Guest blog: The best way to serve birthday cake (nyotaimori!)

Splosh pic by the lovely Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blogger pitched me their piece as ‘first time sploshing’ and it is definitely that: delicious birthday cake served in a truly sexy way. There’s another word for what happens in this piece too, though, which I wanted to introduce you to in case you, like me, enjoy learning incredibly specific terms for super-hot kinky acts: nyotaimori. It’s a Japanese word meaning ‘to serve food off a person’ and it was featured on Kink of the Week last year. I love the concept of it, and adore it even more if the food being served is cake. This week’s guest blogger combines first time sploshing, nyotaimori and group sex in this creatively sexy post about getting your birthday fantasy fulfilled…

Nyotaimori/first time sploshing: best birthday gift ever

I never would have imagined what my boyfriend had in mind when he whispered “Do you trust me?” and tied a red satin scarf over my eyes. It was my birthday and all I wanted was a nice gift and a cake. Of course, I did trust him.

“I do,” I told him. Those were the words that changed my life.

I didn’t know where we were. The floor was carpeted and there was a musky sweet smell embracing me with seduction. The room was warm and I got the feeling it was occupied. My boyfriend held my hand as he led me and slowly laid me on a cold hard table. He gave me a lingering kiss as he slowly unbuttoned my blouse, kissing down, down my chest. He succeeded removing my blouse and came up to my lips for a victorious kiss. He then removed my skirt in one swift movement and I heard the surprised inhale he gave as he saw the blue leather thong I had worn.

That one got him every time and it gave me the satisfaction enough to cream a little.

“I am going to remove the blindfold now,” he told me, “don’t move.”

What I saw was the best surprise, something out of my fantasies. If there was such a thing as a real life fairy tale, this was it.

I laid on the table in the middle of a room naked, except the high heels and the blue thong. Masked people, men and women, stood around me peering at me, some with envy. I knew where I was. I had been in this room several times, but never as the centre of attention. We were in our friend’s kink club; I could see him approaching the table pushing a trolley loaded with the biggest cake I had ever seen in my life.

“Happy birthday, you lucky bitch, I wish I was you,” he said as he stopped by my side and gave me a kiss second only to my boyfriend’s.

“Baby, we don’t have plates,” my boyfriend told me. “all these people are hungry, and it looks like you’re going to be the platter today.”

He piled the cake on me, ruining the decoration that I’m sure it took two days to perfect. He put some on my mouth: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, my favourite combination.

Then he placed a lit candle in my navel.

“Make a wish, baby.”

“Blow the candle and blow my mind,” I answered, ready for the excitement. It had taken too long already.

He blew the candle and it was like he was cutting a ribbon to a new public building: now I was open for business.

Hands started greedily grabbing cake off my body. In minutes it was gone. Someone had taken the liberty to tie my hands on the table and all I could do was watch the spectacle happening around me. I watched enviously as a couple kissed each other like they were thirsty for each other’s tongues. Then, almost on cue like they knew I was watching them, they turned and looked at me with mischief in their eyes.

I turned quickly, but it was too late, they knew what I wanted and so did everyone else. The attention I was craving was given to me. My boyfriend kissed me on the lips as hands and tongues roamed all over my body, trying to clean the cake remnants. I could taste the sweet saliva on my tongue as I kissed him. My hips were lifted up jerkily as the thong that had been mercifully left on was now removed. I tried to stifle the moan that threatened to come as a pair of mouths creatively licked my nipples.

My pussy, now free from the thong prison was available for hunting. Rough fingers slowly opened my pussy lips, tenderly rubbing. It was dripping. I kissed hungrily, wishing my own lips were the lips on my pussy. The two tongues moving on my breasts almost synchronized to the beat of my heart, barely gave me enough time to breathe.

I couldn’t think anymore, my mind was blank and full at the same time… time was suspended. The only thing that mattered was the pure ecstasy of my climax. The electricity shook me to oblivion. I felt like I should have been embarrassed as I lay spread out and coming: I was not.

I was so proud of myself and I knew the envy others felt as they watched… I had been one of them just last week.

Chocolate soothes me, strawberry takes me high and the vanilla slowly brings me down… but of course there is always a cherry on top. After coming down from my high everyone fell back and watched expectantly. My boyfriend who had stood by my side rubbing my face and hair untied my hands and approached the end of the table. He pulled my legs towards him almost roughly and I went to him willingly – I was like a rag doll.

He sat me on the edge of the table and asked, “did I blow your mind?”

I told him that he did, but my pussy was clearly still hungry for him, as he pushed his cock inside…


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