Twisted words: Lift up your skirt

Image by, and of, the fabulous Molly Moore

This post, by sex blogger Molly Moore, originally appeared on her site. It is read aloud here by Leo Di Luca

Lift up your skirt. Higher … higher. Come on my love show me, I wanna see. They all want to see. Don’t make me wait, you know you want to really, that shy little look doesn’t work on me, I know that if I reached underneath your dress right now I would find you dripping wet. No need to pretend with me slut, now do it, we are waiting.

Open your eyes look at them, they are waiting for you, all these men here want to see your pussy. If I have to come over there and lift your skirt for you, you will be sorry young lady. They have paid their money slut, to see you, have they paid for more than just a look I hear you wondering……well only time will tell you that.

That’s it, lift it, stand with your legs apart, they want to see your cunt and don’t close your eyes again, I want to see you looking at them as they look at you.

See gentlemen, I told you she was a slut, and a good slut at that. Always wet, always ready, my perfect little whore.

Turn round slut, let them see your perfect little arse, I am sure they will be delighted to see the bruises I left there earlier today. That’s it, raise it up higher. Hold it around your waist. Now lean forward, let them all see your wet little slit, I bet it’s throbbing, I know you, aching to be touched even as you moan in protest.

Shall I show them how you cum for me, push my fingers into you as they watch. Would you like that slut? Oh I know you would, or maybe I could chose one of them to help me, what do you think, 2 lots of fingers probing you, filling you, fucking your holes.

Oh yes, you like that idea, that little whimper gives you away every time, although the glistening wetness between your thighs is quite a giveaway too but then you have never been very good at hiding what a slut you are, have you?

Come over here, I want to feel your wet pussy for myself. Mmmmm I could slide my cock straight into you, no need to spit this time. Look at you grinding down on my hand, what it is you want slut? Come on let me here you ask for it. If you beg good enough I might slip a finger into to you. Is that what you want?

That’s right, plead for it, come on, you can do better than that. One finger not enough I suppose? Hold your cunt open for me like the desperate little bitch you are. Did I say you could close your eyes? Look at them watching you getting your cunt fingered. Can you see them, the bulges in their trousers caused by your little display of wantonness?

They want to know what your cunt feels like; they are all imaging how it would feel wrapped round their hard cocks. Shall I tell them I can feel you squeezing my fingers, trying to get as much of them inside you as you can? I bet they would love to reach down and push a finger in too.

Ahhh yes, that’s right my little slut, come on then, cum on my fingers, let me feel you cumming for me, I want your juices to gush all over my hand so I can wipe it on your face afterwards. Don’t hold back now, cum now, do you hear me, I said now. That’s right, just there, oh you love that little spot don’t you, are you right on the edge?

Now stop. No, not me, you, control it, don’t you dare cum now. You didn’t cum when I asked and so you have missed your moment my lovely. Did you hear my phone? That will be my ride. They said if I was ready when they text I could hitch a lift with them.

Ohhhh don’t pout now and it is too late for begging. Look at my fingers. I shall be able to smell you all evening, I wonder if the other people will be able to smell you too? Now pull your skirt down and if you are a good girl while I am gone, I will finish this little story when I get home and maybe if you do as you are told, I just might carry on this time until you cum. You will just have to wait and see… won’t you.

This post is also available as audio, read by Leo DiLuca. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit for more of Molly’s incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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