Talk dick to me: wanking with the Atom Plus Lux

Image courtesy of Hot Octopuss

“I’ve been thinking of getting a cock ring,” my toyboy tells me, and I nearly reach through the screen and grab him by the collar as I bark: “do not even think about getting one that isn’t the Atom Plus Lux.” It’s the best vibrating cock ring I’ve ever used, by quite some margin, and my heart breaks at the thought of his burgeoning enthusiasm for sex toys being dampened by any lesser item. Besides, alongside other benefits of dating me (like my high-quality jokes and love of sucking cock), there are practical perks to dating a sex blogger too, namely: I’ll get you free cock rings if you flutter your eyelashes nicely.

There’s a quid pro quo involved here, of course. My site sponsors Hot Octopuss – fabulous fuckers that they are – sent me an Atom Plus Lux as soon as I emailed to ask for one, but from that point onwards this dude was hooked into an unwritten contract which says he must tell me, in detail, exactly how this vibrating cock ring feels on his dick so I can write a blog post about it. He’s game, of course: my enthusiasm for hearing about his cock is topped only by my enthusiasm for sitting on it, so he was delighted to give me a breakdown of how it feels when it’s in use.

Obviously at some point we’ll get to shag with it, and thank God for that: since I gave my last Atom Plus to my ex in the break-up, I have so missed getting pounded by a cock that vibrates powerfully inside me. We’ll do the fucking later though. One of the difficulties with ‘reviewing’ toys (I use that term loosely, because I’m not really a reviewer, but here’s a list of kickass people who do the review thing properly) with new guys is that I don’t get as many opportunities to play as I used to when I lived with someone. This guy comes to visit occasionally, and vice versa, but he lives far away so we haven’t yet had the chance to properly go to town on the Atom Plus Lux together. I’m not going to keep it myself and use it with multiple dudes: although it’s made of body-safe silicone, so it can be properly cleaned and shared with other partners, I have a blanket rule with dick-focused sex toys that limits them to one dude per toy. When I score free dick toys and use them on you, they’re yours. In short: you fuck it, you keep it.

Hot Octopuss Atom Plus Lux held in a single hand against a black background - black silicone cock ring with shaped nub for clit stim
Image courtesy of Hot Octopuss

So my toyboy got a shiny Atom Plus Lux – dual-motor vibrating cock ring with remote – with which to treat his eager cock and balls, and I? Well, I got one of my favourite things in return: the chance to aggressively quiz a guy on the detail of his wanks. What follows is the result of a few chats between us – by WhatsApp and email – in which he gamely feeds my constant thirst for hearing about his wanks. To give you a taste of what to expect, here’s his initial message after he’d wanked with it for the first time.

The first time he used the Atom Plus

Him: Ofc I used the cock ring and OH BOY was it fun! I ramped that SoB up to 10 and absolutely shot ropes all over my chest and past the self-defence tissue I had lined up. I’ve never had something so stimulating on both my balls AND dick, and the bonus vibrations increased the friction between the circle my fingers and thumb formed and just hit a spot right under the ridge of my head that I swear I could have been purring like a cat.

I did have an involuntary gasp because I climaxed possibly a little too hard … and I was briefly thrown afterwards as I forgot how to turn the lil rascal off and it was making my balls shoot additional bits of jizz.

Me: Oh fuck, that’s extremely hot and I’m torn between being playfully annoyed with you for not saving all your spunk up for me and not caring cos I got to think about you covering yourself in cum like an overeager little bitch.

I’ve not shagged any guys as open to being quoted as this one, and it’s a genuine treat for me, so forgive me my lack of editing. I’m always worried that when I write men I am turning them into flatter, two-dimensional versions of their real-life selves – for anonymity and storytelling purposes – but as he’s so open to sharing his full weird self, I’ve tried to only lightly edit his responses so you can get a better impression of his chatty, jokey vibe.

My questions in bold, my comments in italics, all the rest is him.

