Nipples are the best, please never forget them

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

God, I love nipples.

Never has a bunch of nerve-endings been collected so neatly together in one place only to be so frequently overlooked as on the human nipple.

Sure, they have a legit purpose – they can sometimes be used to feed babies. Occasionally they can be used to shock facebook users into pressing the ‘OMG get rid of it I am so horrified’ button. After a lot of experimentation, I can tell you that they can’t be used as an alternative to a fingerprint to unlock the iPhone 5.

But what they can be used for is to push me swiftly over the edge into fairly intense arousal.

Amazing things to do with nipples

Thing number 1: nipple clamps. They don’t always have to be agonisingly tight, although the harsh ones that I prefer tend to be – I like the whimpering, aching noises that guys make when I use them. And I like the tight, harsh sensation when I’m the one wearing them. I like guys to put them on, grin sadistically at my wincing face, then tell me to take the chain in my mouth and hold it still while they fuck me. I like the sensation of extra pinching when my tits jiggle during a hardcore shag, each twitch and movement jolting taut agony directly through my tits.

But they don’t have to be cruel. Depending on how sensitive your nipples are, even gentle pinching and pulling can be amazing – adjustable clamps can be tuned to  much gentler squeeze. Perhaps part of the reason I feel that pressure doesn’t matter is that my nipples are so frequently overlooked. And by ‘frequently overlooked’ what I mean is that I don’t have a guy hanging off one of them permanently with wet lips and a hard-on, and I feel like that’s a tragic waste of the sensitive horniness of my nipples.

Thing 2: sucking my nipples while I masturbate. I’m currently in the process of rediscovering mutual masturbation, partly due to exhaustion and partly because the other day I lay on my back on top of a guy, and he used one hand to smoosh my tits while we both masturbated furiously, and it was like a lightning bolt of recognition: hey! I love this! I used to do this all the time! Why the hell has it fallen off my ‘standard moves’ list?

And when I’m masturbating, there are a number of amazing things a dude can do to join in. He can have a go himself, pushing his cock hard into the crack of my arse as he rubs vigorously at it. He can run his hands over me, squeezing and pinching and making horny ‘unngh’ noises. He can whisper ‘good girl‘ type encouragement. He can – OK I might have to go and have a lie down while I think about this one – spank me firmly while I’m rubbing at myself, knickers down just below my arse cheeks and back arched to get my bum high in the air to meet his smacks.

OR, what I was going to talk about before I so cruelly distracted myself: he can suck hard on my nipples.

There’s no more beautiful sight than looking down at a guy giving my nipples some serious love and attention. Closed eyes, wet lips, occasional bites and long sucks. It looks almost as good as it feels, to be honest.

Sucking a guy’s nipples

Are you a dude who likes having your nipples sucked? I promise you, based on extensive research, that you are absolutely not alone. I once slept with a rather spectacular gent who specifically told me to play with his nipples while we were fucking. Rubbing, pinching, sucking, the works. While the angles didn’t always work out, and I had to crane my neck at times to make sure I got lip-to-nipple contact, the effect was stunning, and made me realise that I’d never fully explored just how hot nipple sucking can be for some guys.

Nowadays I’ve learned my lesson: it’s amazingly horny when a guy goes to town on mine, and luckily I can put exactly the same techniques into practice on men who are eager for nipple love too. Lips, tongue, teeth, fingers: anything that pinches or pulls or sucks or bites. As he edges himself closer to the point of orgasm, I suck harder on his nipples, giving them all the attention that they lack while we’re fucking.

I don’t know if it’s the novelty, the view, or the pure sensation, but it’s every bit as good as when he does it to me.

I could go on for longer: the joy of wearing just a t-shirt on a cold morning, and his fingers finding their way to my rock-solid nipples sticking up against the fabric. That moment when I pull down my bra, as the edge scrapes gently against my nipple before it pops out of the cup. The feeling when I’m being fucked from behind, arching my back and angling myself so that my nipples rub gently on the sheet beneath me. Nnnngh.

I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes staring at this blog post trying to come up with a killer final line, but to be honest I don’t think there is one. There’s just me, hungover on the sofa, dazed and horny and nipples getting hard while I write about them, wishing there were a guy beside me with busy fingers and a raging erection.

And warm, wet lips.


  • My first sexual experience – first, ever, like, ever – involved having my nipples touched. I don’t know if that’s conditioned me at all or if this is just normal “boy” behaviour, but since then, they’ve played an integral part in my orgasms.

