Guest blog: I’d never owned a sex toy before… until now

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I remember how I felt when I got my first ever sex toy. I can’t remember what I said about it, although I suspect it was somewhere between ‘unnffgh’ and ‘jjjhgfgyhbd’, as the guy who’d kindly bought it for me used it to wank me to a swift and almost terrifying climax.

Naturally, when this week’s guest blogger got in touch to tell me about her first sex toy experience, I thought it was the perfect thing to share with you. As I’m also a Great Businesswoman, I’ll use this opportunity to point out that if you’d like to buy a rabbit, as she describes in her post, you can support my blog by buying from or SheVibe if you’re outside the UK. Shameless, I know.

Now please enjoy the following hot blog post, and share your own first sex toy stories in the comments because I bloody LOVE stories like this…

My first sex toy

I’m in my thirties and I’ve never owned a sex toy before.

Actually, that’s misleading.  I own riding crops, handcuffs, velvet ropes, wooden paddles and blindfolds, but all of these toys are designed to use with or on a partner, or something for a partner to use on me. I’ve never before bought a toy with the sole intent and purpose of getting me off, alone, by myself.

When I was younger, buying a sexy toy for myself seemed shameful, dirty even. During my teenage years in the 90s and early 00s female sexuality and sexual pleasure were still seen as vaguely mythical and rarely, if ever, shown in films or on TV. Sex was something women did for men, and if the woman happened to enjoy it a bit too that was just a happy coincidence. But as I got older, matured and widened my social and sexual horizons, I realised what bullshit that was, and yet l never fully let go of the hang-up that toys designed solely for the pleasure of women were tacky and something to be embarrassed about owning.

Luckily, I have a very awesome, liberated and liberating group of close female friends, and chatting with them about the toys they own and the pleasure they get from them changed my mind. So come my most recent pay-day, I decided to treat myself.

One friend recommended a particular website that promised discreet packaging and delivery, and she enthused about the quality of their products. I spent an evening browsing their website, scrolling through the dazzling array of toys on offer, thinking about what got me off and what I enjoyed from sex. Just thinking about what kind of toy I wanted got me excited, got me wet and made my cunt tingle with anticipation.

I’m one of those rare women who actually orgasm through penetration, so I knew I needed a toy I could insert, something that would give me the delicious satisfaction of working inside me – something I could grind down on. After much delightful decision making I settled on a classic Rabbit, with a curved tip designed for g-spot stimulation.

Waiting for my toy to arrive was like waiting for my birthday. When it finally came (pun intended) I ran upstairs with it in a fever of excitement. I thought it best to test the vibrations on myself first, to see how it felt and try the different strength and rotation settings before properly getting down to business. Still in my knickers, I started the vibrator and touched it gently to my clit, over the fabric.


I practically ripped off my underwear in my haste to use it. I’d bought lube, as was recommended, but I didn’t need even a drop, I was soaking wet and horny as hell from the second I felt the vibrations on my clit. I think I contorted myself into a ball with the strength of my orgasms – the Rabbit made me come in minutes, and once I’d recovered from the initial burst of pleasure I decided to treat myself to a thorough fucking.

I tried different angles, different vibration speeds and settings. I kept flipping myself around for deeper penetration – and when I did find my g-spot with that perfect curved tip, I came so hard I actually cried. By the time I’d finished wetness was dripping down my thighs and I had to lie, panting and exhausted, recovering on my bed for nearly an hour.

I’ve had spectacular shags in the past, but there was something incredible about using a vibrator on myself. I started exactly when I wanted, didn’t have to work to get someone else in the mood or wait until they were. When I found an angle that was working I didn’t have to inform anyone else, and I didn’t have to guide a partner into finding that angle. When I wanted it faster, or slower, or needed a minute to recover, I didn’t have to find the words or catch my breath, I could just sort it instantly. When I was ready to stop I didn’t have to consider someone else’s sexual pleasure or endurance-levels, I could carry on as long as I wanted and stop the second I wanted to.

Having complete and total control over some of the best orgasms of my life is incredible. The words I used to my friends were ‘life-changing’- something they’ve echoed in their tales of their first encounters with sex toys. I feel evangelical about it; I want to run through the streets spreading the good word of great self-controlled orgasms. If you have a vagina and clit and you’re happy to get sexual pleasure from them, I cannot recommend Rabbits and vibrators enough.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got more playing to do.


