Guest blog: A hand injury taught me new masturbation techniques

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I live in fear of injuring my wanking hand. Or hands, plural, now that my best orgasms come from using two of my favourite sex toys simultaneously. But this week’s guest blogger, LoveLustLondon (@LoveLustLondon on Twitter), is looking on the bright side. He’s here to tell you how a hand injury has helped him rediscover different kinds of masturbation, and gain a new appreciation for different masturbation techniques…

Discovering new masturbation techniques

I recently slipped and damaged my hand. Not a terrible injury, but it will limit certain activities for a while. OK, the activity to which I’m alluding is masturbation. I have a particular technique, I’m sure you do too. Mine involves encircling the cock with thumb and finger (I even created a handy, safeish-for-work guide here), but, with a key player in my self-love sessions temporarily out of action, that technique now has to change.

It feels unusual not being able to use my dominant hand. Slightly different parts are stimulated. Similar to when I broke my shoulder, masturbating now becomes a much slower, less frenzied affair. Sure, it’s a bit frustrating and clumsy at first, but the sensation is more intimate, as if I’m rediscovering this magical ability all over again.

So; being forced to adjust your technique can be enlightening. Who knew? Of course, there may be times when I have company for these self-stimulating sessions. “Show me how you touch yourself” can be an enormously sexy thing to hear from a partner, especially if they watch, learn and replicate.

But being given a helping hand-job in times of need and being treated to their technique, feeling the way in which they want to touch and explore me is, arguably, much hotter.

“I actually really like being touched here…oh okcarryonnnngh,” I say before surrendering to their wonderfully alternative touch. They place their fingers or hands higher or lower, use a different rhythm, have a different grip.

Non-hand injuries can also cause impediment. When I fractured my spine (I have been somewhat klutzy of late) it resulted in badly aching abdominal muscles. These muscles tend to tighten during orgasm and so I experienced true pleasure and pain over this difficult time. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

For now I’ll embrace this temporary masturbatory change but fully enjoy the day when I have total control of myself again, when I can get myself off in the exact way I want.

In the meantime I’ll lie back and take it slow, or luxuriate in the hands of someone else showing me how it’s done.


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  • Nick Gregory says:

    I had a (medically essential) circumcision in 2015, I couldn’t touch my penis for about 4 weeks, the end of which time my clockweights were like two tins of Carnation evaporated milk….
    I found that by gently wiggling my glans between my forefinger and thumb, I achieved enough stimulation to achieve the heady heights of orgasm, which was frankly spectacular.
    I love how it snuck up on me too, one minute “this is nice……is that, it…it IS! OH FUUU….” *Shuddering and grunting*

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