    I don’t like my nipples being touched at any other point. I don’t like it during foreplay and I don’t like it during sex. They’re very sensitive and I’m hypersensitive and I don’t deal well with pain. I tend to scream a bit if somebody tweaks one when I’m not expecting it, and yes, I am being a massive hypocrite, because I love to suck and play with girls’ nipples when I’m engaged in foreplay (I’ve even bitten at some points), so I’m just as bad.

    However, if you time it just right – and timing is incredibly important – you can increase my orgasm by tenfold if you touch my nipple just before I orgasm. Or, even better, suck it.

    I don’t know either. It has to be just right. If I’m approaching orgasm and somebody wraps their lips around my nipple, I will absolutely explode. I don’t know what it is about the sensation – it’s just an extra thing added to the mess of sound and vision and touch which surrounds an impending orgasm, and it can be the tipping point that sends me over the edge. I like to touch my own nipples when I masturbate too, only this time I can control how much I’m doing so, and even then it only happens just before I come.

    Then, and only then, I love it. But I think that that’s more than enough for me.

  • AkaiHebi says:

    Reason n°6548 why porn isn’t a good example: the penis isn’t the only erogenous spot for men ! I regularly rub my nipples with my fingertips, and I like them becoming tickling and swelling up a little and become harder as my penis fills up with blood and sensitivity. Nipple rubbing, licking, sucking on men: yes, yes and YES ! It’s perfectly okay and feels nice. To suggest to your partner, and to try while masturbating, no matter what gender :)

    (nipple clamps is something I didn’t really try yet, but I definitively will try after reading this post !)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Which bit do you mean? That’s just a link to an article about sex toys.

      • Quelth says:

        The whole thing. Sorry, it has nowt to do with nipples. I just thought the attitude behind it all was very, very sneery.

        • Girl on the net says:

          Oh, I see. Yes, very sneery. I think there’s a lot of stuff like that on sex toys – often much easier to get laughs and therefore clicks if you can be well snark about something.

  • RB says:

    I hooked up with a kinkster a while ago who had a spiky…thing (I’m not sure what they’re called), which he dragged gently over my skin while I was tied up – and holy fuck, when he brushed the spikes around my nipples I was practically screaming with how fucking good it felt. Nipple stimulation always feels amazing but when someone touches them differently to how they’ve been touched before, it’s even better. I love them being cropped, too.

    That all being said, all I’m doing now is watching this from Parks and Recreation and giggling.

  • Northern boy says:

    Theres a reason I have a nipple pieced, super mega sensitivity. Nothing gets me harder faster. Shame it rules our clamps

  • ValeryNorth says:

    I’m another male-bodied person who *loves* nipple play done on me, especially sucking. My nipples seem to have become more sensitive as I’ve grown older and clothes pegs I once really loved are now too much, which I find disappointing. But on the other hand, it means that more sensuous, gentle nipple play is much better!

    I have a long-standing fantasy of being able to breastfeed a partner, but not sure how practical that is.

    • Artemis says:

      It is my understanding that men have the right glands in the appropriate places to lactate, they’re just not activated, because hormones. However, they can be persuaded to work, either hormonally via oestrogen or I think it’s prolactin? – or by pretty intense suction stimulation. For women, it takes a couple of hours of constant baby-style suction; for men, maybe 24. And by baby-style I mean, babies suckle differently to adults sucking. You lose the ability once you stop feeding from nipple or bottle. An adult can still get milk from a lactating breast, but much less effectively. So if you want to trigger it, get a breast-pump and be prepared for a long wait.

      If you really want to go for it, be prepared for the appetite and thirst increases – lactation is resource intensive on the body – and you’ll need to pump regularly even when you’re not feeding your partner/s, because it’s very time-sensitive. Plus your moods will be all over the place, there’s loads of hormones involved. Do it every six hours and you won’t ovulate either. Bodies are weird.

  • Harriet says:

    Too much does this ring true. I either have to force a guy to suck my nipples, or wait until they make me beg for it. But the best experience for me, was when I once was giving a guy a handjob, and the entire time he just sucked my nipples. He was obsessed with them, he was so good at sucking my nipples, the pressure, and the right amount of teeth. It was too distracting!! But so very worth it. I would have come, if he didn’t make me continue giving him a hand job :(

  • Funloving Girl says:

    OMG, yes! I loooooove a man that plays with my nipples. If I’m super-horny I can come from nipple stimulation alone. Clamps, pegs, sucking, squeezing, rubbing through a lacy vest… so much fun to play with. Why do so few men give them the attention they deserve?

