Palm punishment: hands out, palms up, I’ll get the belt

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I understand why the bottom is the go-to place to spank. It’s deliciously wobbly, satisfying to stroke and touch, and it frames the cunt so nicely. If someone’s going to lay into me, I get why they want to start off with my arse. But I reckon there’s another hot place for punishment that doesn’t involve me removing any of my clothes. Hands out, palms upwards, strapped with a belt or a tawse. Unngh.

This particular kink, and its ability to give me shivers of delight, will probably have taken root during furtive reading sessions when I was younger. Stories of boarding school and corporal punishment which I used to devour with the same fervour that… well… that other kinky fuckers did. I didn’t know it at the time, of course, because there was no internet. But as a grown-up I have swapped tales of formative kink triggers with other filthy fucks, and it turns out many of us got them from these places.

There is something about palm punishment (not a term I’d used before, but fuck it I want the Google juice) that gets me right in the cunt. It’s so simple, and so cruel, that despite not being my go-to preferred method of being punished, it still has enough of a place in my heart that I’ll occasionally obsess over it for a few days.

Palm punishment

Corporal punishment isn’t always my exact cup of tea. I don’t want to be punished just for being naughty, I want someone to hurt me because it makes them horny to do so. That’s why I have a strong preference for thick, gentle punishment tools (canvas belts as opposed to leather, heavy floggers as opposed to whippy canes). The gentler the tool, the more they can really put their back into hitting me with it. Properly lay into me. With eagerness and glee.

But sometimes corporal punishment can hit a very specific tone, and palm punishment fits that tone nicely: a kind of ‘you’ve been naughty but I’m not going to fuck you just yet’ which builds anticipation for what might happen when they do.

What’s more, the fact that it’s unusual makes it sexy too. We all know that hands are sexy, of course, but they’re rarely sexualised in quite the same way as the bum. Especially if you’re a woman. No matter how beautifully I do my nails before I give a guy a hand job, very few have ever commented on the sexiness of my hands – usually they’re more interested in tits, cunt and arse. So if someone tells me to hold out my hands, and then slowly removes their belt, there’s a thrilling kick of the weird about it that really gets me going.

Hands out, palms up, one beneath the other

I told someone about this kink once – someone who wasn’t that kinky. He wasn’t especially into corporal punishment, so I didn’t expect the hotness of this to necessarily hit him that hard. But when I explained that the only thing better than being told to ‘hold out your hands, palms up,’ was being told to place one hand under the other, he cocked his head to one side and asked ‘why?’

And I got the thrill of explaining: ‘because it hurts more. Because the second hand is beneath the first so you’re holding it in position. You have to use one of your hands to keep your other in line for the belt. You’re not only being punished, you’re also the person responsible for making sure you take that punishment properly.’

It’d be like having to bend over a desk for a strapping, while also being the person who holds yourself down there too: you must be punished, sure, but you also must make sure that punishment hurts. Step up and be the steward of your own pain.

Hands out, palms up: one beneath the other. To make sure you don’t drop your hand away. To make sure the belt stings harder. To make sure you take it like a really good girl.

He wasn’t that kinky, this dude, but when I told him that, his cock twitched. His voice dropped deep and low, resonating somewhere in the pit of my cunt as he told me: “oh. Fuck yeah.”

So I held out my hands for him to have a go: palms up, one beneath the other.

Ready for a few strokes with the belt.


  • Jack says:

    Hands , well looked-after and manicured are incredibly erotic.
    I’m sorry if your thrashers to-date haven’t appreciated that!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ah no it’s not something to be sorry for – if people haven’t done it in the past, it’s because it’s not occurred to me to ask. There are so many excellent things on the sexy smorgasbord that it’s nigh-on impossible for any individual to do everything.

  • Brian says:

    I have that kink too. I always wanted to punish hands with nice nails and nail polish. I even have the 50 cm thick wooden ruler to do but I didn’t have the chance to do it.

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