervous Nobleman, A Noble Knight, The Captain of a Steampunk Airship, A Second World War Pilot and a Dragon. I’m actually kinda proud of that last one, especially since I figured out exactly how a dragon could have sex with a human woman, and why. But beyond that the community is filled with wonderful and creative people and it caters to a variety of tastes.

All posts are tagged with a gender identifier for both the performer and the suggested listener. ‘M4F’ for example indicates a male performer and a female listener, and while M4M or F4F content is rarer it does absolutely exist. It is also not unusual to see the T gender tag for a person of nonbinary gender, again they are rarer but the community is a very welcoming place, and if you’re not into performing there are many people who write scripts for others to perform instead. That’s where I started and one day I decided that since the idea I had was for a M4F script I should probably record it myself.

The question of course you have to be asking yourself is, why exactly am I telling you this? Well honestly when I pitched this idea it was for a fairly shameless bit of self promotion, but somewhere along the way I realised that this community means a hell of a lot more than just me: I want to introduce you to something I have come to love, and if it’s up your alley as well then great and if not, no harm done.

If anything I’ve said here has peaked your interest check it out at reddit’s GoneWildAudio. Find something that appeals, close your eyes and enjoy.

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  • D says:

    Can I also mention a site called Eve’s garden? Also known as Euradica? I’ve managed (after some work) to achieve a full HFO listening to some of her audios!

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