Watching your dick grow hard through boxers

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

Sure, The Good Place is an excellent TV show. And yes, I have spent the last few months eagerly awaiting each week’s episode of Better Call Saul. But honestly, if Netflix were down, I could happily replace my weekly TV fixes with a different pastime instead: watching your dick grow hard through boxers.

Last week I asked people to share some of the things they found hot that they thought were underrated. There were some absolute gems in there, from “being the cause of inconvenient hard ons” (OMG yes – I am also a big fan of awkward boners) to “when they trap your lower legs between theirs during an OTK spanking” (my cunt runneth over).

But the one that stuck in my mind the most was this: “seeing/feeling an erection grow hard underneath boxers.”


Should I elaborate? Need I elaborate? Probably not, but it’s fun so I’m going to do it anyway.

A long time ago I remember chatting to a lovely lady who was interviewing me for A Thing. We got on to the subject of underrated hotness and she mentioned the boxer thing too. We spent a pleasant five minutes or so really getting into the detail of it. Luxuriating in happy memories of watching someone’s dick grow hard, and the pride and horn one feels as it starts slowly filling out the fabric of a pair of boxer shorts, savouring every second of the transformation until the boxers start to tent and you have to set it free. Mmmmmm.

Dick pics that aren’t dick pics

I used to solicit dick pics here (NOT ANY MORE PLEASE DON’T SEND ANY), and I’ve always made it known to lovers that I’d be grateful for any dick they’d like to slip into my inbox. Although unsolicited dick pics are unacceptable, I’m still the sort of girl who squeals with delight if my partner sends an email with ‘NSFW’ in the subject line. What I’m saying – not that I need to – is that I really really really like dick. I find it eye-rollingly tedious when people try to argue that ‘penises just aren’t sexy‘, as if the only possible way to look at the world is through the eyes of a straight dude leaving angry comments on gay porn.

Dick is beautiful.

However, dick is not just beautiful in its exposed, raw, naked state. Dick has a really special quality that no other body part really has: it can, in a very short space of time, undergo a transformation so dramatic that you could be forgiven for not realising ‘erect’ and ‘flaccid’ were two states of the same thing. Given this, there is a hell of a lot of eroticism to be found in highlighting those different states.

That’s a long-winded way of saying that I’d like to see more pics of cocks in varying states of hardness and varying degrees of dress. A picture of a hard (or semi-hard) cock pressing at the fabric of a pair of boxers (or cotton pants, or silk knickers, or a fishnet jock strap, or jeans or sports shorts or anything) is deeply arousing.

It’s beautiful in a ‘let me sit back and admire the fact that your dick is fucking ART’ way.

It’s also beautiful in a hands-on way. A ‘please let me reach out and squeeze through the fabric’ way.

In a ‘you can probably feel it pressing against your jeans so you’re a little uncomfortable and desperate to let it out’ way.

And we’re still only talking about static dick here. When you get to the transformation itself, things get even hotter.

Watching your dick grow hard

It’s lovely to be presented with a hard dick: a fait accompli that’s instantly ready to grind on. But personally I’d prefer something soft or semi-soft – a dick that invites me to join it on a journey.

I frequently reach over to gently stroke my partner’s dick through his pyjama trousers when we’re watching TV. I like to watch as it twitches slightly, when the blood starts pumping to fill it. The softness of the fabric and the softness of the dick gradually gives way to something harder and more insistent: I grip and squeeze and stroke, and am never truly aware of the moment when it switches from being ‘soft’ to ‘hard’, but it does. You start with a soft cock and a couple of minutes later you realise that this no longer counts as soft: it’s changed right under my hand. In front of my eyes.

Watching his dick grow hard is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So pleasurable, in fact, that I have on occasion asked him to stand in front of me with his dressing gown open or his trousers down. With me not touching at all, just watching. I tell him sexy stories and stare intently until the telltale twitches begin. In that moment I forget whether he’s a shower or a grower. I’m not focusing on what his cock looks like when it’s fully erect, only on the transformation that’s happening this very second. I forget the angle and the thickness and the way the head looks so taut and shiny when he’s fully erect and gagging for a fuck. All that matters is the state it’s in at each second of the journey: the twitching, thudding, active change that’s happening before my very eyes.

The first pumps of blood that give it a gentle swell – one you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t paying attention. Then the next stage, thicker and heavier, the penile raphe growing more defined as the blood pours in. Then onwards – through the ‘semi’ stage – where it’s chunky enough to squeeze with satisfaction but not yet pointing upwards. Thickly, almost lazily resting against the flesh of his upper thigh. Then comes the stretch, as it moves from ‘resting’ to ‘attentive’, straining upwards to point at his chest. Filling out the skin until it becomes taut and shiny. In a short time we’ve gone from soft and restful to rigid and eager. Pressing. Urgent. Desperate.

More beautiful now for the journey it’s come on. I am not just admiring the erection, I am marvelling that this change could happen at all. And that I played a part in it getting there.


  • Jamie says:

    Early on in our relationship, my now-husband and I had a threesome with a cute young guy.

    We started it off with a few drinks, some chat, a move to our hotel room, more chat, and then I gave the guy a massage. He was just in his boxers, and I massaged his back and legs with oil as he lay face down on the bed. After about half an hour I turned him over, and was very satisfied to see the wet patch in his pants from precum.

    I then gave him a massage on his torso and the front of his legs, and whilst doing so watched as he got hard in his pants. After another half hour of just massaging him, his cock was literally pulsating under the tented fabric.

    But the main thing was watching his dick expand and lengthen and push his pants out over that time. I’ve seen myself and plenty of other men do that more times than I can remember. But this time, it was happening by the millimetre, almost in slow motion. And I was denying myself – and him – any touch of it until the massage was done.

    I could still cum from the thought now. In fact, I think I might. Excuse me.

    • Girl on the net says:

      *swoons* This is awesome. Also now I REALLY want to give a guy that kind of massage. Why have I never done this before? I am always far too quick to rush in. I will give it a go =)

  • Peter Parker says:

    Reading this, just took me to firm and straining against the my jeans. You have such a fantastic way with words. I have 40 minutes before I have to leave the sanctuary of my desk. I’m going to have to open Excel, and calm down!

  • Chrisy says:

    This brings to mind many secret rendezvous with my then Dom in parking lots and empty offices. We worked together but we took any change we could to torture each other with words, whispers, and subtle touches. Watching his cock grow filled me with excitement and had me wet instantly at the sight of him getting larger. Knowing it was for me and because of me, and also the risk of getting caught. And the bratty side of me loved the fact that his frustration was visible and mine was easier to hide. ;-)

  • Av says:

    I did parade a few times with an awkward boner in front of ladies. Since I love receiving attention from women, these moments made me feel like a complete man.

  • Frederick says:

    Coming from a guy who doesn’t like looking at, or thinking about dick unless its pleasing a woman, you made my dick twitch from flacid to hard and all the stages in between for a whole average of 7 mins, all while picturing nothing more then what you described…. Twitching dick!

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