  • Muffin says:

    i knew as soon as I read that opening sentence that I was going to enjoy this article. Fabulous. I love nipples too. I love mine being tweaked and flicked, brushed, sucked, bitten .. Yum.
    I have always shied away from nipple clamps as mine are very sensitive but maybe I should re-evaluate.
    It’s not all about mine either. I love playing with his also. There is nothing like hearing him moan as I wriggle on the tip of his cock whilst I suck and nibble those beautiful pink nipples, feeling them stiffen between my lips.

  • Claire says:

    You can chalk me up as another male who enjoys having his nipples played with – both in Hubby mode and as Claire. Out of the bedroom Mistress seems to have an unerring aim for tweaking them if I do something that displeases (or just for the hell of it!). Clamps are fun too, however I’m usually the one wearing them as Mistress doesnt enjoy the sensation. Have seriously been considering getting a piercing too.

    And I love Mistress’ too. She has large, very expressive nipples which gve away her state of arousal very easily :-)

  • The Hill Mouse says:

    I’ve always loved playing with my partners’ nipples and realised quite a while back that my nips were pretty sensitive too though it’s only recently that I’ve discovered the joy of clothes pegs on them. Not for everyone I suspect, but the sharpness of the pain was absolutely exquisite.

  • Hudson Grant says:

    What they all said… And I have never ever had sex without paying attention, very carefully, to my partner’s nipples.

    And actually, that IS a killer final line. Brilliantly written.

  • Jo says:

    Hell. Yes. Nipples ftw! Every single client I had at the dungeon told me, “I have sensitive nipples”… only half of them meant, “I have sensitive nipples — whatever you do, DON’T TOUCH THEM,” and half of them meant, “I have sensitive nipples — GOD, OH GOD, PLEEEAAAASE TOUCH THEM!” Just demonstrates the importance of clear communication.

  • Luke North says:

    Nipples? Hell yeah!
    It’s a beautiful feeling to have your nipples sucked whilst masturbated by Miss North, especially when she combines it with a position for me to cum over her tits.
    The lucky lady can suck her own nipples (super hot to watch) and just the thought of the times our tongues have met at her nipple…. Mmmmmm
    I’m struggling to remember the last time we shagged or I masturbated her without me some nipple play 😳

  • Sadie says:

    Getting my nipples pierced on Master’s orders was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

    I basically walk round being incredibly aware of the sensation in them at all times and staring at how lovely and shiny and horny the bars in them look the rest of the time. I’ve thought about them and enjoyed them more in the last year than the previous 20 put together.

    My nipples are now my hobby I think.

  • S4 says:

    When I’m horny, I adore having my nipples played with! My absolute favourite thing to do is to keel over him on the bed or, even better, on the floor in front of him, and suck his cock while he twiddles my nipples. Sheer pant wetting lusciousness!

    However once I’ve orgasmed, or when I’m not horny I can’t stand having my nipples touched…. if he tries to turn me on by playing with my nipples without “warming me up” with at least some decent kissing and general cuddling, I will screech involuntarily and flinch away. He loves my boobs so frequently likes to get a handful, which is… ok, but if he so much as brushes my nipple through my bra… uuuuughhh!!

  • Toria Lyons says:

    Isn’t it funny when you find something out that you never knew, that in hindsight seems obvious? Despite using clamps in one of my stories, I always thought men weren’t sensitive at all to nipple play. Not sure where I got that from, but I’ve seldom really touched a man there.
    Whereas for me, I’m increasingly finding a bit of roughness there what I need. Even bought a pump the other day (using your code, thanks) and I like how sensitive it makes them.

  • Sikame says:

    I have small areola with big thick nipples. They’re ridiculously sensitive, in a good way. Just thinking about them being sucked makes me wet. And boy do they love being sucked. A LOT. For long periods. Anything less than an hour of gentle licking and sucking and pinching and suckling and…and…omg get yourself together girl…always results in a little disappointment. If I could have them sucked daily I would but sadly I’ve never found an obliging partner. #1stworldproblems

  • Ubere Fickensen says:

    As a guy I luv find a lady that has sensitive and excitable nipples, a quick kiss or unexpected suck can get my multiorgasmic lady gushing right off. And even tho she’s not bi, she didn’t mind at all when a lady that was riding someone else grabbed a handful of boobie (wifey is 52H, more than a handful), was unexpected and fun. And the variations or areolas is fascinating, both relaxed and excited.

    OTOH my nipples are about as sensitive as my elbow or little toe: yep, there’s boring old skin there, but without as many chest hairs. My nipple wiring was apparently never connected. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Robert says:

    I am now obsessed with enlarging my nipples very erotic

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