  • RB says:


    I feel so envious of this it hurts. I’ve tried, so damn hard, and I just can’t do it. I can’t get off with a toy, on my own, something cold and hard between my legs. I can’t let go; I feel awkward and uncomfortable and contorted – it’s not due to shame, I know; I have kinky filthy times with other people without feeling the same way. I kind of feel the opposite to the post; the only delicious angles I can reach are when other people are doing them – by myself, I barely know where to start. It makes me sad; I’m missing out on so much through I don’t even know what. Insecurity, fear…

    I’m really happy for the poster – sorry to vent and throw sadness everywhere! Anyone else feel like this?

  • CrazyKnickers says:

    I bought myself a rabbit about two years ago to replace an inferior rabbit I’d literally fucked to death. My Dom gets off on me getting off so I sometimes use the rabbit for hours cumming over and over and over until my sheets are drenched. My favourite position is lying on my front pushing it deep into my dripping cunt while I buck and fuck it. So hot. I got given a hitachi a few months ago, it’s mind blowing, but nothing replaces the delicious full feeling of having the rabbit deep inside me. Umph… Just give me a few minutes…

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    “During my teenage years in the 90s and early 00s female sexuality and sexual pleasure were still seen as vaguely mythical and rarely, if ever, shown in films or on TV.”

    I don’t want to question your own experience, but you know, Sex and the City (which made the Rabbit famous), was originally broadcast from 1998 to 2004… I guess liberation arrives for different people at different times.

    I am constantly amazed at the number of women who have never given themselves an orgasm. I mean, fair enough, some like RB above are unable to. You have my sympathy. But some have never even tried! I mean, how can you expect someone else to get you off when you’ve never learned how to do it yourself?

  • Oh I just love to come. I like a combination of penetration and clit action, but can come from either and sometimes squirt from either.

    To be honest I found the rabbit too powerful and prefer the more gentle Durex Dream. The rabbit got me off too quickly and I like to hold on the plateau as long as I can.

    Peter and I recently discovered the delights of the Braun Vibrator – aka the electric toothbrush. Great for a bit of fun, but it is very rough. Brought Peter off in seconds and me almost as quick. I’ve tried it since with a flannel over the head and that works better for me personally or I should probably say, more gentle rather than better as it depends on your point of view.

    Beautifully written post. Many thanks.

  • Twiglet at hundred acres says:

    I love my rabbit but it got wet cleaning it and now only has one setting… On. Full pelt. Max vibrations. And in five mins flat I am at an orgasm. Quick functional but I want the variety back.
    This post reminds me that it’s time to buy a new one. Maybe a self bought Christmas present or house warming ?
    Also I like how I orgasm differently with a toy, it seems to wire me up to cum differently.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh yes that’s interesting – I definitely orgasm differently depending on what I’m using, specifically if it’s a dual-stimulation thingy like a rabbit (internal + clit) or if it’s purely external, it’s a very different kind of orgasm. There’s something more satisfying if I have something to clench around too – like if I’m using the Doxy I’ll use something firm like a glass dildo or what have you just so my cunt has something to grip onto. sorry, that was a bit graphic!

      Definitely treat yourself! =)

      • Kath says:

        That’s partly why I have so damn many sex toys now. It’s amazing how much variety in sensations and orgasms you can get from different toys. Some give you a really powerful climax that’s like a flash of lightning but like lightning is gone quickly… others give you a wonderful ride of pleasure that rolls like waves. And sooooo many variations in between. All can be great… but this is why I really like toys – that variety, and the control you can have over how you climax.

        I go through moods too with trying different things. For the past couple of weeks, for example, I’ve been trying to have a completely relaxed orgasm. No clenching, muscle tightening or anything… just super relaxed. I’ve still not quite managed it, although a couple of nights ago was the closest I’ve been… I was at the very peak… if I’d just clenched I’d have pushed myself over but I’m determined to do this for reasons I don’t even know. I’ve been using a small clitoral vibrator on a low setting and just hovering it so that it’s barely touching. It’s really slow to build up but the sensations are amazing…. and frustrating.

        When the battery gives up after about 90 minutes, I call it quits on the idea and finish myself off another way. But I’m sure I’ll get there :)

        And yeah, went off on a tangent there. Sorry.

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