Talk dick to me

OK dude, tell me what the Atom Plus Lux feels like.

I will say one of the joys of using it is that my balls aren’t really that accessible without a cock ring, and the Atom Plus DOES make them very pronounced and sensitive. So it’s nice to lube my dick up and slide my hand all the way down to the base, stroke my balls a bit and slide all the way back to the top. [drooling face emoji]

Also the vibrations when I’m close to climax basically wank me off itself. So I have a mini moment of uncontrollable spurts of jizz just flying out the end of my dick and painting my own chest a delightful shade of white. [crylaugh emoji]

What are the main differences between wanking with it and wanking without? Do you come quicker with it? Does it give a different kind of orgasm?

Wanking with it is fantastic, while I don’t come much quicker, the cock ring itself and the vibrations make the whole experience more intense and generally more fun. I’ve not used cock rings before so its interesting to really FEEL how hard my dick is in my hand, and also when I’m on the edge of climaxing just how hard I can push it with the cock ring. I can feel my heartbeat all the way through it* and this is just while its off!

When I turn it on, its an entirely another experience where my balls are being gently massaged by it, and I can feel the vibrations going all the way to the tip of my cock. If I’m edging and I turn it on, I can’t help but just let myself go and explode in the moment as it vibrates me over that edge and into what feels like a super intense and well-deserved orgasm.

*Note from GOTN: ‘I can feel my heartbeat all the way through my dick’ has proven to be an extremely wankable piece of information. 

How easy/hard do you find it to put on/turn on? You mentioned something about not really needing/using the remote?

It’s a little clunky to put on, so while it stretches to accommodate my junk, it doesn’t seamlessly slide over my cock and balls. For sure lubing up helps a bunch, but otherwise doing a dry putting on of the Atom Plus can be a frustrating experience if I don’t get the angle of entry quite right.

I worked for Hot Octopuss around the time they launched the original Atom and Atom Plus, and one of the most common issues people raised was the challenge in stretching the ring round their cock and balls. If you’re larger than average, you may struggle a bit with this, however I’ve given this guy a bit of a tutorial along the lines of this guide on YouTube. The short version is: the Atom Plux Lux will stretch a lot more than you think it will, so as long as you’re putting it on before you’re fully hard you should manage it even if you’re packing something fairly hefty.  

Is it like… a wanking staple now? Do you use it most of the times you wank, or just for long sessions when you wanna get really stuck in?

I am using it VERY much for “special treats”, I am lighting some candles, laying some rose petals on the bed and slapping on some Lionel Richie before I treat myself to an uninterrupted, ‘take my time and spaff uncontrollably onto myself’ wank session (ofc with accompanying cleaning stuff nearby once I’m done).

I don’t think I could use it as a staple only because if I set the bar this high the only way is down so I’d rather have it for when I’ve been a good boy and done the things I tell myself I’m going to do, rather than ride the wave of bitterness should I attempt to play the ham flute without it and feel a run of the mill B+ orgasm.

Want a vibrating cock ring? Get the Atom Plus Lux!

As I said at the start, Hot Octopuss sponsor my site, so if you buy stuff through them you’re helping to support my work. And this genuinely is the best vibrating cock ring I’ve ever tried. Give it a year or so and I’ll be entirely unqualified to make that kind of judgment because I won’t have bothered trying any other rings of this type, so wedded am I to the dual-motor intensity of this delightful thing.

Get the Atom Plus Lux (with remote) direct from Hot Octopuss here (£89.95/$129.95/€119.95). As this dude says, he doesn’t really use the remote because he finds it fairly simple to turn the cock ring on/off/up/down using the buttons on the sides. I found this a struggle with my ex, though, and if you think you will too then the remote is a huge bonus.

If you’re on a budget, or you’d just prefer a cock ring designed for dick-only usage rather than one which stimulates the balls too, you might want to check out the smaller (and cheaper) Atom (£53.95/$85.95/€85.95).

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