Guest blog: My wife lent me to her best friend for sex

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Regular readers might remember a post I wrote a while ago called ‘why you should let me borrow your boyfriend.’ It was tongue-in-cheek but so far has yielded some pretty spectacular results. Not only some awesome hot fun for me, but also some fruitful (i.e. ‘horny’) discussion with others that eventually led to this guest blog. Please welcome today’s guest blogger, Max, who is here to tell you about how his wife lent him to her best friend to fulfil her sexual needs…

My wife lent me to her best friend for sex

Some people sow their wild oats and have sexy fun before they settle down. I seem to have bucked that rule by having more fun after settling down.

Although I had come to wanking like most people, in their teenage years – and still love it now, with the addition of an underwear fetish – I was still a virgin when I met my future wife T in my late twenties. She introduced me to the joys of sex before we got married.

For many years, T had been great friends – best friends – with D. Both of them share a similar mindset: filthy to the max. But apparently D had never really enjoyed the sex she’d had with others, barring her fiancé.

As a result, although she had thought about doing other things, that’s all she’d done: thought about them. D was in her mid twenties at this time – blessed with a flirty smile and a wicked personality, which I quite liked, and still do!

At this point in time, D’s fiancé wasn’t yet in the country and T, who has always known what D is like, kept telling her that if she was really horny and desperate, she’d be quite willing to let her sleep with me once or twice to ease that itch.

I felt flattered by this. When I asked why, as I couldn’t work out why T would make this offer, she said that she’d rather D do that than just pick up anyone. She’d spent many nights over at D’s and had messed around with each other anyway – both of them have been bi-curious at times, so there were no secrets between them.

It was talked about for many months, but never really looked like it would happen until one weekend. On the Saturday, D texted me to ask what we were both doing, and apart from T doing an afternoon shift at work on Sunday, there was nothing much on.

I knew from what T had said that she was feeling the absence from her fiancé just then and I fancifully wondered if something was going to happen. After a bit of a chat between the two of them, we ended up joining the rest of her family for lunch.

After this D offered to take T to work, then run me home as neither of us drove. Again, I thought something might be happening but I really wasn’t sure as I wasn’t good at reading the signals.

After dropping my wife off, D drove me back to the house and I invited her in. We grabbed a drink, started chatting and got talking about the porn she liked to look at. I decided to test whether my hunch was on target and I offered to show her something I’d found online – I won’t tell you exactly what it involved, but I can tell you that she was fascinated.

I could see in her face then that she’d made a decision: she asked if it turned me on, I said that it did, and then I suggested she check. Her hand rested on my lap and moved up around my belt, then slipped down the front of my jeans and touched my now-solid erection.

I suggested perhaps we should go upstairs, and she agreed.

I let her lead the way. She disappeared off into the bathroom for a few moments and then came in. D hesitantly removed her jeans and her knickers and rested on our bed. I have to admit, the fact that she’d hadn’t shaved her cunt for a while was a bit of a turn on, and it was a wonderful sight.

After gently tonguing her clit for a while, which I could see that she loved, as she squirmed on the bed, D raised her T-shirt and lifted up her bra to reveal a pair of the most gorgeous tits and huge oval nipples. These I just had to taste – they were beautiful. I couldn’t resist the sight and had to have many minutes just kissing and nibbling them.

By this time, she was getting more than a bit wet, so I unrolled a condom and after fingering her clit for a little while, I began to carefully push my dick into her. I started gently and slowly – it had to be as D is smaller inside than T and I wasn’t used to that. After a minute or two, I got used to the difference and so I fucked her a bit harder, and I could tell that she came at least three times, which was good. I could feel every one, as she shuddered underneath me.

She was starting to get very wet by now and after the third time, she asked me to get off as it was now too much and she was too tender. I lifted myself off, and gently licked that wet cunt clean.

I was left with a problem though. There was I, left with a raging hard on, so I asked if I could finish off by wanking onto her. D said I could and would I do it over her cunt.

After pulling the condom off, I knelt between her legs and began to wank myself off. Slowly at first as I drank in the sight of her lying there, with a contented smile on her face and her fingers resting on her sopping cunt as she recovered, then faster and faster.

Believe me, it didn’t take long for me to come, and when I did it was heavenly: it was so damn good that I think my legs gave way as I knelt there. After a minute or two laid beside her gathering my senses, I asked if I might take a couple of pictures, as I didn’t want to forget all this – not knowing when or if it would happen again. D said that as long as her face wasn’t shown, I could take as many as I liked… I still have them.

In the week after, I told T about it. She was a bit annoyed that she hadn’t been there so we thought about doing it again – this time with all three of us.


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